Destiny Will Be Offline For Two Hours, At The Best Possible Time For Australians

When online only games like, say World of Warcraft, need to go offline for maintenance, Australians usually get a raw deal. Maintenance tends to take place at a convenient time for the US, but a real crappy time for us in Australia, during peak gaming time. Tomorrow Bungie is taking Destiny offline for two hours, but it's happening at the best possible time.

Unless you work night shift and finish work at, say, 3am. Or you're an insomniac. Then you might be a little bit screwed.

Bungie has just announced it will be taking Destiny offline from 10am Pacific until roughly around noon. That translates to 4am tomorrow morning until around 6am AEST. I don't know about you, but I plan to be sleeping during that time.

According to Bungie, the game will be back online with no changes to gameplay around 6am AEST. The next Destiny update (1.1.1) will be deployed later this week after the maintenance.


    Ah fuck, that was my only spare time! Those exact two hours.

    ...I am lying, of course.

    You can imagine the outburst of absolute fury from some Americans on the forums haha.

      oh man, the tears will be flowing as if Xur wasnt selling heavy ammo synths again.

    But...but...I play 24/7! Do you realize how deeply this will affect my grinding!?

    ...I, too, am lying.

    Hearthstone maintenance is always midnight AEST. That's pretty good. I mean, I'll openly admit that I sometimes stay up until 1-2 but as far as inconveniences go, it's far from bad.

    At the best possible time; when nobody is playing Destiny anymore.

    Opened the article expecting the headline to be sarcasm, but no, that's actually what appears to be the Best Possible Time.

    ha that's actually bad for me because that's when I'm up with my newborn

    hot tip: slings are pretty good for putting babies to sleep and later playing videogames hands free

    Well being a virgin and all I normally get up a few hours before to play the game. I guess I will just to play with my joystick tomorrow morning again *sigh*

    Just kidding it's 23'f here in Texas it's time to get a fire going and break out the vodka and cranberry, roast marshmallows with my little girl.
    Make it a wonderful day and it will be one.

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