Six Days Later, PS4's V2.00 Update Is Still Causing Problems

Six Days Later, PS4's v2.00 Update Is Still Causing Problems

It's been almost a week since the rocky 2.00 firmware update went live on PS4, and although Sony has acknowledged all of the issues it's caused, there's still no ETA on when things will be fixed.

PS4 v2.00, which came out last Tuesday, has triggered a number of widespread problems over the past few days, most notably involving the system's newly-renamed Rest Mode. This mode suspends the PS4, allowing users to charge their controllers and download games while the system isn't in use. But with the new firmware installed, many PS4 owners (including a few Kotaku writers) have run into the somewhat-worrying problem of the system not turning back on after falling asleep. (More like Coma Mode, am I right?)

The solution, for now: don't use Rest Mode. If you must use Rest Mode, and you do run into this problem, don't unplug your PS4 — just hold the power button until it turns off.

That's not all, of course: the new system update has also led to a host of other random problems involving sounds, party chat, messages, and the PS4's user interface. (Many of these issues have been documented by Redditors here.)

On Friday, publisher 2K Games delayed the PS4 alpha of their upcoming shooter Evolve, citing v2.00 as the reason. (The alpha has since gone live on PS4, and it's all been extended until Tuesday.)

So, yes, it's something of a disaster.

Representatives of Sony have not responded to Kotaku's requests for comment other than to say they're looking into this, but the PlayStation Twitter account did announce yesterday that the company is "working to resolve" these problems:

Here's hoping they get this done soon.


    Still stunned they released something with such a glaring error to be honest, although my ps4 hasn't experienced this, it's very surprising.

      Memories of being told not to download PS3 updates because they would brick consoles springs to mind

        I brought this up with a friend and he said it was not that big a deal. Though he seems to have Stockholm syndrome with his Play Station, Destiny etc excuses for mediocreness. I love PS to death but seriously, an update that can brick consoles is pathetic.

          This update isn't bricking consoles, that's a bit of an over-exaggeration, it's just locking them up forcing you to do a hard reset.

            And isn't it only if you use Rest Mode? Works fine if u do Shut Down... at least on my end anyway.

            I know it isn't bricking PS4's. I made the same remark to a friend that Sony keeps giving dud updates like the fact there were more than one that bricked peoples PS3s and now duds for PS4. I made the exact same point to a friend as the post I am replying to made. (cufcfan666).

            I also don't think it is a big deal in the slightest. Merely an observation I made. I got the Rest mode turned off after a few hours problem and didn't know it was a thing till others told me.

            Last edited 04/11/14 7:31 pm

              No worries :) Personally I can't say I like putting computers and consoles into rest mode. Never have. I prefer to turn them right off myself.

                Funny you say that. I am the same. I am paranoid if the power goes out when it is downloading at night or the fact in the heat it will be operating to some degree 24/7 will shorten its life span.
                Mind you the PS4 seems to barely use the fan in standby mode if my ears are correct so it problem has a proper low power state but still, dust bunnies!

      Mine was ok with Rest Mode to start with, but mine locked up Sunday night. How a simple rename of a feature caused this many problems I don't know! Haha!

      Mistakes happen, they will fix it. I'm more surprised the ps4 didn't already have a standby mode. With today's download sizes and continual updates it's a must! My xbox does all that stuff while I'm sleeping.

        It did. They just renamed it from standby mode to rest mode. And I'm assuming they made some other changes to it that broke it...

          It's too bad the standby mode still doesn't do what they promised before release though. Having it exit out of my game is a bit of a pain, especially when they set the console's defaults to enter standby after a period of inactivity.

      Typical Sony, surprised there isn't any bricked Ps4's they have a lovely track record of releasing bad firmware...

      Uhhh rest mode, Jesus Xbox One has had this forever?, pretty sure even Xbox360 had a similar feature, no surprises there though.

        Yeah and the PS4 has had it since launch and the PS3 had it since BEFORE the 360. Calling the kettle black are we?

    With a simple update like this causing so much problems, if Sony implements the ability to change your PSN name...I'm worried my PS4 might implode.

    Good thing I haven't turned my PS4 on in a little over a month to even update it.. I was gonna buy The Evil Within this week, but I think i'll hold off until Sony can get things fixed. Until then i'll just continue playing Rocksmith on my PS3.

      Still trying to nail YYZ on Rocksmith, Krieger?

        If only that was humanly possible lol.

        Last edited 04/11/14 11:36 am

    I only seem to see Kotaku (well Jason Schreier) going on and on about the one fault of this update in three articles. Wish I got to repeat myself for a living. Can you give me something interesting and new to read mate. We all can't rely an Mark Serrells to be good at his job.

      There is a reddit thread linked from the article. I'm sure you could find something if you googled it.

        No I am going to stick to my point that some parts of Kotaku rehash the same shit. Not take a link in the rehash article and look for something more on a reddit about the same thing Jason has made news of 3 times. What a terrible suggestion.

    Mine was performing the random beeping and disc ejecting trick the other day. Not sure if it's firmware-related, however.

    PS. the trick is to unplug the power source and then plug back in again. Worked for me.

    Last edited 04/11/14 12:35 pm

      Yeah that fixed it temporarily for me. Still does it every now and again, but it doesn't bother me much as I don't use my ps4 for anything other than exclusives (all my friends play on xbox) so I don't turn it on much at all. Especially recently. I do need to finish off TLOU and crank some multiplayer though (if I had psn friends)

      I permanently fixed the eject problem. It's due to the manual release screw being loosened during transport. If you youtube it, there are a couple of videos showing step-by-step instructions to remove the cover, locate the screw and adjust it. It's pretty easy.

    Holy crap the outrage here is pathetic. It's not ok by any means but nor is this a new situation with any console or even operating system in existence. This has happened before and it will happen again simply because not every scenario will always be accounted for even when sufficient and satisfactory measure were taken to avoid it, it happens. What you don't do is try and pretend and enable others to believe they understand more about these situations than they currently do, most responses smack of ignorance and arbitrary outrage.

      Couldn't agree more. Maybe we will get another article saying this exact same thing again.
      Maybe the title will be "Ten Days Later, PS4's V2.00 Update Is Still Causing Problems" followed by everyone going off there tree.

    Wishful thinking, but I would love to hear the numbers of people reporting the issue. I know several PS4 owners, including myself, and none of us have experienced this problem.

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