Remember This?

Looks like yesterday's Remember This went unguessed. We're gonna need another clue!

And for reference, here's yesterday's image:

Good luck everyone!


    Is it one of the Sword Quest games on the Atari 2600?

    Pinball construction set?

    Or NES Pinball, or something like that.

    It makes me think of Montezumas Revenge... But I may be wrong

    Toru Iwatani's arcade game GeeBee.

    Published by Namco in 1978.

    They were generally B&W monitors with stuck on colour masks. Pretty rare in working condition, the cabinets had kick arse side art, but the game was a bit meh IMHO.

    Iwatani went on to create Pacman in 1980. :)

    Link to the flyer, with side art.

    The GeeBee bee was pretty rad.


      Nice, never saw this cab, looks cool.

    This is clearly not from a game at all, just some doodles Mark drew up to stop everyone from just using Google Image search to find the answer.

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