You Can Almost Play Tetris With This Stackable LED Lamp

Tetris has come to us in many forms since its release in 1984, some more interesting than others, but few manage to combine functionality with fun as well as this stackable Tetris LED lamp, which only lights up pieces that are connected to each other.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

Available for $US39.99 on ThinkGeek (not including shipping), the light comes with seven pieces — one of each type — though if you'd like to construct some sort of illuminated Tetris mega-sculpture, you can grab multiple packs and combine them.

The dimensions of course change depending on how you put them together, but the typical stacked configuration sees it measuring 17.78 x 10.16 x 2.54cm. If for some reason you can't imagine what this would look like, here's a helpful video.

OK, it's not as intimidating as that Diablo light from a while back, but at least this won't terrify small animals.

It's a shame the pieces can't light themselves individually. It'd be cool if you needed a small light for something, say working on the innards of your PC, and you could just grab a piece and use it as temporary illumination. Well, there's an idea for version two.

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp [ThinkGeek, via Geekologie]


    Hey look at that, it's my wife's Christmas present from a year or two ago.

      It's its gonna be mine's birthday present come May 4th

    Yeah, the first it does once you plug it in is blow up, don't forget this is an american product, it uses 110v. You can buy australian tetris lamps, i think EB Games sells them.

    I've seen these on sale at EB for a couple of years now...

      That's where I got mine 2 years ago :P There has since been a revised version though (99% sure) that has like a base, and maybe the base powers it instead of plugin into the bottom piece - which would make things a bit better when powering off and on.

    EB has them for $36 at the moment, cheaper than Thinkgeek.

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