The PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme Brings Back A Familiar Sound

Currently available as a free download on the European PlayStation Store, the PlayStation 20th Anniversary theme for the PS4, PS3 and Vita adds a little PSone to the sound mix.

The PlayStation is 20 years old today, and while startup and menu music has come along way in two decades, there's just something about that alien-sounding PSone startup tone that just gets a person ready for some gaming. YouTuber Ray Palafox II (via PlayStation LifeStyle) captured the tone on video for those of us in North America, who will hopefully be getting the theme when the store updates later today.

Once this is on my system, all I'll need is one of those snazzy 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles and I'll be in celebratory business.


    That's the sound I miss most combined with the whirling of the PSOne spindle for a second before it stops and then winds up again. The sound of my teenage years without a doubt

    Not for the AUS Store yet?

      Yep..downloaded it last night. :-)

        Don't access the SCEE store? I didn't think we had our own store.

        Where can you find the theme for PS3 and vita?

          PSN > Games > Avatars & Themes > scroll down a few rows and it's there. Same for the PS4.

    The only boot up sound that takes me back to the day more than that is the GameCube.

    Those two boot tunes will be stuck with me until the day I die. Going to download this ASAP! :D

    This is one of the main reasons I still have my original Playstation. :D

    I think if i heard that sound i would instinctively put my ps3 on a downward facing 45° angle, as that's the only way my psx still reads discs

    holy shit. the shiver that just went through my body. this enormous fucking smile. the tears welling up in my eyes. jesus fucking christ that sound. how does a sound do this.

    Until I can get it to play Tomb Raider 2 and I can do that trick from Great Wall where you get her to swim to the bottom of the water and then pivot up so the camera goes right up close to her arse ... it just won't be convincing enough for me.

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