We're Streaming The Evolve Alpha! Come And Watch!

Hey, who gives a shit about horses, let's play a video game. Or, more specifically. Let's watch me play a video game. Or even more specifically let's watch me play the Evolve Alpha!

For the next hour or so, I'm totally going to stream this game. I've never played it before. Prepare for me to suck real bad.

UPDATE: The stream is finished, but feel free to watch the archived broadcast below :)

Watch live video from Markserrels on Twitch


    Better than Destiny?

      It's different... think Left4Dead as a 4v1 with monsters and sci-fi guns.
      Fairly quick rounds. Simple, fast and fun entertainment.

        Great answer....

        However, I was being flippant and borderline sarcastic. :-D

          I managed to restrain myself from joining the "bash destiny" train

            The irony is, for myself, that's all I've been playing since it's release.......shame on me.

    I must say I've always been pretty good with accents being born in England, brought up in NZ and with an Irish family - But that one of yours Mr Serrels that one is something else!

    The sound of you chewing gum with your mouth open though..

      HAhahaha. Sorry about that man!

        The ever important question... which type of gum does Serrels chew... the public has a right to know!

    The alpha is still going? There's only so many times you can play two maps with the same monster and the same tactics.

    Hunt, trap, shoot till dead.

    My audio is broken, it's set to English but everythings coming through Scottish!!!

    also mark im pretty sure you werent muted in game... so everyone else in the game was getting the scottish commentary

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