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    Catching up with Person of Interest. Season 4 Episode 13 so far - WOW this season has exploded. Loving every episode.

      I did that recently and I am really loving this season!.

      POI is incredible... always hanging for the next one. 14 is the latest one, not as fast paced as the other ones but a tad more character development on John's part.

        If-Then-Else was a fantastic episode. Really showed a bit of 'Human Development' on the machines side. Really enjoying the flashbacks the show has with Harold trying to teach the machine empathy, then running all of the simulations.

      Man I love that show. Absolutely no idea what part we're up to, we just watch it off the TV. Always really enjoy when these sort of formulaic type shows start out small and then slowly expand the scope of its universe and really start turning things up.

    I'm sitting here at work waiting for my (work) PC to boot-up and thought I'd flick through Kotaku TAY. That lasted about 2 seconds, and then I started thinking about Tom Cruise's teeth (you know, the one that's perfectly aligned with the centre of his face?). It's true ... once you've seen it you can't unsee it.

    It's now going to dominate my entire day. :|

    Morning! How was all of your weekends? I hit the beach a couple of times but not much else. I did finish GoT Episode 2 which I thought was a bit disappointing - but did get into Nuclear Throne for the first time. Man that game is fun.

      I quite enjoyed episode 2 of GoT. It didn't reach the heights of the first one, and I felt this one was largely setting up for future events, but I really liked seeing how all the decisions played out, and the subtlety of the consequences from episode 1.

      Even though intellectually I know I'm being railroaded to a foregone conclusion, the decisions offered are so grey and have the appearance of being so risky, that I can't help but agonise over every little thing I say in this game.

    This weekend I worked 24 hours and slept 10. On the plus side the first 3 hours of today have gone fast so hopefully soon bed. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend.

    I got my new 3DS (monater hunter one) and Monater hunter 4. I have touched neither and they sat on the floor of my car for 2 days.

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      Oh wait I forgot, I paid to be locked in a room with two women and get stabbed.

        Pics or it didn't...actually screw the pics, I just want the story!

          No, no, you don't want a CJ story. Live with the suspense, it's much more satisfying.

    Rogue Legacy update:

    Up to the final boss. It's a tough battle, but not too outrageous. Only one thing annoyed me about it, and that was that I happened to be standing over to the right the first time I killed Johann (1st stage) and the Fountain spawned on top of my character and killed him with contact before the game even let me resume control. That was a bit unfair, I thought. I think I might do some grinding for better stats before I tackle this boss for real, though it might be fun to be sub-level 100 when I beat the game.

      Oh man, I still can't bear the first boss!

        The first boss actually took me the longest. Just focus on leveling and unlocking more classes/abilities and equipment

          Oh, yeah. I am. Just suprised how quickly he's progressed. I assume you got it from plus, @Shane ?

          I got the flame ring thing and just stood next to the first boss and whacked him until he died. Seemed to work OK

    Anyone use or know of any grips for the New Nintendo 3DS XL? It's so hard to search for online :P, stupid "New" in the title!

    *shakes fist at New IPad and New 3DS lines*

      I saw this the other day.

    I had one of those weekends where I got up early every day, had to go and and do things and see people, and had very little leisure time before going to bed, exhausted.

    Next weekend, putting my foot down: staying home and playing video games. Because in two weeks we have another event-filled weekend involving doing things. Ugh.

      Hear hear, brother. I've not had a solid day of nothing but video games in so long. Granted, it's because I've been trying to be a human being and be social and do good things in my life, but frig it, now I need some game time. What are you going to play?

      I hear dat.
      I love my friends, I really do, and time spent with them is far from 'wasted', but oh my god I desperately need solitary time to recharge.

        The joys of being an introvert

          I am so glad I learnt that's what that was a few years ago. Makes it so much easier to recognise and manage.

            Know it makes it so much easier to work with. Go out, have a good time but know that uses up social energy. Spend some alone time to recharge that energy.

    How was everyone's weekends?
    I finally won a game of Attack Wing!
    Which is funny considering this was the start. (I was dominion, against Romulan, Borg Federation and Klingon! (the Start) (the Middle) (Finished! I WIN YAYYYYYYYY)

      Needs more dragons.

        Gotta admit, I want the DND one, but I don't need to spend money on another flightpath game

          I have managed to avoid all of them- no-one I'd play it with.

          Did have a bunch of D&D minis, but they were to use for D&D, not for the miniatures game.

    Hola Tay

    How were your weekends? I went and gave blood on Saturday morning, then went to a mate's place to play video and board games in the afternoon. Sunday I woke up feeling rubbish as it was quite hot, so I barely moved until the cool change came in.

    A monday morning question: Festivals! It's Fringe time here, though I've not managed to get to anything yet. Which festivals do you like in your city?

      Not much of a festival person, but the Great Australian Beer festival is on in Geelong this weekend, and it looks pretty interesting.

      In The Bin short film festival used to be fun but nowadays it's more about people getting drunk and ignoring the movies.

      Gold Coast is a barren cultural wasteland. Biggest festivals they have is things like Stereosonic. If you can't get drunk, high, laid or in a fight this city isn't interested in it.

      Anything that involves food, particularly multicultural food.

      I think the only festival I bother with is Soundwave. And at this rate by 2018 all that will be left is Sydney & Melbourne, since Adelaide is next on the chopping block for poor ticket sales, and Brisbane gets rather shunned with everything else regarding the festival bleh.

      I don't believe I am a go-out enough person to be familiar with these "festivals" :P

      I love the Sydney Festival. Vivid is out of control (so crowded you cannot move). I also like the CNY celebrations, the dragon boat races in Darling Harbour are pretty special.

    Morning, TAY.
    My weekend was filled with looking after my kitty, and playing Captain Toad.

      Captain Toad is soooo cute. I need to keep playing it.

      Read that as looking for, was sad. Reread was happy.

    Okay, but for reals: Big Hero 6
    - Hiro is a arrogant little turd for 75% of the movie, until CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT MOMENT (it's subtle like that)
    - Tadashi's uni friends are never given any moments to be explored as characters. Spunky chick, brainy chick, scaredy-brawny black guy and Shaggy. "Tadashi was our best friend." And that's it? You get more insight into Aunt Cass from her little snippets.
    - For a movie about mourning and loss, the characters sure do have a quick turnaround time.
    - Something doesn't sit right with James Cromwell's villainous motivations. Can't quite put my finger on it... maybe the fact that he's happy to murder everyone, and he's never really given any time for any insight? Like, I get that his daughter was presumed dead, but it's a pretty massive shift from "He used to be such a good man" to be a-okay with killing all five of your most talented university students, a 14 year old, and creating a massive wormhole in the middle of a city kind of guy. At least Syndrome was a sociopath, weapons designer and had 15 odd years of resentment.

    Super slick animation though.

      I mean, don't get me wrong, I know I'm an emotionless bean and things that are supposed to have that extra punch don't affect me (haha Up), but I think Mark's got a valid point when he says it lacks "heart".

      It's also a kid's film and most kids wouldn't think about half that stuff, they just want the 40cm Baymax action figure by the end of the film. :D

        Which is where the best "kids" movies (Read: WALL-E) get it so right by thinking about the details that adults (and pedants) are concerned with.

        I found Big Hero 6 fun. I connected more emotionally with the short at the beginning (Feast) but I found it to be an enjoyable blend of Superhero and Disney Animated. It was exactly what I didn't know I was expecting out of a Marvel+Disney animated feature, for good or for bad.

      My biggest issue with Big Hero 6

      When they're trying to track down ol' Kabuki fuhllah and they just decide to boost Baymax's medical scanner to scan every single private citizen in order to find one guy. Sets a very worrying example for kids that it's okay to give up your privacy for "the greater good" and persistent surveillance.

      Really didn't sit well with me at all.

        Huh. It's perhaps more worrying that I didn't even register that it was an issue. But I can just see 16 y/o Hiro having Baymax track down that hottie on the tram who winked at him because... greater good.

    Well I finally snapped on the weekend. Mum suggested that I make pizza for tea which I'd not done for a fair while but said she'd put the dough on, the crappy old breadmaker we've been using for years is at best a vague and confusing piece of junk and instead of pizza dough, it ended up making a distinctly inedible loaf of bread. So whilst I was having the distinctly non-pizza like emergency backup sausages I loaded up a browser and looked at replacements then yesterday went out and dropped $200 on a fancy new one that actually doesn't suck! In fact, it so doesn't suck that it has special trays for cooking bread rolls, it can make cakes and, most weirdly of all, it can make jam...

    My Xcom Long War campaign is getting scary, I've just finished the hyperwave beacon and am scanning for the overseer UFO which is supposed to be one of the hardest ships in the entire game to kill. I've got a full continent stacked with firestorms, 3 plasma armed with one emp and a pair of fusion lances so the weaponry is grand but my real concern is defence, I've only got 2 dodge modules so if that bastard hits any of my ships I could be in for some serious hurt. Then once I get it down, I've got the ultimate challenge; I'm going to try and mind control an ethereal so I can get Rift before using the gollop chamber. My plan is to have at least 2 psykers with the power for the temple ship so I can alternate it during hard fights, preferably having 3 with it if I have the time, I've got at least 3 troops (all the hero characters, they make great psykers) with a base will that's getting close to the minimum that's worth trying it with. Shit's getting tough...

      Is it the breville one? I've got one of those, it's an excellent machine :)

        Big silver one with a sawblade looking thing for the cake paddle? That's the one. Have you made jam yet? The recipes in the book don't mention water which would instinctively seem to be a kind of important thing, does it just use the juice from the fruit?

          Yeah thats the one :D
          Haven't tried jam, I normally just do that in a pan ( I find that easier)
          Possible that it is just using the juices from the fruit... I'll have to have a look when I get home :)

      'emergency backup sausages' makes me giggle ;p

      Jam isnt a kind of bread. Take machine back and sue for false advertising.

        My guess is that since you often use jam with bread, they'd get away on a technicality. Cake also isn't a bread but banana bread is a kind of cake (though inedible and poison since it contains bananas) so they'd get off with that technicality too. The cheeky buggers have thought of everything!

    Hellllo taybes! Lovely exhausting weekend in Melbourne - always nice to remind myself that there is a whole city who are happy to patiently queue for food (I had the besssssst ice cream of my life!). I also got to do some shopping and bought lots of books and some clothes and yay.

    ALSO, I put down a deposit for my first motorcycle and I'm super chuffed :D

      You didn't go to Messina did you? Best icecream or BEST icecream.

        I'm going for the first time tonight!

        I went to Messina as well, but I wasn't that impressed by theirs? The BEST ice cream was from Pidapipó on Lygon.

      Wait you came to visit but didn't come to visit :(

      also vroom vroom

        It was a very quick trip to see work friends and family. Sorrrrrry!

    Ugh, Monday again? Monday is a jerk... where's my coffee... *wanders off*

    I slept for 9 hours last night and woke up feeling worse than when I went to bed, I just wanted to sleep another 9 hours. Stupid overnight weather.

      I did that, too! I have no idea why.

      On the plus side, the dream was a technicolour epic.

        Same thing with the dreams here too!

        Glancing though and I saw technicolor and thought you were talking about puking. My Dad and Uncles often use the term 'technicolor yawn' to describe the act...

          Hah. I probably should've capitalized and used the trademarked spelling to refer more properly to the branded cinematic process.

    Woo, won some e-reader cards.

    Uh... stayed up til half past 7 playing friggen Monster Hunter. I'll try this whole "consciousness" thing again later.

      Haven't even open my monster hunter case yet.

      Lol that definitely sounds like MH, I've only got like 7 hours in but will definitely hit it hard tonight.

    "Hey, I need you to do this thing."
    "Blergh. I'd really rather not do the the thing. I hate it. That's more Transient's wheelhouse."
    "Yeah, Transient'd be great at it, but it's outside his role."
    "Hey now, I don't mind doing the thing. It sounds like a ball, really."
    "See? He wants to do the thing, let Transient do the thing."
    "I really can't. He's not high enough. It's some hierarchy rank crap."
    "You're kidding me."
    "I wish."
    "Heh. Should promote me just to do the thing, then."
    "Yeah, looks like I'll have to."
    "Eh? In all seriousness, I was joking."
    "I wasn't. You already do most of the role anyway, you should get paid for it at the right level. There's too much of that happens around this place and it pisses me off. Yeah. I'm putting in for it now."


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      Upvote I think. Considering they said you should get paid for it that's a good thing. Promotion for more responsibility and work with pay sucks but that sounds good.
      Certainly considering it sounds like you get to do more stuff you enjoy/don't hate doing.

        Yeah, it's some stuff I'd really have a ball with, but they can't entrust that kind of client-relations activity to someone of my low station. It's hardly any more work, I'm already doing most of the role anyway. The money's not really a factor either. It'd be a token increase, it's more about the 'rank'.


          Aside - I despise that there needs to be a 'rank'... Same with my role, was doing far and above what was expected but took 18 months before I'd made the case enough times to get the position. Also got same token increase in salary and now everyone thinks I earn twice as much as them.

          Hate office politics sometimes.

      Well that's certainly good stuff, well done mate! Nice bit of manipulation there, especially the bit where you tried to play out that you were joking, very cunning!

    Today I have to figure out how I'm going to construct this Hot Wheels themed birthday cake I'm imagining for my son. Birthday cakes never work out as well as I imagine them, so I have to mentally prepare myself for failure as well. :P

      I was looking a full race car themed kids part the other day. So very cool but so much work.
      If I have time I'm going to be the worst at kids parties. Make all the things., hire all the things, decorate all the things. Although it will probably come down to being just the cake :)

        My almost six year old has never had a party, and my 14 year old has only had two. I'm a terrible parent....

          Worst parent ever :P
          Just make this one a party he will always remember and then you never need to do it again
          Or is this just a cake without a party?

      My wifey makes and decorates cakes, so heres some tips from her:

      if you are making figurines, and arent very experienced with handling fondant, get some Moulding Chocolate. a lot easier to work with. like playdoh.

      if you are making a car shaped cake, and are going to cover it in fondant, roll it out VERY THIN onto a fondant mat and flipthe mat onto the cake. lifting off a thin sheet of fondant will tear it, and having a thin piece, will allow you to apply it much more easily around the overal shape of the car.

      im sure shed be happy to answer any questions!

        Thanks for the tips, Zetrox's lovely lady!

        I'm pretty experienced in cake decorating, but tips from an expert are always welcome. If I mess up I'll definitely tag you to ask what I did wrong! :D

          then stop procrastinating and get baking!!!! stop doubting yourself!

      Just set some tyres on fire and say "They're wheels, they're hot. What more do you want! Bloody kids, get off my lawn!"

      Could you not just make a circular cake and decorate it like a wheel? Seems simpler than attempting to make a car or something.

      Rather than making a car, why not make a track and put some hot wheels cars on it?

      EDIT: Rectangular track, green icing with coconut sprinkles to look like grass. Use licorice allsorts to lay out the track - pull them apart and use the black layers for the tarmac and the white layers for the lane markings. Maybe edge it with some cream frosting and candles.

      Then clean up some hot wheels cars and put them on the track. Would be effective and in-theme and also not hugely hard to make.

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        Rather than making a car, why not make a track and put some hot wheels cars on it?

        I think my fourth birthday had one of those. If I remember correctly it was a figure eight with a little over/under bridge at the intersection (which in retrospect should have been for an eight year old, but it had a big four on it or something). I'm not sure how she actually did it though so I'm pretty useless as far as the construction side goes.

        That's the plan. :D
        I'm planning a cake in the shape of a 6 with a track on top of it, and buying his favourite Hot Wheels car he doesn't have yet to put on top as an extra birthday present.

          You really only need the track to be made out of fondant, so you could cover the cake in much tastier frosting (I made a white chocolate cream cheese frosting for Batboy - delicious!) and then just assemble the track on top.

        methinks liquorice allsorts might not be the best for track - maybe granular chocolate sprinkles so you can lay it out easily like tarmac? Dust some icing sugar for track markings? You could use something like raw sugar and lifesavers for sand and tyre barriers...

        You could also rig up sour straps as barricades for a whole lot of jellybaby spectators to stand behind (I actually did that some years back for a Wrestlemania cake).

        Also if you wanted edible cars you could use 'fun size' chocolate bars sitting on musk stick axles through aniseed ring wheels, maybe using something with a pliable top layer like mars bars so you could dig out a bit of cockpit space to stick a jellybaby driver. If you wanted to start getting fiddly you could probably use wafers for fins and spoilers too!

      Trick with wheels that I learnt during the last couple of weeks (I've been experimenting with baking, don't ask) - round cake tin, bake the cake, slice it in half, have half the wheels coming out of the tray. Non functional, but kids don't care, it has WHEELS!

      As for the car bit: nope. No clue.

      Ok. Picture this. A functional Hot Wheels track, which is the birthday present, assembled around a valley of smaller single serve cakes made up to be like hills and buildings and junk so you don't have to cut up some complex cake just to serve it. In the middle there are two three tier cakes made up to look like mountains with holes bored into the sides that the track runs through them with a badass jump between them and over the flaming death that is the birthday candles. Inside those mountain cakes? Very illegal fireworks rigged to detonate as the car makes it through, bathing the kids in cake chunks while they carry you off chanting your name.

      Also it's an ice cream cake because I'm hungry.

    Tickets for Liverpool vs Brisbane & Adelaide went on pre-sale today. $96.85 to sit in the Brisbane section (1 section out of how many?). For a friendly match. $100 including fees. For a friendly. Erm, yeah, I'm not the target audience to see a cash grab exhibition match. Liverpool fans over here are excited as hell, who wouldn't be for the chance to see their team, but for me? Meh, not too fussed about missing out on it

      Yeah I'm not a fan of the cash grab games in post/pre-season. Even if Arsenal came over I wouldn't spend the money to travel to the east coast and watch the B team play.

      I have in the past paid to go see them play at home in north London, soaking up the match day atmosphere and watch the first team play in a competitive match that has meaning.

      Still you can understand the club's point of view too. Especially with the number of fans (=$$$) in Asia for the big boys.

    Morning, TAY.

    I think I'm too dumb for Majora's Mask. Even with all the improvements I couldn't figure out what to do (and I've played this game before!)

    Ended up wandering around for multiple three-day sets trying to work out how to get out of Clock Town. Turns out if you actually talk to one of the guards blocking the gates he just lets you through... Embarrassing...

    Still fun though. I wish we could get a new Zelda with a similar creepy, 'Horror-lite' vibe.

      Also: Two weeks until I'm on holidays! \o/

    @strange @greenius
    I think it was you two who were discussing the chromecast. Did you end up getting one and if so how is it. We were planning on trying to get netflix but the cost to get it setup is a bit more than my budget will allow (Stupid tax). So figuring we might give that a go and look at Stan or Presto (probably Stan)
    Anybody else used a chromecast?

      Mate of mine has one, loves it. He uses it quite a bit to cast his tablet screen to the tele, for radio streaming and occasionally browsing

      I haven't got it yet, but I will in a couple of months. When I went to deactivate my Foxtel PS4 account after the free trial Foxtel was all depressed I was breaking up with them and after asking if I was sure three times, it offered $25 off for the next two months, so I'll keep poor depressed Foxtel until then and check out what the Chromecast and Stan or Presto can do for me later.

      It's one of those times where my laziness paid off because the deal is that I can't change my package from what I was using during the trial period, and when I started my trial period I wasn't aware I'd get the first two weeks free so I only unlocked the channels I wanted, and then when I found out I'd get the first two weeks free I kept meaning to upgrade to get everything for that trial period but never got around to it. And now I'm glad I didn't because then the $25 off wouldn't have been a viable option. Yay for laziness and forgetfulness! :P

      Edit, Oh and it was Sunsoar and Ginger Chris who were talking about the Chromecast with me,I believe.

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      Have Chromecast. Love it. Gets used every other night at least.

      Hooks in with Plex really well. Use the iOS/Android app to queue and manage content.
      Stan support out of the box - works well, although minor gripe that device that starts stream needs to stay online (ie. can't drop the lid on a laptop, or let your PC hibernate)
      AnimeLab integration is great too.
      Wife and I use it with Youtube for "Friday-vlog-night" to catch up on our favourites on the big screen.

      Not tried it with Netflix so can't say how well it would work with VPN/DNS solutions. The Chromecast should really 'take over' the fetching activities so it may need a tweak or two.

        Thanks for the info. I figure even if we don't end up subscribing to stan or similar the youtube stream is probably worth it anyway.

          There is something liberating about watching YouTube on the big screen.

          Some of the vlogs we watch can clock in at 20 minutes each. We back up 3 or 4 in the queue and it's like watching content in a mini episodic format. And the 15 second ads are skippable after 5 seconds! :)

      I use the Apple TV purely coz it's cheap and the rest of the house is a prisoner to iDevices.
      I'm assuming it's exactly the same.
      StreamToMe lets you play anything from Mac to big screen and all apps like Netflix/Stan/Crackle/YouTube do the same from iPad to big screen.
      Plus all the apps on the AppleTV are set to US of A.

      Like @sunsoar77 we do the 'YouTube Friday Night Fails' when friends come over and chuck it up on the big screen. So if Chromecast is anything like the Apple TV which I think it is then it's definitely worthwhile.

      Now if only we could please get decent internet speeds for upload and download. For the love of GOD SOMEBODY!!! I have $$$, need fibre!!! PLEEEEASE!!!!
      *crickets chirping*

      Thanks Mr Turnbull!

    So i'm meant to enroll at TAFE for a course, yet when I ring the local TAFE no one answers and I just get stuck in their silly "someone will be with you soon" message crap for ages. So I decided i'd just enroll online. Nope. Don't know my username and there's no way to retrieve that, even though it says it will be on my latest invoice from TAFE which was my RCG which I did in October last year :/

      The first part is to book a counselling session, a one on one, where you are enrolled and THEN you can get online and do all the things.

      It might be a little bit late though, I had my session in January and classes started last week.

        Err.. But I previously enrolled online, just I have forgotten what my username was, and apparently Firefox did not cache that..

        The course i'm looking at started back on the 3rd so 2 weeks ago here. Not my fault, it's the stupid employment agency I go to, all of a sudden last week said I had to do TAFE or have my 'benefits' cut off because I am not working. Well to be fair, the job market is shit and they haven't once helped me with employment.

    Reading that The Order:1886 main story is only 5 hours long, is full of QTE cutscenes and the game can be platinumed in about 9.

    I am disappoint, considering it's a full priced game.

      This report states 5.5 hours for a bare-bones no-death playthrough, which few players will achieve.

      It also says that the first playthrough for the guy who platinumed it was 9 hours, but if I'm reading it right, it doesn't say that he got all the trophies in that time...

      Still pretty short, but there you have it.

        Yeah, that's the exact article I was reading along with this Reddit thread:

        But yeah, for a full priced ($100) game, I personally think it's hard to justify purchasing a game at that price that is that length and reportedly has little replayability.

        Also this from another thread

        Well maybe it's 2 hours or 2,5. I didn't measure the time, but the majority of it is cutscenes. So 1,5 hours or 2,5 hours doesn't seem like a big difference either way. Obviously depends on the player.
        If you really get into finding collectibles I'm sure you can spend much more time with it. Or if you play on hard difficulty (which I wasn't). But my best guess, based on what I have captured it's around 1,5h-2h gameplay and rest was cutscenes. Take the first 4 chapters for example, maybe 35% of that was gameplay. Some chapters consist only of cutscenes. And often times there are these "interactive" cutscenes with QTEs where you need to press some buttons, but I wouldn't count that as gameplay.
        It's more of an interactive movie to me, which isn't a bad thing. Hence the film stripes. So calm down everyone. Jesus :D

          I agree with you. Unless it's the goddamned best game of all time, that length is very hard to justify. Sadly, I suspect that we're going to see a lot more of this in this generation, as innovation shifts to the indie market, development budgets tighten, and graphic fidelity becomes the new measure of greatness in AAA.

            What do you mean "new" measure of greatness? That's been the primary measure of greatness since the start of the last console generation and a major measure of it since there was more than 16 colours

              True, and the previous gen was a tipping point where story began losing out to spectacle. This gen, though, I think, will all but complete that topple.

                Well this actually sounds more like the focus is totally on the story. With that number of cut scenes it sounds like a very linear story with gameplay only to push the story forward.
                The lack of replayability comes from having experienced the story, which is the core of the game.

                It certainly has the potential, the eighth console generation may well be remembered in history as the analogue of someone jangling their keys in front of a baby saying "look at the shiny shiny!"

        Doesn't a platinum mean you got all the trophies though? I thought that was the point of it, kind of that annoying "Achievement for getting all the achievements" thing.

        But yeah, a short story isn't too encouraging. If it's a really GOOD one and exactly as long as it needs to be without overstaying its welcome then it might be okay but if there's even the slightest bit of padding or just lots of crappy dialogue... yeah it'd have to be exceptional to be worth paying full price for something rather short

          But a first playthrough doesn't necessarily come with all achievements. The article said the first guy who platinumed it took 9 hours on his first playthrough. He might have had to play the game 8 times to get the platinum, but the first run through the game took him 9 hours.

            Ooh right I get you, 9 hours to finish but not necessarily 9 hours to platinum

      Oh man, I know I'm in the minority here but that length sounds perfect.

      To be honest and "get real" or "rap with the youth" for a second, full price these days doesn't mean $100. If you're savvy you can probably grab this for under $70. Sure it's RRP is $100 but when was the last time you paid RRP for anything?

      I guess it comes down to perceived value. I once did a job for a TV network that was a DVD collection of their kids show. It was about 15 x 5 minute episodes, so just over an hour of content. That amount of content fits easily on a single DVD but they had me create a 3 disc set, each in their own full sized DVD case so that when they charged the $45 for it people wouldn't feel ripped off by only taking home 1 DVD case.

      I guess it comes down to what you perceive to be "worth" $100. 6 hours of "entertainment" or 6 hours of "gameplay".

      And lets be honest, game's are getting way too long anyway. Remember how Assassins Creed is always harping on about how long their games are but it's just all filler? Perceived value.

        I agree with you. One of the best games I've played recently has been Enslaved.
        Main story was about 10-12 hours I think and that still took me a couple of weeks. The story was solid, I was always moving forward and never felt like I was just grinding or doing filler

          I really don't mind a good game with good cast that's on the short side - Uncharted games aren't that long, and Tomb Raider 2013 could be single-player 100% complete in 10 - 11 hours.

          And you've reminded me to finish Enslaved...

        I'm all for games that are long as they need to be. Padding out a seven hour game to 20+ hours with filler doesn't add value. It just makes the game worse while appealing to a small subset of gamers that are obsessed with the length of games. They're basically size queens. Size queens don't have to be your audience. Size queens are over.

        That being said, a 5 hour game that is mostly cutscenes just doesn't seem like a lot of game at all. I was perfectly happy with Mirror's Edge being short because they did a lot in that time. Same goes for Portal (although that was never a full priced game).

        Last edited 16/02/15 1:38 pm

      I'm surprised that people are surprised. Was no-one paying attention to the thing? It was always going to be a disaster as soon as the resolution and framerate was announced. It was clear from the get-go that they were making a graphical showpiece, and nothing else. Set to 1920x800 so they had to render less. Dark lighting so they only have to render the bit that the lantern is pointing at. Bad framerate so they can make the tiny bit that is actually rendered look good. Then they made excuses for the framerate, saying it was for 'cinematic effect.'

        Graphics aren't everything. Give me good atmosphere and feel over high resolution bollocks any day

          It was more that they were sacrificing things to make better graphics that was the issue. I apologise if my wording made it seem like I cared about the graphics.

          My critisism of the resolution is that it isn't in 16:9, meaning there were gigantic black bars on the ends of the screen,

            That's a stylistic choice though, nothing to do with the rendering of the engine

              I'm sorry, but I have trouble believing that. Sorry.

                You think rendering in 2:35 is much different from rendering in 16:9?

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