While You Were Sleeping

Is This A New Wii U GamePad? I Honestly Don't Know. I could do with a new one. Mine had a terrible scratch on the screen.

Famous Celebrities Recreated In Stunning MMO Spoilers: there is Cumberbatch.

Naruto's Next Ultimate Ninja Storm Targets PS4 And Xbox One I actually really like this series.

DmC Is Getting An Improved, New-Gen Edition Next Year Another next-gen update. This is officially a thing now.

25 Years Ago, Hollywood Tried To Make The Nintendo Power Glove Look Cool It's so bad.


    While I'm here - I just want to send out some good vibes to @MarkSerrels (whose segment I caught on ABC News 24 yesterday morning) and the Kotaku Team this morning following overnight's events in Sydney. Take it easy today, guys.

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