Beautiful PC Game Isn't Only Stunning, It's Also Insanely Fast

Beautiful PC Game Isn't Only Stunning, But Also Insanely Fast

We've seen Black Desert Online before. Its character creation is incredibly beautiful. But what its gameplay like? From the looks of it, quick. Now, we get a very good look at just how quick it is in glorious hi-def and 60 frames per second.

If you are viewing this article in Chrome, you can see this Black Desert Online gameplay footage at a crisp 60fps (remember to adjust the settings). Not only does this game look pretty, it seems dizzyingly fun to play too.

검은사막 OBT 전투 풀영상 [YouTube — Thanks Sang!]


    Headache material right there. A few adjustments to the camera and the Mobs health and it would look a lot more promising.

    Looks amazing cant wait to be slightly disappointed like I am with every other MMO after Wow

      lol I was thinking the same thing,

      frustrating as hell, there are hundreds of mmo's out there yet they are all shit, with each promising to be the next best thing only for it to be the same as the others.

      As much as I hate to admit it the longest time I spent playing an MMO was Runescape lol, back when wildy was a big thing.

      For an mmo to be good in my opinion should have;

      - big risk open PVP, lose gear, possibly even perma death.
      - Solid crafting system
      - player run economy
      - housing, forts, territories, farming and all that jazz etc...
      - frequent events
      - skill based levelling
      - open class gear
      - Graphics don't have to be amazing, as long as everything look's sharp and solid.
      - wasd movement + real-time combat
      - Innovative quests, quests where you can complete them in a number of different ways, bit like dishonored
      - Solid system for detecting hacks and bots ( Look at archage for example, good concept yet full of them, piece of crap now.)
      - Actual help desk for customer support - Phone support is a must.
      - NO CASH SHOP
      - modest monthly sub.

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        So you basically want DarkFall: Unholy War?

          never got the honour of playing Darksouls yet but from what I heard about it i'd say yes to that? lol.

          In order for a MMO to have a competitive feel to it you need to incorporate player skill. One thing I hate about today's mmo's is that it's all gear/grind reliant.

          One thing I most remember about runescape was being able to take down high level/high gear players by building a certain way.

          If everything was up-to player skill then given time a (said) MMO can become something of an esports event.

        I. Loved. Runescape.

        Dude when you make that game hit me up, would deffs play.

    I cannot stand that anime style combat and talk about overuse of special effects, totally ruins what could be a great game. give it better combat and I would be sold on the look alone, but that combat can kiss my smelly brown one :(

      What do you mean by 'better' combat? For the genre of game it was, it looked on par with most I've seen/played. I didn't see any health/mana bars and the player seemed to be super-powered so I'm interested in the character-resource management element.

      But this has me piqued. I dig the art style - some great design work on the enemies.

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    This game looks amazing but hopefully they do something about the camera cause i don't think I or other people would be able to play this for extended periods of time.

    Reminds me of The Witcher a little bit. Looks like a fun hack and slash but I doubt it has any substance to its story. (unlike DA3/Wither series)

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