The Truth Behind Civilization V’s Worker Units

In the Civilization games, when barbarians capture our exposed worker units and convert them to their faction, they always tend to run away when we try to recapture them, like they never wanted to be part of our empire in the first place. White Lightning HQ’s video has an explanation for this strange behaviour.

They have a point. Building roads for an immortal dictator for 12,000 years can be depressing.

Civ 5: A Barbarian Has Captured Your Worker [YouTube]


  • That was actually pretty funny. Always good to see people proving the “nerd humour on the internet is almost always unfunny and embarrassing” rule wrong.

    • I think it is because there are so many people trying too hard to make some nerd humour that most of them failed miserably? I’ve seen a horrible ones that I was just doing =.= face the entire time.

      • I just think that people get their feelings about the subject confused with the feelings about the comic / video / image. And that’s why these things rise to prominence.

        Like, “Oh I love Dr. Who! This comic has Dr. Who! It’s funny!”

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