World Of Warcraft: Classic Demo Starts In The Barrens, Westfall

World Of Warcraft: Classic Demo Starts In The Barrens, Westfall

Blizzard’s take on vanilla World of Warcraft will finally be playable in the flesh in just over a week. And if you’re wondering what to expect, here’s what you need to know.

After downloading World of Warcraft: Classic through the app and making a new character, you’ll start out at level 15. The details were outlined recently by Blizzard devs on the official site, and they noted level 15 was chosen so players would have some capacity to “explore and experiment with core systems like talents or professions” that aren’t enabled from the beginning.

You’ll max out at level 19, and players will be automatically logged off after a certain amount of time “to maximise the number of people who can try out the demo”. Those playing as the Horde will start in the Barrens, while Alliance members will start out in Westfall.

Both regions are replicated as per their original designs. We’ll have to wait and see whether Barrens chat picks up where it left off.

“We haven’t determined exactly how long this time limit will be yet, but we’re also planning some flexibility, so if we’re able to relax the restriction and still give everyone who wants to play a great experience, then we’ll do that,” the devs wrote.

WoW: Classic will have other modern concessions that have been patched into the long-running MMO: colourblind options will be there by default, along with improved widescreen support, the current implementation of Blizzard’s anti-cheat system, and all the current functionality of the app (like chat across Blizzard/Activision games on PC).

If you’ve purchased a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket through your account, the demo will be available for download shortly after the Blizzcon opening ceremony, which ends at 0600 AEST Saturday, November 3. It’ll be playable until roughly 0300 AEST Friday, November 8.


  • wow, personally I don’t see the point in this, and as someone who has been playing since a week before original release I’ve been playing for a long time.

    • It’s easy.

      Some of us loved what WoW was back in vanilla days, and can’t stand the daily quest, LFR, flying mount, transmogging, artifact grinding slog it is today.

      Mind you, we realise that plenty of others obviously like modern WoW, and that’s great. But it’s a very, very different game than it used to be.

      Playing on Nostralrius for a year was the most fun I’ve had Warcraft in ages. I mean, even just having to be careful not to pull too many quillboars in the Barrens while leveling… love it. Couldn’t be move excited for the real thing on official servers.

      • Oh man and don’t forget PVP where it doesn’t take 30mins to drop a single person!
        – Classic Warsong & Arathi Basin!!!
        – That awesome feeling when you can finally use your mount!
        – 40 Man Raids!
        – Classic world PVP
        – OLD DEAD MINES!

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