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A few days ago, Civilization V received a 800MB update through Steam. Holy smokes!, you might think, Firaxis has given me an early Christmas present! Sadly, this is not the case and in fact, you'll find your lovingly-hung stocking is filled with a giant steaming turd, in the shape of an obnoxious new game launcher that no one asked for.

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The University of Cambridge's Centre for the Study of Existential Risk does serious research on preventing the end of the world. For its latest project, the Centre wanted to highlight the risk that unrestrained artificial intelligence poses to civilisation. To do that, it's released a free mod that turns the video game Civilization V into a race to stop Skynet.


Sometimes you'll find yourself out of the house, with nothing but a laptop and a whole lot of time. And while laptops are getting more and more powerful, most are still low-spec machines when it comes to gaming.

But just because you're living out of home with an integrated GPU doesn't mean you have to be bored. Here's 13 games you can play on the potato-powered productivity device that is your laptop.