Remember This?

Congrats to mageslain who managed to correctly guess that yesterday's Remember This was Turbo! Good work to everyone involved.

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    Carpet Layer Simulator 2: Museum Refurb!

    Golden Sun

    Reminds me of Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders

    That weird nightmare game on the Atari and Amiga, was it called Weird Dreams or something like that?

    Some Prince of Persia game, has that arabian nights type look to it.

      Yeah, I was going to say, PoP II maybe?

    One of the Legacy of Goku games or Pokemon ruby/sapphire on the GBA

    Conan RPG PC

      Thinking about it again I can't remember the name but looks like the old dynasty warriors type game on snes

    Double Dragon 3 (and if so, did you steal my idea from the other day?)
    **Edit @dragick may have beaten me to it.

    Last edited 20/01/15 1:18 pm

    It looks familiar but I can't quite place it. Is it Knights of Valour or Knights of the Round?

    Streets of Rage?

    Fairly sure it isn't, but I'm going to go with the Quest for Glory 2 VGA remake.

    Disney bonkers

    Looks like a capcom side scroller

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