This Is What Smash Bros. Looks Like With Eight Players

Nintendo sent us an early copy of Super Smash Bros. Wii U this week, which means we get to share some footage with you in advance of the November 21 release date. Witness: EIGHT PLAYER SMASH.

It will take some careful logistical planning to get seven controllers (and seven friends), so you might want to get some AIs involved, like Stephen and I did in these videos. The results are... well, as you might expect from Smash Bros. with EIGHT PLAYERS, it's chaotic. Check out our Yoshi's Island match above.

And here's us playing on a bigger map (the old-school Hyrule Temple):


    I want to see the Kotaku office face off!
    Get in Mark, Jason, Tina, Patricia, Brian all of them for the Kotaku bragging rights!!!!

    Wow, a level 3 cpu beat 2 human players and a level 8 & 6... So very very hype for this game.

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