Remember This?

Well, I'm amazed. I was absolutely certain yesterday's Remember This would need a second clue. Nope. Somehow Ninjakickthedamnrabit (cool username) managed to guess yesterday's game. I have no idea how. It was Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball. Amazing guess.

With that, I think I have no choice but to crank the difficulty up.



    Fruit Shop Simulator 2: Watermelon Overload

    I am going to go with Mega Man Soccer (NA title)

    As for yesterdays I grew up in America in the 80s/90s and lived close to a game rental store :)

    oh and there should be a new Mega Man Soccer game too

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      I had no idea there was even such thing as Mega Man Soccer.

        oh yeah, it was great. your team was made up of different Mega Man characters, and their special attacks translated into the game. I can't remember them all off the top of my head but added a HUGE amount of verity to the game.

    Zombies Ate my Neighbours?

      That was my first thought, but doesn't look like the same grass patterns on the screenshots I quickly image searched.

    Microsoft Golf
    Not sure what year, maybe 1998?

    Cannon Fodder?

    Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge!
    I suggest... feather touch.

    Dammit how did i not get yesterday's i loved that game.

    Today i am thinking nes Soccer

    One that i just thought of the golf demo that was playable in NBA live 95 although i think the grass looked better in that. nope definitely not this.

    Maybe even Mario golf for the Snes i think.

    It is not this is it?

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    Reminds me of Populous, but I know it isn't.

    Perhaps it's a tennis game. I don't know of any particular tennis game so this is a collective guess for all tennis games collectively.

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