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    So, my nephew has reached the age where he's obsessed with LEGO. So buying presents for him for the next 6 years is going to be pretty friggen simple.

      Yeah, got my son a big fire station set :D

        I bought myself a fire truck. It's red. I'm 24.

          The best part of adulthood is fulfilling the promises you made to yourself when you were a child.
          "What's that, kid? You always wanted to try an Aero bar that looked so good when you were standing behind Mum at the supermarket check-out and they always had all those goodies on display that she wouldn't buy for you? Well it's your lucky decade, kid... you can go drown yourself in motherfucking aero bars all you like, now. You know what? Let's go nuts and get some god damn tic-tacs, too."

            Hence my having pretty much all the consoles lol. Never had any as kid. :P Yay freedom!

      My parents gave me a box of my old Lego a while back, almost finished rebuilding a sweet alien space ship except I have know clue where the last few parts are /o\

      My nephews are the same. The Lego games have been excellent buys for them. I'd have gone with Lego itself, but they get enough of that from other family members.

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      I got Star Wars Lego from both of my secret Santas this year :D the work one I asked for it but my friend got me it out of instinct :D

      Six years?

      My sister got me Lego for Christmas this year (she's going away, so we traded gifts early), and I'm kinda sad she hasn't been doing so for the last... 17 years now.

    Early TAY?!

    EDIT: Also, dogs have settled for laying on my bed...
    ...which means no leg room... :(

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    I think I fucked up in DA:I a bit. After unlocking Skyhold, I went and did all the side stuff, 100% each map (or close enough). Then I went and did the main story stuff, which keeps unlocking a bunch of operations at the war table, some (most) of which are several hours long. There's enough of them, and they're so long, that I don't think I'll be able to complete them all before completing the game if I just keep playing through the story stuff. Obviously I'm meant to be off doing side quests while these operations are being played out, but I've got no side stuff left to do.

    So I want to complete all these operations before completing the main game, but I don't have anything to do while they're completing, so I've been logging on, assigning my advisors to missions, and then logging off, only to get back on a few hours later and do it all again. The game's basically become a facebook/mobile style game for me at the moment.

    It sort of fits in with the general feeling I've had since I started playing the game. That this first playthrough was basically a test run to get a handle on how all the game's features work and how things are paced out. I think if I eventually play through the game again with all the knowledge gathered from this first playthrough I'll have a lot more fun with the game. Not that I'm not already having fun, I just feel I could have more fun.

    Also started watching the final season of Legend of Korra over the weekend. I waited until all the episodes were out to start. I was going to marathon through the whole thing, but then decided that since this is probably the last Avatar show we're getting, and almost certainly the last Korra, I should draw the experience out a bit. So I'm thinking of watching an episode every day or so, which should give me enough time to appreciate one episode before experiencing the next one.

    Why am I up at 6am? I don't have to go to work today!

      Because the sun rises at 4 in the morning for fucking insane reason these days. FOUR IN THE MORNING.

      There isn't supposed to BE a four in the morning for any reason other than symmetry!

    Yay! I have internet again, which means I can TAY. Had a pretty awesome weekend. Did my Christmas shopping on Saturday morning, got my parents some nice teas and coffees from the Oxfam shop, and got a secret santa present for my church young adults group. Then I went home and watched Australia beat India and the Hobart Hurricanes beat the Melbourne Stars. Also watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is my favourite of the 3 Indiana Jones movies.

    Sunday I had church and we had our Christmas service. I sang a song called Mary Did You Know, which is a beautiful song. I think everyone enjoyed my performance as I got lots of nice comments. After church we had our young adults/youth group breakup which was fun. We played Uno, watched QI, Blackadder and Father Ted Christmas specials and did Secret Santa. I got a little box of Lindt chocolates and a dvd of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

    TL:DR: I had a pretty awesome weekend.

      Last Crusade is fucking awesome.
      Also Blackadder.

    Tis the season to play board games. So go on. Get. Go play.

      I don't have any board games with me at the moment, but I got Cards Against Humanity for Christmas (got it early). I was also given We Didn't Playtest This at All for my birthday a few months back, haven't played that yet. Hopefully I'll get the chance to play crazy card games with people soon

        Don't worry, soon you'll uncover the good stuff and a life of madness awaits. It's fun, I swear!

      We played Carcasonne with our son last night and he did really well.
      It's only the second time I've ever played that game since I was given it for Christmas a whole bunch of years ago. He keeps bugging me to play board games (I swear sometimes I should have made his middle name Trjn! :P ) with him, but usually it's just this kind of lame Madagascar one. Now that he knows how to play Carcassonne, I see a great deal of board gaming in my holidays, suddenly. :D

        Carcassonne, the more I think about it, is probably my favourite game. Was my first board game purchase (in recent years) and I still cart that box around and crack it at any opportunity

        If he's got counting and basic addition (single digit) down, you could try Qwirkle next. I get the feeling he'd enjoy a good Qwirkle block.

        I doubt he has the attention span for Hanabi, which is a shame because Hanabi!

      I have something lined up for the 27th but nothing until then. May try to introduce Hanabi to the family on Christmas though.

    Hi TAY!

    I wasn't on here much last week as I was having a pretty relaxing holiday in Hamilton Island, managed to get a little bit of a tan and eat my weight in seafood \o/

    I wanted to drop a quick shout out to @tech_knight for organizing a really cool Meat last weekend, good food that was really cheap with good company! Thanks as well to @phlanispo who was kind enough to explain his username to me for the second time , and for being a pretty funny guy. I was disappointed I didn't get to meet @scree or @evilmonkey, slowly but surely though I'm meeting TAYbies which is fun!

    Also, a big apology to my Secret SanTAY who I managed to get your present sent today, it will arrive hopefully this afternoon. I originally had it in my room with the express purpose of sending it out on Friday when I got home from holiday, but my parents got into a cleaning frenzy and threw it in the bin :@ From what I've read on TAY you will enjoy this present though, it will be worth the wait :P

      Sorry I didn't come. If I hadn't been sick, I would've shown up.

    TAY XMas Edition!

    Quick post (although who am I kidding, pretty much all my posts are shorter than this) to say Secret SanTAY present arrived, and now stands guard atop our fridge at home. Thank you very much!

    Three day week. \o/

    Casual attire. \o/

    Persistent headache for the past two days. /o\

      I envy your casual attire.

        Then you can envy me til the end of JANUARY. \o/

          Oh believe me, I will. I'll pencil daily envy into my diary.

            Seeing the words pencil and envy in close proximity, I totally read something different in your post.

      Stop... having my life....? I swear, if you work in insurance.....

      Wait. Has anybody ever seen the two of us in the same room?

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        ...I'm a liability claims specialist.

          But you both pledged to Undad.

            It's probably just the illuminati setting up multiple fake people with the purpose of pledging to kickstarters so that we seem like different people when in reality we're puppets.


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      My job for the last 3 and a half years has only ever been casual :)

        I like wearing suits, makes me feel like a big shot.

        But not in this weather. Cripes. Anyone else feeling this humidity today? I'd rather be in shorts than jeans but I'll take jeans over wool, thanks.

          I've always hated suits, even tailored ones that fit me. Maybe it's because I associate smart dressing with my bullied years or maybe because they're uncomfortable. Or maybe because in summer they'll get ruined by sweat.

      I have never had a job where I wear anything remotely formal. Wearing polo shirt and shorts today. Normally jeans. Some of my current and former workmates wear even more casual stuff on a regular basis.

        Sadly few insurance companies are that laid back.


      Your bank account?

        Hahahaha. No. It's Christmas - who has money?

        (If you're referring to Kickstarter, I won't getting those funds until probably around New Year's, as they take two weeks to process it before they send it out.)

      You're back!

      EDIT: Wait...
      I'll be your new wife! Just don't go!

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    This girl from high school is trying to track me down. I feel like the biggest jerk deleting the e-mail without even reading, but I honestly feel like I've moved on from high school and don't want to think about that time in any capacity. Am I a jerk? :\ (My brother gave her my contact details. *shake fist*)

      "DC, I found your wallet. Have been trying to track you down for 15 years."

      If you've moved on from high school, you've moved on from high school.

        Your finally legal to drink! Now you need to decide do you go to uni with your friends and do a course you have no interest in simply because your besties are? Or do you take a gap year and travel the world like other outta high schoolers who hadn't already gone overseas previously

      I speak to a grand total of 0 people from high school on a regular basis. I'm friends with ... 3? 4? on Facebook but we rarely interact. I'm totally fine with this.

      The people we are in high school is/are very rarely the people we are in our adult lives. People who stay rooted in that single era of their lives are often trying to make up from some other shortcoming. Embrace that you've moved on. You're better for it.

        I'm gradually started removing high school contacts from Facebook. I wasn't friends with them then, and the novelty of reconnecting via social media has worn off. Now I've only kept the dozen or so people who weren't fuckheads.

          Yeah, I've deleted a few. The only ones I've kept are those who I have some interest in what they're posting. E.g. the guy who works for SA Labour.

      Dear @dc

      A man has my husband and three young children at gunpoint. He has demanded that I make contact with you and if I don't get a reply within 1 hour he will execute them. Please help me. Don't let my family die.

      Being Facebook friends with people you knew in school, whether primary or secondary, can be a weird experience once you find out what some of them have gotten up to with their lives.

        90% of them is getting knocked up in their early 20s.

      That's interesting DC, that's your prerogative to delete the email though.

      I was chatting with a mentor of mine recently around the idea of happiness, and he put some little bubbles on the page that all contribute to happiness (significant other, extended family, work, health, etc.). One of the concepts he was speaking to me about was friendship, and that there might be some folks in your past that you may have fallen out of touch with whom are good people and would enrich your life for reconnecting with them. I know I have one of my best buddies at high school who for just a bit of laziness on both of our parts we don't see each other as much as we'd like.

      I suppose I don't begrudge people for hanging on to their time at school as 13 years is a big part of shaping your identity, maybe this person from your highschool is trying to reconnect with you for those sorts of reasons?

      My other thought was around her organizing a school reunion of sorts, I don't think you're a jerk but I feel if you think she's a good person you could read the email and then decide what she wants is something your comfortable with helping with?

      Maybe she just couldn't get enough of DC! :P

        Always the voice of reason. YOU JERK. :P

      Depends on how that girl was treating you at the time. If you two were friendly to one another, then why not just a quick catch up, but if she was not nice to you, then you made the right call.

      As many already know of my high school experiences, if any one of them tries to add me on facebook I actually just decline and report them without a second thought. My last actual "bumping into someone from my past" was a girl that apparently had a crush on me in primary school, who's married with kids of her own already. I was easily able to tell that she didn't like what I've become, being all cold and bitter to a lot of things from my past and present, hell even she instigated some of the stuff that went wrong in my primary school late years after I trusted her with something that was meant to be kept secret. Never heard from her again after that one conversation.
      I just couldn't be the incredibly sweet and nice boy that she knew while growing up, cuz I quickly realised during high school how easily I got exploited for my kindness. So anyone that declared that war on me, I never looked back at them as that is just a waste of energy.

        I think this girl actually had a high school experience a bit similar to yours. The girls bullied her like crazy and she transferred away in year ten. I can't imagine why she would want to dwell on that time either. :S
        I know this is unrelated, but I genuinely hope you're able to tap into happier, carefree Tech Knight mode again some day. Not for any one else, just for you.

          I'm actually glad she had the option to transfer away and get a fresh start, not that many get that chance. I can definitely sympathise with her having such a horrible time (And I can't even imagine how horrible it'd be for a girl to go through this, I can only think it'd be much worse in terms of self esteem), I was stuck where I was due to my brother being there and my parents didn't want to spend the money on me either.

          The whole breaking up with Artemis didn't help at all in me trying to be happy again. I'm basically back to being my old "feeling like I'm not worth existing anymore" self and being able to hide it well like I did during high school and tafe. My confidence is so low now I can't even speak to strangers properly anymore, before it was just girls. I struggle to even form sentences and after just one failed sentence I want to simply run away and hide somewhere. To be honest I really don't know if that happier version of me exists anymore, I don't even remember what it was like

            He exists. Sometimes you've got to actively pursue the whole happiness thing even if it doesn't seem natural.

            We had a cool chat last week man, hope you didn't feel like you needed to run away!

            Aww man, we talked okay. Remember that time I asked about the decepticon logo on your bag? Good times.

      If it was me I'd have done the same, then I would've had stern words with my sibling for giving my email out.

        I clearly told my brother a few months ago not to do it. Grrrrr.

      Eh, that's your call. Not our place to judge dude. Well that's what I honestly think anyway.

      I have a few I know from school on Facebook, some I wonder why I bother staying in touch with despite that I was good mates with them in high school. I guess some of us move on after high school, and some of us stay the same, thus high school never ends, in a sense. Of which I know a fair few like that, they think they can still bully you and be a general prick, or act immaturely and think it's funny, it's like come on I don't have time for that, please mature and move on, I know I have.

      If you've fully moved on from highschool you wouldn't delete the email without reading it. IMO, give the email at least a read. A lot of effort went into delivering it, which is strange.

        By moving on I mean repressed those memories good and proper. :P

      I don't think I ever have or ever will excise anyone so thoroughly from my life like that. We are our connections and the sum of our experiences, good or bad, and that's not just all about me (or you). Sometimes they have their own shit their working through, and them reaching out is about something they want to do for themselves, prove to themselves, atone... whatever.

      Maybe they're reaching for something that isn't there, trying to make a connection you don't want to maintain, maybe they're just trying to tick a box on their 12-step program, who knows. Maybe they just want some peace of mind, reconcile their past. I can sympathize with that. Either way, I'll usually hear people out. Even people who have treated me very badly... after all, maybe they're looking to apologize.

      It's not often you can help a stranger with little effort or cost, even if it's one who wasn't a stranger at a point in the past. And you never know what benefits they're willing to bring to the table. But that's me, and we have different priorities and experiences.

      I think you gained the benefit of saving yourself some awkwardness and discomfort of telling someone you don't want to be in contact... and I guess that came at the cost of opportunity, and curiosity.

      Given how you probably value those costs and benefits... I think you made the right call for you.

      What's the harm in talking to her? Especially in a virtual setting.

      I'm not in contact with many people I knew from school. Only see one of them on any semi-regular basis, and maybe three or four more periodically. Periodic contact with a few friends I had back in NZ. I kind of regret that.

        I've kind of compartmentalized that part of my life. Might not be healthy. :S

        I knew her from year 3 all the way to year 10.

    I'm never up this early! Oh well time for a 5 hour car trip of playing Pokémon. I'm still not prepared for a whole week of being everyone's favourite older cousin.

    Still waiting for my PS4. I feel a @sernobulus story coming on...

      We call him Inspector Nob these days. He's quite the prolific sleuth.

      Last edited 22/12/14 9:38 am

        I've been keeping tabs. Did he ever actually close a case? :P

        Last edited 22/12/14 9:40 am

          All on going. Heroes style. That season finale is going to be amazing. ;)

            *desk flip, files scatter*
            *Inspector Nob sits back down and lights an e-cigarette. He dies of plastic poisoning.*

            *Slam to credits*

    Tried to make plans for board gaming in Canberra. It was meant to happen yesterday but there was some family barbeque thing. It was then meant to happen tonight but people aren't staying the night at the zoo until tomorrow.

    It might happen tomorrow but that would mean being organised.

    If the trains could just be as empty as they were today forever that would be fab, thanks,.

      But then they'd slowly go broke and then cease to exist like the train line in my region did...

        Not with the amount Metro keeps putting up the fares ("annual fare rise") even while slapping advertising all over literally every flat surface.

          Sounds like any public transport company in the country /sigh

      Yeah I know right?! The seats are blue, I never noticed before as there was always a human in every one of them!

    Legend of Korra, how about that ending.

      I took a huge break from finishing season 2 and am only just now halfway through season 3. I have been seeing reactions to the ending which is really driving me to push through and get it finished before I get spoiled somehow.

      For reference, I'm up to where Korra met with Zaheer in the spirit world and got some explanations for the purpose of the Red Lotus - Korra and Asami have been captured by the Earth Queen, Mako and Bolin have been captured by the Red Lotus.

      I think 3 has been a pretty good season so far, though I didn't mind 2 which everyone seems to hate except the avatar origins flashback episodes - which admittedly were pretty good.

        You are in for a treat. Really, the best is yet to come :)

          It really does feel like it's ramping up rather nicely. Zaheer and co. are some impressive antagonists.

            Zaheer is such a great villian because he isn't inherently evil and Henry Rollins does such a great job bringing him to life.

              Seriously, he's got a pretty convincing argument for his cause. A real far cry from the "evil for the sake of evil" Equalists from season 1.

                That is the thing isn't it. He makes so much sense in the context of the world. That alone is scary

      That ending

      After a pretty stellar season 3, I felt like having a giant mecha-suit with a laser beam was a bit silly. Funnily enough, I enjoyed the odd numbered seasons much more than the even numbered. Giant mecha-suit is pretty up there with giant spirit monster in terms of plot stupidity.

      That said, I still enjoyed it. Season 4 was a bit fan-servicey but it was a good kind of fan service. I don't see them doing much more Avatar with Nickelodeon though considering it got pretty dark over the course of LoK (ending in fantasy Hitler basically).

        I always enjoyed the stupidity of the end of S2, so when they decided to have the Giant Mech thing I just started laughing my head off. And it was silly, but was totally justified with that fight scene against it, which was just tops.

    Slept for twelve hours last night after being awake for two days. It was awesome. I needed that.

      I got to sleep in until 9am today for the first day in months. Not even on weekends have I been able to sleep in so it was awesome. My son was all quiet because my daughter's at her Grandparents' so he's playing Little Big Planet on her profile. :P

        Oh man, that's a fight for another day, eh? :D

        Uh-oh. Playing on a sibling's profile. That's gonna be a war...
        I think I was lucky in that not many games had clear and obvious separate profiles when my brother and I were growing up, so we shared heaps.

          I'm not going to tell her.... :P

          I always regretted introducing my family to games because it resulted in a lot of instances of my saved games being accidentally overwritten by them.

            I once lent Smash Bros 64 to a 'friend'.
            It came back with all of the unlocks no longer unlocked.

            Another time some dickbrain deleted my Pokemon save while on year 7 camp. Grrr...

              Similar happened to my 101% complete DKC1 cart >:|

              There were two unused save slots, dammit!

      It's a Monday and I woke up at 11:50. Awesome!

      A little less awesome that I stayed up til 4 trying to get something on the computer to work, since that's a habit I'm not fond of being in, but hey.

    Last Friday was the office christmas party. A lot of people not making eye contact with one another, haha

      How many people were drunk? Because you can totally start making up stories about them.

        There's about a hundred of us and I'd say about 90% were extremely drunk. BRB, gonna go spread some rumours


          "To each other though."

          "Well shit now I know why Matt was so offended when I checked out her butt the other day. To be fair, that is a nice ass. High five!"

          "...I don't really feel comfortable having this conversation with you."

          "Don't be such a prude, Matt."

    Crazy theory time from my watching the latest episodes of Agents of SHIELD.
    Minor insignificant spoiler for AoS ahead, and possibly the MCU as a whole (though it's really just pointless speculation at this point).

    So, in AoS they mention the Kree. Just an off-hand reference to an alien race in marvel's universe right? Wrong.

    Before we get to the Kree, we'll need to discuss the Skrulls. The Skrulls were humanoid reptilians that had space-flight, and they used to have a cube. The name of this cube? The Cosmic Cube. Or, in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, the Tesseract. This is connection #1.

    The skrulls find 2 races, the Cotati and th Kree on a planet. To decide which is better they put them on some moons with some tech, give them a year, and come bck to see who performed the best, and thus is the 'superior' race. They can't decide, so the Kree wipe out the cotati and steal the skrull's ship, then using this ship figure out the secrets to space flight. They proceed to fight a war with the skrulls.

    This is where it gets good.

    At the beginning of the kree-skrull war, the kree set up a station on Uranus, and they started experimenting on the then-primitive homo sapiens. They eventually stopped, and the experiments went on to form a society of their own...and they were called the Inhumans, like the movie coming in 2018!

    The kree then statioend a sentry on an island, which was re-awoken by...The Fantastic Four. This alerted the Kree to Earth, who sent an official, Ronan the Accuser, to Earth, but the Fanastic Four defeat him (he was foing to kill them anyway). Anyway, this alerts the Kree to Earth, and they start noticing it a lot more now.

    Then the Avengers (2.0) get involved, from Wikipedia:

    The Skrull were revealed to have been infiltrating human society in an effort to control America's political infrastructure, using their shape-shifting abilities to replace key political figures. In the meantime, the Kree were reestablishing cultural ties with the Inhumans, ostensibly for the purpose of technological exchange, although their true intentions turned out to be far more sinister.

    I suspect that the next few seasons of SHIELD will start dealing with the Skrull a lot more.

    Then Captain Marvel, former leader of the Kree empire, approaches the Avengers showing that renegades led by Ronan the Accuser plans to erase humanity. This is defeated by the Avengers 2.0.

    The Skrull then abducted Captain Marvel, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch, so the original avengers (the ones we have currently) were called back into action. The Kree try to destory the Inhumans base, but are thwarted by the Avengers.

    From Wikipedia:

    This was the group's first inkling that an interplanetary war was being fought over possession of the Earth. During the ensuing conflict, the Super-Skrull took his prisoners back to the Skrull home-world, leaving the remaining Avengers to pick up the pieces and reform their tattered forces.
    The conflict worsened when the Avengers began to understand the scale of the war erupting all around them. Setting off in pursuit of their kidnapped allies, they discovered a vast 'Skrullian' armada en route to devastate the planet Earth; an equivalent Kree fleet poised to annihilate the Skrulls; and a full-scale insurrection breaking out between the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan the Accuser. All sides were determined to either invade or decimate the Earth in order to prevent it falling into the 'wrong' hands. Led by Thor, Iron Man and The Vision, the Avengers launched an attack on the Skrull flagship, somehow managing to turn back the fleet after a desperate battle (during which Goliath 2 was deemed to be MIA and presumed dead when he attempted to stop a Skrull spacecraft from reaching Earth).

    Then Avengers side-kick Rick Jones becomes super-powerful thanks to the Kree's leader, a super-computer, but dies stopping the war.

    The final act in the cosmic tragedy was played out by Captain Marvel, who - understanding the debt owed by all of them - agreed to merge his life-force with Rick's body, bringing the boy back from the brink of death at the cost of their own individual freedom.

    Note: I know Captain Marvel is female in the MCU. This quote still works if Marvel is female.

    I belive that with the introduction of the Inhumans and Captain Marvel in between Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 (which will feature Avengers 2.0), Marvel will be setting up the plot devices for Phase 4, and the Kree-Skrull war.

    Additional Notes:

    The Kree are blue-skinned, and I was thinking that the blue-skinned aliens from Guardians of the Galaxy might be Kree, and that shows part of the war, but I couldn't find anything to support the claims.
    Also, this quote from the wiki:
    The machinations of Thanos led to the sudden elimination of half the universe's life-forms. Unaware of Thanos' role in the disappearance, the Kree and the Skrull blamed each other and temporarily renewed fighting.

    Further Reading/Source:

    So yeah, crazy speculation, but it's possible.

      I believe Fox owns the rights to the Skrulls, so I wouldn't expect to see them in any Marvel films anytime soon.

        Fox owns the rights to the Super Skrull, but I think Marvel can still use skrulls.

        Regardless, Feige says the Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch rights situation is "unique" and very few other characters share this distinction. Coincidentally, The Avengers villains The Skrulls are also co-shared (by 20th Century Fox we assume), but the Marvel chief says this isn't the reason they didn't use them as the antagonists in the film. "Joss had a lot of story going on," he said. "The last thing we needed was shape-shifters and getting into that end of the world so it was never the intention of shape-shifters or Skrulls.

        They still own part-rights to it, the same reason they can use (and are using) Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

        Even if they don't usethem, they've se up other alien races with The Avengers and Gurdians of the Galaxy that they could use...

    Morning TAYbies, how were your weekends?

    Mine was ok, played games (though none of the ones I intended to). Then last night I cooked my first ever roast on my home made spit. Did a roast Lamb, didn't do anything fancy with it, but man it tasted so good.

    Also, I have to give a shoutout to @stickman, who gifted me 10, COUNT 'EM TEN games, including The Bridge, Brothers, the Metro Redux bundle and Lego Batman 3.

    Thank you so friggin' much man, you are an absolute fucking legend.

      Mine was alright. Worked both mornings 6-12. Figured out how to get gas to my new place (need to call the company today) which means I don't have to rely solely on the microwave. Finally got some of the property owners furniture taken out as well, which meant I could construct my bed and stop sleeping on the couch \o/

      Other than that: got my Mage to level 100, watched a lot of Scrubs and some Christmas movies.

      Spit roast is always the best kind of roast. Though saying that, I had roast pork last night and it was just amazing.

      Mine was good!

      I played Rayman Origins with my brother for pretty much all Saturday while the family was out, and I finally got that game. Couch co-op is amazing, and it sucks that so few games have it (cc @dc, who has been trying to get me to give the game another shot).

        Yessss. You're okay, Shane! LEGENDS NOW!

          What have you done to me? :(

          It's gonna have to be cheap. I tried some of the later levels solo, and just got creamed. Co-op is so much more forgiving because players can revive each other as long as they don't die simultaneously :P

          Last edited 22/12/14 11:03 am

            I never peer pressured you to get a PS4. That was all Freeze and Bloodborne. :P

            Yeah, I think the beauty of the Rayman game is how fun they are to play with others. It's still damn fun in solo, but I don't think you 'get' how great it is until you coop. :)

            Last edited 22/12/14 11:04 am

              Yeah, but you're pushing me to add another game to my tight budget, so I feel justified in blaming you for everything.