Remember This?

Congrats to Chunky Love for his awesome username but also for guessing yesterday's Remember This, which was Afterburner. Commiserations to wagzy who dropped in a single minute too late. Better luck next time!

Good luck with today's effort friends!


    I think its one of the Phoenix Wright's. Though which one I have no idea

    Beneath a steel sky or Rex nebulars cosmic gender bender

    Laura Bow and the Dagger of Amon Ra?

    Edit: or Colonel's Bequest?

    Last edited 10/02/15 12:42 pm

    Made me think of this flight combat game where you would sit in the airport office in between missions. Can't think of the name.

      Ohh i reckon your on it .. Strike Commander perhaps?

    Oh cheesus, I know this one, but can't for the life of me remember what it is. Something from my Amiga 500 childhood? I'm almost certain. *tears hair out*

      I know those feels. It's got this weird familiarity but don't know what it is. I'd say amiga and either a point and click adventure or some kind of menu screen that looks like a room kind of thing in another type of game, maybe a strategy or sim type...

    Damn thats so familiar ... Immediately i thought about Midwinter 1 or 2 (loved those games). *shrug* As Code Y said, its something from the early Amiga days .

    Made me think of Police Quest for some reason...doubt that is right though.

    It's a map of Moscow that can be found in Freddy Nielsen's apartment in cult classic "Snatcher" (Sega CD version).

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