Blizzard Will Introduce New Accessibility Options For Colourblind Players

If you're a World of Warcraft player who's colourblind, Blizzard will introduce a slew of new accessibility options in the upcoming 6.1 patch.

"For example, when you move your mouse cursor over a piece of rare gear and then a piece of epic gear, the game colours the names of the items blue and then purple, respectively. With 'UI Colorblind Mode' enabled, the game will add the words "Rare" and "Epic" to the tooltips for those items. For players who find it difficult to discern between friendly, neutral, or hostile targets, additional indication text in the tooltip will now appear when you move your mouse cursor over other characters.''

Very cool!


    Bloody hell, all the improvements coming in 6.1, I wouldn't be surprised if the patch notes end up including perpetual motion and an end to world hunger. :P

    Only took them 10 years?
    This is the sort of shit that should be in games from the start, I feel.
    But hey, good on them, better late than never, etc.

    We colourblind are really never considered and I doubt many devs will follow suit. Good to see Blizzard make a start though.

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