Tell Us Dammit: Games That Only You Remember

Everyone has that one game they once played when they were young. That weird game that no-one else seems to remember but them. What's yours?

Mine is The Wild Bunch, a strange text adventure/cowboy thing. I played this game endlessly as a clueless kid and I only remember it in fragments. Recently this game popped into my memory and really managed to freak me out. Such a strange experience to remember something you thought you had forgotten.

I want you all to have the same experience! Search the deepest recess of your memories and let's talk about those weird games that only you remember!


    Operation Eagle. Like hotline Miami but a DOS game on a 286.

      All the best games were on a 286.

      Yes! I played the crap out of that game, haven't thought about that one in years.

    Emperor: Battle for Dune.

    Or, Mixed Up Mother Goose

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      My sister used to play the CD version of Mixed Up Mother Goose all the time when it first came out. It was one of the first CD Rom games that we owned so it was a bit of a novelty around the house.

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      Mother Goose, yep, here too. My Dad had one of the first laptops on the market (some chunky thing where the screen only displayed in shades of red) and MMMG was on it.
      It's amongst my first memories of gaming - perhaps THE first.

    Team Buddies, PS1 classic with the best 4 player CO-OP ever! Ahh fond nostalgic memories of bikes getting stuck...

    Koi Wa Kakehiki.
    it was a weird tile-sliding game on the Gameboy.
    I found it on one of those 64-in-1 cartridges, and it proved rather endearing to me.
    I may have even put it in as a Scribbletaku/Haitaku.

    Rad Gravity on the NES. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else reference this game.

      Haha I remember that game, can't mistake that big head for anything else.

      I forgot all about that game until I saw a youtube vid recently. I played the crap outta that as a kid :)

    the Duke Nukem 3D alpha, or C-12 Final Resistance.

    The Horde!
    You were a farmer who put down defenses to stop waves of red monsters from destroying your farm buildings and from eating your cows.

      More people need to remember The Horde. Especially since a lot of people seem to forget it existed when talking about trap games like Orcs Must Die. Weren't you working for a king though?

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      Derng dung derng dunga derng...
      I friggin loved that game, I had the magic-somethingorother card in my PC that had fullblown mpeg sequences for the cut-scenes, Kirk Cameron in full rez!

    Evil Genius, though there might be 1 or 2 people that remember it.

      I remember mentioning that I was playing it in an interview for a games company once and being told "Don't mention that game! The guy over there spent years pitching that game while he worked there, and then they actually made it about a year after he quit".

      I still have this installed on my PC.

      Take that, pesky secret agents!

      Actually, I'm pretty sure a lot of people remember it. I loved the game!

      Definitely remember it - heck, you can still buy it on GOG.

      My nomination: Martian Raider on the VIC-20, released on cassette tape in the early 80s.

      Basically a Scramble clone (scrolling shooter, left to right, flying through caverns with various turrets and so forth on the walls); for an alternative reference, think of R-Type, but considerably more primitive.


    Was the first game I got when the family got its first PC (a 286) in like 1990 or 91. Felt so good when I finally clcoked that sucker :P

    Still haven't met anyone else who has played it though... anyone?

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      Me! Loved that game as a kid! Sucked at it though so I never finished it. Could barely make it past the first dungeon.

      Frickin Love(d) Zeliard. I have the official poster that came with the game which is all the maps somewhere...

        Yeah, this one

          Yep, me too :0

          I remembe rone level I couldn't get through wihtout numbeirng the doors on the map, so i can work out which one came out where (the forest/ tree level).

            I'm pretty sure I have some very similar markings on my map. Damn, now I want to know where the hell that is. (Buried in a box with old floppy-disks somewhere in the garage most likely)

    Cruise for a Corpse!

      Is that the game where you highlighted bits of dialogue to copy into your notebook and use in conversations later?

      That was a cool mechanic, though I seemed to spend all my time getting told 'I don't know anything about that'

        That's the one. And extremely catchy music. :D

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          Turns out that I was actually thinking of "Murder on the Mississippi". Interesting that they both had the same mechanic, I thought it was unique :-)

            Oh, maybe I'm remembering wrong. Did have a note book that had hundreds of dialogue choices with similar responses. Maybe it was just something about that era of adventures.

    Hocus Pocus, old Apogee DOS game.

      Ah, the golden Apogee shareware era.

        Hell yes. Was gonna say Pharaoh's Tomb, I loved the absolute shit out of that game when I was a kid. Another from the Apogee DOS library.

        I completely flipped out a few years back when finding it had just been released as freeware. There was a note in the readme from the guy behind them saying something like "I don't think anyone will even care about any of these." I was just like... I care! I care a lot! This is the best thing ever!

        I only had the first episode (wow episodic gaming was a thing back then) though, never realised there was more until revisiting the game after coming across our old box of floppies and excavating all those childhood memories. I think I did play through the other three eps, but am still yet to crack out the sequel, Arctic Adventure.

          Pharaoh's Tomb was the bomb - OMG windy levels!

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    Old CGA PC game "Astro tit"
    I was a young boy and it made me giggle. Opened my mind to things I never knew about

      Hahaha I remember disovering that on a work PC in the mid 80s.

        hahaha pissa

        what a weird game

        I remember doing work experience and I found Wolf3D and some old golf game
        Work experience become alright after that!

        Does anyone remember Boss Mode .. might have been in the Sierra games?

    Dark Side on the Amiga. It was a 3d fps with jetpack (as far as I can remember)! Way ahead of its time.

      Also provides valuable perspective for those kids today who complain when a game runs at "only" 30 fps :P

      Damn kids, get off my lawn, etc

        It was capped at 8fps for artistic effect. It more accurately reflected the zoetropes we used to huddle around for entertainment.

          They did some kind of sequel / follow up to it, didn't they? Some kind of Egyptian setting or something? Can barely remember it...

          I still have a copy round somewhere.

          Whenever I'm tempted to complain about frame rate I remember Arctic Fix and shut up immediately. Single digit frames per second were state of the art for 3D games back then.

    When I was a kid a mate of mine had an Amstrad CPC 464 and bunch of games that a lot of people probably wouldn't know about or remember these days.

    Some of those include Super Sam (explore and collect'em up platformer) Cauldron (flying around on a broom as a witch) Jet Set Willy (platformer) and Juggernaut (top down truck driving sim). Man there were some weird games but some great ones too.

      I had an amstrad and it was awesome

      Falcon came installed on it. I had no instructions and it took about a week to get the plan flying. Awesome fun

        Most games we had on disk but a few were on cassette. It felt like it took a week to load the game.... then it would crash or something. So we went back to the disks. Was a great machine with so many good times!

    I once told of this game here and someone made a suggestion that wasn't the right game. But it could have been since nostalgia is stupid.

    I remember it being on the NES and the intro was a cutscene of someone walking down a road then turning into a village. A village with houses on long poles. I also remember the final dungeon requiring flying boots to reach.

    and there's another game everybody played but always forgets. Ufouria: The Saga.

      That sounds so familiar, I can remember playing a game with flying boots.


        Sounds like it could be Faxanadu, otherwise not sure what it could be. Some slightly frustrating controls at first but was pretty good.

    One of my all time favourites i would play over and over is Mean Streets.
    Another was STUNTS.

    I know they're not super obscure but games like Alley Cat, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure and Jill of the Jungle were my Mario and Sonic games growing up. Spent way to long the other night trying to get Jill of the Jungle running on Windows 8.

    Still cannot for the life of me workout it's name, but there was a game that I could have sworn that you would walk around with your character looking for keys, using potions and opening doors to get to new parts of the castle. I have a feeling it was a click and point adventure, everytime I ask and someone guesses a name it is never it :(

    I played it in the 90's on an old DOS computer at the same time as the first or second Police Quest, but I feel it will be forever be doomed to the memories of my mind.

      I'm still trying to work this out for you!

        Was just thinking about you as I was typing this! Hope you've been well and not posting too much because you're too enthralled in Kyrat :P

      I know the game, just not the name of it sorry, I also know how unhelpful this post is

        This is a good start, when you remember you'll come back to this post and you will tell me it's name because you're a good person. Right? :P

          I surely will, though unless kotaku archives things older than 2 years I am not hopeful

      It's not Solstice is it? I remember playing that on the NES.

        Damn, I thought that was it for a minute! The art style is a little similar to this, the graphics I remember were quite good for that time though.

        The game is definitely not Kings Quest though! If it helps I remember a monk that kinda looked like the villain from The Smurfs with his monk hair cut lol.

      90s, keys in a castle, collecting potions, etc? Hm. Castle of the Winds is the first thing springs to mind, but it was Windows-era.

      Is it one of the Kyrandia games? Or maybe a Simon the Sorceror game?

        Alas it isn't, I just had a quick look then. The art style was more SNES than it was totally pixelated :( I don't think I'll ever find out, appreciate your suggestions though!!

    Who Dares Wins I and II on the Commodore 64.

    Also, Cops 'n Robbers and The Detective Game.

    Wings of Fury, World Games on Commodore 64, Action Quake 2.

      Wings of Fury ! I spent so much time strafing those Japanese troops as they ran from bunker to bunker..

    Anyone else play Netwars?

    I don't know if the "net" was supposed to refer to network play, I always figured it was because the graphics were 3D nets. And I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    Illusion of Time (illusion of Gaia in ntsc territories). Amazing snes action rpg.

    Also, Granny's garden!!!

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      Granny's garden was on our schools computer under the banner of eductaional software.

      I was still scared of that witch tho :P

        Yeha, if that is the one I'm thinking of, it was really dumb but everyone loved it. I remember being shoved into an oven or something, it was terrifying.

        Yeah ours too - wasn't there a "faggot" of sticks to collect outside her house.. pretty sure I remember our class being terribly amused by this. Never finished it.. hmm,,

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      I was going to suggest Illusion of Gaia as well so I guess we're both wrong!

      I played quite a bit of Illusion of Time, and wasn't there also a sort-of sequel or something for it? Because I played that too.

      Granny's Garden sounds familiar too, was it an old Mac game?

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