All The Ways I Killed People As The Son Of Satan

Lucius is a sad-looking little boy. He’s also the spawn of Satan. The original Lucius pretty much followed the plot for The Omen: you’re the son of Satan, now go and kill everybody in your house one by one. Think Hitman, but as an evil demonic kid. Despite being somewhat fun, it felt very restrictive in that it only allowed you to use specific items on specific people in a pre-scripted way.

Lucius II fixes this problem by turning the game into a free-flowing, absurd sandbox, letting you be creative with your killing. Bystanders don’t seem to care all that much when you fire off a gas canister into the head of an innocent man, decapitating him. Spill some soda on the floor and the AI will repeatedly walk over it and ragdoll to the floor. It can be extremely amusing, in the same way the older Hitman games tended to be.

It’s by no means a polished experience, but that adds to the fun. There’s something to be said for witnessing wonky A.I. systems work against each other.

As always, you can see how I got on with Lucius II up above.

Lucius II is out today on Steam.


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