The Maori Are Coming To Civilization VI

Australians have found their pride of place within the Civilization universe, so it's only right that New Zealand gets a bit of representation too. And starting with the release of Civilization VI's Gathering Storm expansion next year, they will.

Available when Gathering Storm launches on February 14, 2019, Civilization VI pitches the Maori as a seafaring race. They actually start in the ocean, receiving two science and culture points before the first settlement and a free builder and population once the first city is settled.

The Maori Empire's unique unit is the Toa melee unit. It's available in the classical era, and can weaken adjacent enemy units with a war dance while building the "Pa" improvement that offers a +4 defensive strength bonus and heals any units ending their turn in the hex.

All that aside, you can tell the animators had a blast putting the navigator Kupe together. He's probably the most expressive of the leaders.

Along with the Maori, Gathering Storm will also add Hungary as a playable civ. The expansion will also add a string of ecological systems to manage like natural disasters, new world wonders, plus the return of the World Congress and the diplomatic victory type. More details can be seen in the official announcement video below.


    Polynesia was in Civ 5, I'd forgotten they weren't included in 6. Interesting that they went for Maori specifically, sounds like they'll be fun to play.

      Guaranteed coastal city off the bat = yes please.

    I wanna pick up on Switch too, following to see the review by fellow Kotaku'ers hehe.

    The pronunciation of 'marae' cracked me up, regardless, it's awesome that to see that the Māori (mythical) origins are being represented here.

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