Day Of The Tentacle And Grim Fandango Are Getting Remastered

Day of the Tentacle Is Getting Remastered

Briefly: A whole new generation of gamers will finally get to play Day of the Tentacle, one of the greatest adventure games ever created, thanks to a newly-announced remaster from Double Fine. Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition will be out for PS4, Vita, PC, and Linux. No release date yet.

In addition, the newly-polished version of Grim Fandango is coming on 27 January for the aforementioned platforms. Dang, it will be nice to see Manny again after all these years. Here's a video of the announcement.


    I wonder if remastered DotT Will include MM like the original did

      Maybe it will contain the original DOTT which will contain the original MM

    OMFG! Cannot wait! Shame about Double Fine's Sony relationship tho :( Want on xbone!

      I reckon it's a pretty good chance that it'll go multiplatform later.

      Get the PC version. Chances are it will require very low specs to run well.

    I find it interesting that if a game called Day of the Tentacle was to release today a lot of people would think it is a hentai game straight out of Japan. How the times have changed.
    On a side note, hell yes!

      Uh, that joke has been made since the day Day of the Tentacle was announced in the 1990s.

      ...sounded a bit suss back then, to be honest. :)

      Last edited 08/12/14 9:14 am

    DOTT doesn't need it, just needs to be sold again.

    I wanted a HD remaster of Full Throttle

      The way Grim Fandango gained traction and then the positive vibe coming from this announcement, I can easily see a Full Throttle update announcement at E3 2015, basically 6 months each between announcements then.

    Day of the Tentacle is one of my favourite games. I wonder if it will still be sprite based.

      Should be. I wouldn't be surprised if Double Fine reused much of the code that went into Broken Age. That game used a combination of 2D sprites and 3D objects. The look and feel of Broken Age would suit Day of the Tentacle.

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