This Guy Really Hates Far Cry 4's Goats

No, not guts. That's not a typo. This guy constructed an entire Far Cry 4 level — and an elaborate one, at that — for the sole purpose of rampant goat slaughter.

It's not quite as despicable as it sounds. Robbaz plays it off as though he's some kind of top-secret anti-goat operative stealthing his way through the most sinister of Himalayan terrorist goat lairs. He used Far Cry 4's map editor to create a snaking series of setpieces not unlike what you'd find in a traditional first-person shooter. Towers, offices, and even an overwrought, high-flying escape sequence. They're just overrun with, you know, goats instead of soldiers.

It's pretty silly. Check it out.


    This is unrealistic, I've played Goat Simulator.

    Video was amusing but the guy was not.

    I have a hangover, but this helped. It was great and I needed it.

    This is actually part of a series spanning multiple games.

      Man I thought it sounded familiar. A friend linked me the FC3 one back when that came out.

    Hey look, its PETA & it looks like they are going to arrest the modder who did this

    Ahhhh! out for the suicide Elephant!

    Last edited 22/11/14 2:29 pm

    I love this guy, he has a series of Skyrim videos where he runs around punching dragons.

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