Wait, There's Another Hobbit Movie Coming Out?

Every time a new trailer for one of The Hobbit movies is released I just sigh and wonder who the hell thought it was a good idea to stretch these movies into a trilogy. But I guess this new trailer ticks all of the 'sweeping epic' boxes so I suspect fans will get a kick out of it.

I'm probably the wrong person to judge. I legitimately fell asleep during the first movie and missed about an hour of it and I didn't watch the second one, which was apparently pretty decent.

I just find it difficult to accept that the shortist, less serious book The Hobbit got the exact same treatment as The Lord of the Rings. It just feels a little off tonally, and self indulgent. Two movies at a push, but another trilogy? Seems excessive.


    With you. Fell asleep at the first one. Have the second on blu-ray. Haven't even got round to watching it. Just found out the first Hobbit one now has an extended edition... Now that will be a grind!

    Here is the thing, its the hobbit plus appendix material from the lotr books with character upgardes for some minor characters & some explanation on what gandalf is doing behind the scenes.

      True, but there's still plenty that doesn't need to be there. That whole stupid Legolas romance subplot was the most unnecessary thing ever.

        legolas romance? I've only watched the first, what's the legolas romance?

        also I would say the Tauriel romance is more unnecessary

    I actually enjoyed the second movie, even though it was clearly bloated.

    The first movie was a disrespectful waste of peoples time. I was just getting pissed off watching it drag on and on.

      Two words: Rabbit sled.


        My kids love the rabbit sled part.

        I have been buying the hobbit blue rays in 3D and am looking forward to the next one.

          Its the santa claus of the Lord of the Rings universe...whats not to love?

            My kids were on the edge of their seats when Santa was being chased down by the wargs lol

    Enjoyed the first one, second one did not impress me as much. I'm liking the look of this one thus far, but as everyone knows you can't judge whether it will be good from trailers.

    Excessively drag the Hobbit out, yet fail to do The Lord of the Rings justice by undercutting it by shitloads. Jackson is a master of wtf.

      Trilogy of films from a book a third of the size of a single book from a trilogy of books, that only got it's own trilogy.

      Two words: wtf happened to the Barrow Downs and Tom Bombadill and the Old Forest and making Dwarves comic relief AND ELVES AT HELMS DEEP!

      Ok. I got carried away. That was more than two words.

        That's LOTR u r talking abt rt? This doesn't happen in hobbit.

        Yeah and how dare they make Eowyn such a badass in the Lotr films

        Clearly Tolkien had expressed how women can't amount to anything

        The most outrageous part of leaving out the Barrow Downs is that Merry and Pippin, instead of getting near-legendary, first-age short swords out of the adventure, just got some random crap that Aragorn handed them down. Yes, sure any random knife is going to even scratch the Nazgul witch-king!

    The first movie was a bit average, but the action scenes in the second one were great. It's hard to deny that the whole thing is a cash grab though. Even though they're padding out the LoTR film story with all the other Tolkien material there is, it still feels as though we're being sold something.

    Also, what a shite name for a movie! "The Battle of the Five Armies"? Boring as hell. "There And Back Again" is a way better title, and ties back into the story sooooo much better. When they changed the title I was convinced that it was purely a marketing decision. I'll still see it twice though...

      Worst Cosmic Wars ever! I will only see it three more times. Today.

      What I found weird about these films is how the first just dragged on while the second seemed bloated. Kinda wish they had put some of the stuff from the second movie into the first and cut back on the amount of time in Hobbiton...
      I am perfectly fine with 3 films. You may say it's a cash-grab, but when the films are including all the extra material that happened during that period (the rise of the necromancer being the biggest) then it makes perfect sense to make multiple films.
      As for the change in title, I think "There and Back again" would've been better if it had only been 2 films, so as to tie better with the first title "An Unexpected Journey". Plus "The Battle of the Five Armies" is a pretty big thing in the book that doesn't get many pages, so it's the one thing fans like myself are most looking forward to to see how it's portrayed.

      You do know that "The Battle of the Five Armies" is the actual name of the war portrayed in the movie?

    I'm enjoying the stretched hobbit story far more than I enjoyed the condensed LOTR story. LOTR was far too big for three movies.

      Agree. The first Hobbit movie was amazing for it's accuracy. Sure there were a couple of flourishes and some minor tweaks but it was all quite accurate to the book and didn't feel at all like they were adding in more "just to buff it out". I would love to see a version of the LotR movies given this kind of treatment. As PJ has always said, hopefully for like the 25th anniversary edition they can add stuff like the barrow-whites and Tom Bombadil etc.

        LOTR would probably lend itself better to a high production value tv series tbh like game of thrones.

    I loved the first movie because it somewhat stayed true to the book, then the second movie came out and it felt like a fan fic, now this one just looks so far from how the book ended it's insane. "Leave Sauron to meee" wtf, this is just fan fic jerk off material.

    I have no room in my life for more Elf-Dwarf love scenes.

    There's something about the way Dain Ironfoot will supposedly be portrayed that bothers me... I mean, nothing says "LotR Universe" like a tattooed, boar-riding Dwarf lord with a mohawk... right? *sigh*

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    So I really enjoyed the first movie, despite me normally hating the use of filler content and padding. I found the extra time spent catered to the people who were introduced to the peter Jackson canon, which cut a lot out already. The filler content with the exception of she-legolas in the second movie was also pretty good for the movie canon as it fills in the exposition of the discovery of Suarons return to Middle Earth. Although my reaction at the end of the second movie embarrassed my wife to no end, I am yet to tell her what happens at the end of the battle of 5 armies because I just know how she loves her favourite small person.

    I was a bit miffed initially at the prospect of three films instead of the original planned two, but it doesn't bother me so much now.
    The first had some obvious padding, but I still quite enjoyed it. Second was also great.

    I seriously enjoy Freeman's Bilbo and Armitage's Thorin.

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    Shadow Of Mordor. That is all.

      Make a movie based on Shadow of Morder. Would be nice to watch. WHERE IS THE BLACK HAND

        Just a once off, no trilogy required. Add a long running joke about an Orc that keeps being inexplicably ressurected and we're in business!

    I am a huge Tolkien fan, so for me The Hobbit trilogy is my Star Wars prequels. Hugely disappointing prequels to an amazing trilogy.

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    People will always complain, I'll just watch this in the cinemas like I did with the first two and be completely blown away by the whole experience and thoroughly enjoy it.

    Read the hobbit as a child and I cant wait for this final movie. :)

    I didn’t watch the second one, which was apparently pretty decent.
    No, it wasn't... It dragged... I let out the biggest sigh when there was crappy Go-Pro footage was used for the barrel chase scene.

    Ultimately you're right, this trailer ticked all the boxes on the epic scale... Quite intrigued by this next instalment, hopefully it has a darker grittier tone than the previous 2.

      It probably won't. Seeing as how they are childrens books and all.

    As someone not familiar with the books I can honestly tell you I enjoy the Hobbit films much more that the LotR trilogy.

    Still Going yo watch them all back to back plus the original trilogy

    I loved the extended editions of the 3 LotR films. I know even those have content cut, but don't feel it impacted the pace of the movie.

    Hobbit 1 and 2 on the other hand is probably more accurate but damn to they drag on. I'm really not interested in seeing the extended editions of those. They could have taken a few artistic liberties and shortened the length to keep it punchy as a movie.

    Such an appropriate title, it really is, considering the god damned cliff hanger we were left on

    The whole super-contrived and hilariously ineffective molten gold statue plan of the second's movie climax was the low point of this franchise. Seriously, who the hell even thinks of trying to damage a fire dragon with fire?

    On the other hand, I liked how they successfully buffed up the mythos around Bard and his little black arrow. In the book, the whole killing of smaug is so plain and anticlimactic that I almost stopped reading right there.

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