This Is Why Players Love EVE Online

One of my biggest gaming regrets is that I've never taken the time to really dig deep into EVE Online. This latest trailer, featuring the voices of actual players, is a monument to what everyone else is missing.

It's exactly what I want when I start playing EVE Online, but what I can never seem to achieve. The epic battles. The tension of knowing you've got millions in cargo, little in defence and pirates are on your tail. To be a part of a group so tight-knit it borders on the obnoxious. Laughing my arse off as our fleet is decimated by a surprise attack. I want this so badly.

If this video doesn't get CCP several hundred new player registrations the world is a cold, dead place outside of EVE Online servers.


    Brilliant trailer! More developers should take note. Perfect mixture of epic shivers and hilarity.

    Fuck you shameless propaganda video.

    *downloads trial*

      I just did the same. I'm off work today, so I hope I might give it a whirl :)

      Shameless plug: anyone who wants a 21-day trial instead of the regular 14-day one can get one using this link:

      Should you later choose to subscribe, I'll receive a PLEX as reward which I can split with you, as is the tradition.

        awwww...missed it by 12 hours. :(

        After recovering from GUI menu shock, i'm finding it rather fun thus far. I'm still doing the job tutorials currently. I went Gallente, purely because some of their capital ships look badass.

          I chose Gallente - mostly because I hate religion and capitalism :P I'm about to start the job tutorials too. I also agree with your point on GUI shock. Trying to get to the Academy to pick up my license, I think I warped back and forth about a million times before I finally got it right :)

          And holy shit, is the game gorgeous. Going by all the videos I've seen, I thought performance would be an issue, but no. I'm pleasantly surprised that on my Razor Blade 14 (2013 edition), I can max everything out and get a locked 60fps.

          I'm loving it so far.

          Last edited 24/11/14 2:53 pm

          Yeah Gallente ships are pretty popular at the moment, drones are the weapons system du jour and Gallente ships are quite flexible in terms of fitting, there are a heap of options at your disposal.

          Do note that the race you choose to start as determines where exactly in New Eden you start out, and a couple of starting skills, but has basically no impact on gameplay beyond that, and any character can train into any race's ships. Outside of gameplay though, there's a fairly small but vibrant roleplaying community that enjoys the lore and the politics behind the different factions.

            I'm stuck (!) on one of the tutorial missions. I'm about 8 hours in, and closed off some instructions while trying to follow a course in the Cosmic Anomalies 2/5 mission. I don't know how to get them back, or where to go next... thinking of starting over with a new character. When they said it was in-depth, they weren't kidding...

    I own an eve account which has a maxed out miner but all my friends stopped playing so i got bored. wonderful trailer but unsure if i want to come back as it is cheaper to by a new account then resub sadly

      Cheaper perhaps, but starting again with a new character and no isk? Talk about torture!

      Surely your grind time is worth something :)

      It's not,
      well only if you make a new account using the buddy system using your other account.

      Also, mining is for alts, never mine as main

    I played eve for a number of years. Fantastically deep game, but as such you can count on around 1% of your gametime being like this if you're lucky!

    Big fleet PVP is a lot of prepping, planning & waiting. Sure it's worth it in the end but you do need a lot of spare time to get the most out of it. Sadly I just didn't have it.

    my god that game is a gorgeous
    think i might have to investigate it some

    Word to the wise. Get in a player corp. Best corp for new players in EVE Uni. They will teach you how to play.

    For anyone watching and feeling interested about the fittings you can do: Today me and 3 friends fit out mining ships with as much PvP gear as we could and lured a bunch of people to their doom by pretending to be miners and ambushing the attackers with blasters and drones.

    Good fun.

    will be disappointed that you can only point and click to move your ship like I was when I first played lol.

      WASD movement controls (as well as joystick support) are coming in the next expansion on 9 December.

    So no more spreadsheets in space, or is the marketing just lying to me again?

    Seriously, this is a game I really could've got into, but I just don't have enough of that precious time resource to get into it. I'm also probably not conniving or underhanded enough to be any good at the game anyway.

    Well, cheers Mike. 24-odd hours after this post, I'm hooked and I've only completed one of the career tutorial lines. I love it so much.

      If there comes a point in time where you get confused and need a hand, give me a shout. My character name is Raalic.

    No worries, thanks! I'll log in tomorrow morning after work and add you! :)

    So I played EvE for about a week, long enough to get the mechanics and so-forth.

    The reason I stopped was simple, all my reading indicated that in the endgame, griefers have options which cannot economically be countered.

    So, Eve players, was I wrong?

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