Long-Lost Sega Commercial Is Almost TOO 90s

Long-Lost Sega Commercial Is Almost TOO 90s

This 28-minute Sega CD commercial, masquerading as the pilot episode of a teen TV series, hasn't been seen in decades. Almost as though it's been waiting, beneath the dirt, for the world to finally be ready and able to process just how 90s it was.

Dug up and uploaded by Chris Bieniek, every second of every minute is a despondent, roller-blading, flannel-wrapped delight. You can read more about the video, sent out by Sega PR over 20 years ago, at Chris' site.

"It stinks! It's video crap!"


    Once you get to the 4 minute mark, it ain't too bad :P lol

    I sat through the entire thing... not sure why, not sure how. But I really, really wanna plug my Mega Drive back in. Man, the nostalgia wave that hit me for the entire run time was pretty strong. I miss my childhood... Poring over 32X screens in Megazone, RF connections and all!

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    As kid I wanted to lick me TV when a Games Show was up. Its great to see this post today, especially after I read about Sega wanting to make some movie adaptations from classic games like altered beast - shinobi - streets of rage and more. Also good timing after the popular Street Fighter A.F series proved we crave for better film adaptations. Bring some hype for your brand SEGA I beg you !!

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