Remember This?

I'm going to call it a two-way draw. Actually it was more like a collaboration. First trikeabout suggested Arkanoid, which was almost correct. Then plime97 confirmed that it was Arkanoid 2. Nice job team!

Good luck with today's effort!


    Alien breed?

      Aww, came to post that, it was the game that immediately popped into my head.

      Looks like it

    *happy dance*

      I recently bought a cocktail arcade machine and have been playing Arkanoid a fair bit. One of the hardest games ever, but also perfectly fair (if you f*** up it's your own fault, which I guess is basically true with all those old arcade games).
      It's a struggle just to get to the 3rd level. The Hi Score is set at 50000 and the best I've done is around 32000.

    I kind of feel it might be something like Abuse or Raptor but the details aren't quite right.

      I was going to guess raptor too, but then dismissed it for the same reason.

    Steel empire?

    Looks like some kind of top-down shooter.

    One of the many Raiden games maybe? I'll guess the first one.

    Last edited 20/11/14 12:48 pm

    Star wars something. To me that looks like the rear of the Millennium Falcon.

    Looks like the concrete tiles from Dune 2 or Dune 2k

    Man so many potential games. Axelay, Raiden, Raptor, Tyrian, Demon Star, Phelios...Many more! they all had similar textures in various points! So did many other scrolling shooters!


    This one is easy! Biker Mice from Mars!

    Hey, it seems I managed to steal some glory from yesterday's Arkanoid guess!

    So proud!

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