Seven Things You Might Not Know About The Nintendo 64

Seven Things You Might Not Know About the Nintendo 64

You've seen the famous Christmas video. You know how important Super Mario 64 is to the design history of video games. But there are a few other nuggets of information about the Nintendo 64 that you may not know. Let's learn, shall we?

In the latest stop-motion retrospective from VSauce3, the beloved Nintendo console in question gets its innards exposed to give up facts about the games and experiences that bubbled up around the N64. Even if you're the kind of person who knows all these tidbits about the home gaming machine, it's still fun to watch its various component parts dance around for your amusement.


    Damn, I was sure the Sega Saturn was first with it's round "3D" controller that came out with Nights Into Dreams but according to Wikipedia, the N64 was released in Japan ONE month prior!

    Released sep 29, 1996
    The last home console to use game cartridges
    Cartridges were more expensive to make than discs. So N64 games generally cost $10 more than PS1's.
    26x faster than the SNES, and could produce 16.76million more colours.
    First controller since 1983 to use an analogue controller, and the first controller to rumble.
    Nintendo set aside $80million to give gloves to people who injured their hands while playing mario party.

      Thank you sir.
      Meanwhile, some of these facts kind of suck and are not that great. I feel like VSauce just never comes up with the good interesting facts. Mostly filler no killer.

        Agreed, I feel the facts were there only to justify their visual effect tear-down.

    Wow should really stop posting these, maybe if you were born after the year 2000 you wouldn't know that stuff but anyone who had one definitely did.

      And even if you didn't, they're not all that interesting...

    Wow what a waste of time that was. I am starting to think I should not bother with Kotaku anymore, more and more the things they post are garbage. Though V-sauce should go jump for this net filling waste of a video too.

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