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    So I was up til about 10 playing Monster Hunter this morning.

    Someone please come and take it away from me.

      I've never pulled an all-nighter playing video games. I always zonk out at 1am or so :P

        I contracted severe "one-more-turnitis" with both Civ 2 and Civ 4. Been a long time since those though. Although I was playing some silly puzzle game til 4am a few weeks back.

          I do that with Picross. One more picross. One more picross. Just one more.
          Same with Listverse lists.

          I took a week off when Dark Souls 2 was released and clocked 90 hours by the end of that week.

          Closest I have ever come to a full on gaming addiction was during my Honours year when I had a diagnosed sleep condition and Lumines II.

          It was...not a healthy time.

        Crusader Kings has kept me up waaaaay too late a few times

          I really need to devote some time to some YouTube tutorials or something with that game. It seems like something I'd love but it's just so incredibly dense it's hard to know what you're supposed to be doing.

            Start as the Earl of Munster at the original start date (1066), he has a nice niche of Ireland that's not too complex.

            And look up Quill18 on Youtube, he got me in to EUIV and his Crusader Kings guides are apparently just as good

            Also also, I'd be keen for multiplayer with any configuration of TAY people, even if we comp stomp, as I talk you through some mechanics.

        I've done all nighters with WoW expansions when I used to play it.

        Last edited 20/02/15 5:13 pm

      How many hours is that now? I reached HR online last night and took down gore SP today

        Dunno, I only found the 25hr mark because I stopped playing to switch over from nXL to 3XL. Haven't stopped playing yet, I just close the lid whenever I'm taking a break.

        Considering I did about 10 hours last night alone, presumably it'd be approaching the 40 mark if not having passed it by now :P

          Where are you up to?

            Uhhhhhhhhh I just did the mission with the Goldar-looking electric lion. Oh wait, then I did the frenzy Tigrex mission. And am now attempting the Rathalos capture mission, which is being an absolute pain in the bastard and is going to send me insane. Already made at least 10 attempts by now, surely. Mostly just get killed three times, but a couple of times now I've also killed it instead of capturing (one was necessary since the capture didn't take).

            Last edited 20/02/15 6:30 pm


              @piat time isn't really a good indicator of where you are though. Last time I checked with Tacos was when he was around that 25 hour mark, but he was way behind me in the single player.

              I'm at around 27 hours at the moment and I'm about to do a 7 star quest. Haven't played online much either but I'm on HR2.

              TACOS - you using a CPP for the 3DS XL or weird touch screen camera thing?

                My CPP is for regular 3DS, XL one doesn't seem to be available anywhere around here any more :(

                Not using the touch screen thing though. I've changed the target cam options so that it doesn't change the elevation when targeting a monster, I generally get away with using just L to operate the camera. If adjustments need to be made, I use the d-pad.

                  the elevation lock option is a god send, especially against ian and los.

                  You're using the normal 3DS CPP on a 3DS XL? D:

                  How are you managing that? Must be some crazy grip or something :P

                  Last edited 20/02/15 9:12 pm

                oh I know, I'm at 30 hours and haven't really gotten all that far from farming for various sets. It's just interesting to see how many hours people are putting into the game.

                  I feel like I went through more equipment variations in Tri. This one, I pretty much got myself a Velociprey armour set as soon as expeditions opened up, and haven't really seen anything worth changing to since. Weapon upgraded... twice I think? Through to Kaiser Blade. Got my eye on one set of armour that needs a whole tonne of bumblepumpkins so that'll take a while to get, and the next upgrade for my weapon requires carbolite ore or something which I haven't come across yet.

    After spending all of the last two days obsessing over Alice, I get a phone call from the real estate agent saying that the owner has changed her mind about letting us have her.

    Going to go back and forth and try to get her back onside. The worst part is that there's no chance of a response until next week. Not a great thing to hear on Friday afternoon. Now I'm just going to spend the whole weekend being anxious. Fuck.

      Once the landlord agrees to you having a pet, they cannot change their mind later.

        That's Victoria.

        I'm sure it's probably similar here in Canberra but right now my best option is to just try and change her mind back.

        Or vomiting. Vomiting seems really good right now.

          No pets clause has to be specifically added and agreed to in the rental agreement in ACT and can't be just thrown out there as a condition. Check the agreement you signed?

      Was under the impression that "(2) The owners corporation must not unreasonably withhold its approval of the keeping of an animal on a lot or the common property."

      edit: Derp, I don't know why I gave you the NSW code.

      ACT Strata guidelines if you're in a Strata tenancy...
      "51A Animals—owners corporation's consent
      (1) A unit owner may keep an animal, or allow an animal to be kept, within the unit or the common property only with the consent of the owners corporation.
      (2) The owners corporation may give consent under this section with or without conditions.
      (3) However, the owners corporation’s consent must not be unreasonably withheld."

      Last edited 20/02/15 5:04 pm

        In addition to 1: there was a court case where a woman had her pets disallowed by the body corporate but appealed and basically made it so that body corporate basically cannot reasonably deny a pet. You basically have to have a flock of racing pidgeons or a dog that's declared dangerous.

        I'm pretty confident that we're on okay legal ground here. I say that based purely off of random things I read online. That's less comforting.

        Like I said on Twitter though, I don't want to get the owner offside. I'd much rather convince her that it's okay for us to have Alice than win the right to keep her.

        Last edited 20/02/15 5:13 pm

          Yeah, that's true. The last thing you want is it to come lease renewal time and the owner decides "Nah, they were mean to me. I'm going to not renew."

            This really sucks.

              Have you considered a flock of racing pigeons?

              Did they give the ok to have a pet before you got Alice? If so, I don't think a court would hold you responsible. Especially if you did the right thing by checking, then after approval, paid for the pet, only to have them change their mind. You could sue them for the cost of the pet and any other stuff you bought then. Unless it was only like 2 hours after saying it's ok. How fast was their mind changed? A week? less?

              Last edited 20/02/15 5:29 pm

                We told them that we wanted a dog before we got the place. More than a week ago, we told the real estate agents that we had put in an application for Alice and her sister, with as many details as we could give.

                On Monday, I wrote a letter to the body corporate on behalf of the owner asking for their approval for her. This had more information but nothing particularly new. On Wednesday (maybe?), I was told the owner was going to sign the letter but had some reservations. Mostly that she didn't think that the body corporate would approve a dog this size.

                Now, at 4:30 on a Friday, I get the call saying that the owner isn't sure about Alice. Specifically that the owner would be more comfortable with a smaller, dog that was "outside of the puppy age". I've asked for specifics and offered to let the owner meet Alice.

                I'm also going to do some research to confirm that we're on strong legal footing here. Then I'll do up an email to the real estate agent along the lines of:

                We believe that we are within our rights to keep Alice on this property and that the body corporate cannot reasonably decline our application to keep her.

                However, it would be disrespectful to keep a pet that the owner does not approve of. We're currently undergoing basic training for Alice and the RSPCA have a pet behaviourist who said to contact her regarding any training or behaviour issues when we adopted Alice.

                What assurances can we make that Alice will be comfortable on this property and that her behaviour will be acceptable?

                I am currently looking for work and will be devoting my attention to properly training Alice. Similarly [Freya] is working week on, week off at the [work] so she will be available every alternate week during these formative months.

                Etc etc.

                Last edited 20/02/15 6:03 pm

                  If they approve a pet, they approve a pet, right? They can't then be like "but only if it's this old/size/colour/etc"??

                  @renne I'm fairly sure that they have to specify before, not after. The whole thing is a tricky mess. I think we're in the clear but things are much, much better if we can get the owner to agree with us instead of showing them that we can get away with it.

    So apparently a shark has washed up on a beach in Queensland from Cyclone Marcia.. Sharknado was not a work of fiction after all D=


    My Dollar Shave Club Executive Razor came today. Probably won't use it for another 3 years but uh... it looks good! :P

      Still waiting on mine =( any clue where they posted it from?

        Oh whoops... I threw out the envelope :/

          Haha. I guess mine will show up Monday. I kinda expected them to show up a bit faster than they did though lol.

    Hey guys! I don't know the city and can't organise things but here we go!

    @benj @scree @tigerion @f4ction @tofu @beavwa @princesspipster

    If no one else rocks up I guess I'll be meeting Benji somewhere in the city at around 1pm on Saturday! I'm flexible with times though (not sure about Banjo) I'm thinking lunch (any recommendations?) and then who knows what! (CASINO CASINO CASINO)

    BENJO I'll Twitter DM you my number.

    Last edited 20/02/15 5:51 pm

      I thought we were eating at the casino?

        Are we? :P

        I didn't set any plans so I'm down for whatever*

        EDIT: *within reason :P

        Last edited 20/02/15 6:30 pm

          Ugh, Greeniuses.



              Add that to the list of spelling pet peeves, when people incorrectly pluralise non -us words (usually in more "serious" context, rather than just messing around) with -i. But worse still, when they use -ii :P

          Well, there are a few restaurants at the casino. Mum and I usually go to Margo's. @tech_knight came with us a few times.

      Wooooo my first meat :P anywhere in particular you wanna meet up? Maybe around flinders street station or something? And will you be wearing green? :P

      I should be there around 1 though :)

        I thought about wearing whatever but then I realised I kind of have to wear green :P

        And yeah I guess! Honestly have no idea how far that is from the casino but I think it's within reasonable walking distance? (yay for Google maps)

          Yeah it's just a bit down the road I think.

          (PS you don't have to wear green if you don't want to :P)

    Ow... my butthole...
    Spicy Chicken burger with Jalapenos was a bad idea for lunch... D:

    Just watched "I give It A Year". Ugh. Just ugh.

      I have never heard of it. It is a tv show or a movie?

      Last edited 21/02/15 1:38 pm

        It's a movie. But don't watch it. Ugh. So much ugh!


    Last edited 21/02/15 1:21 am

      You can always hope that he chucked a Blaghman, and forgot to turn the GoPro on before doing anything.

      (In all seriousness, he's likely only going to use the camera for cases where there's real dickishness involved, so the odds of anything happening from that video are extremely low, so I'd recommend not worrying about it)




    Honestly spent at least ten minutes of my second life just running around the arena, trying to let my health regen so I could potion up the rest of it while he ran around in dragon rage mode. Only to get smacked down again any time I even tried to get close enough to hit him again. Then used the last of my potions up and thought I was done. Thank god for the subquest supply drop.

      : D Shagaru Magala?

      I nearly died on my second attempt but it was so satisfying to kill!

      Last edited 21/02/15 12:45 am

        I am pretty sure this was at least my dozenth attempt. Probably more.


      It look stupidly high but it is 'only' about a 300 % of the rrp. Still huge but for an in demand and out of stick item not totally unreasonable

    Ultimate For Hunter, Mon!

    Had a good session with @powalen and @sernobulus ! HR3 now and I've nearly got some decent enough gear. Still need like 4 Beaks from Najarala though :(. THEY'RE JUST NOT DROPPING!

      You guys going to play any today? I'd like to give multi a go. I sent you a friend request too.

      Last edited 21/02/15 9:49 am

        I plan to! I'll definitely be playing tomorrow though.

        I'm going out during the day though but I should be back in the evening.

          Cool, gives me time to get further.
          @sernobulus @greenius @powalen @mrtaco What weapon do you guys use?
          I started on a long sword but found it slow so I moved onto dual blades, got bored and switched to the insect glaive, I'm really enjoying it, very fast and mounting enemies anywhere is useful. plus those buffs seem to make a difference.
          Do you guys talk while playing?

          Last edited 21/02/15 10:41 am

            Switch Axe represent!

            We tried setting up voice chat on PC but I can't figure out a way to connect a headset and get sound to come out of my computer :P. I don't have a standalone mic and don't want to wear the headset since I wouldn't be able to hear the game.

            Unfortunately there's no in-game chat this time around too :(. So Pow and I have just been typing on Steam as we play (which gets the job done).

            Last edited 21/02/15 11:14 am

            I use insect glaive.

              Pole vault is rad!

                You can do the same thing with the lance, I think.

                  I'm pretty sure the Insect Glaive is the only weapon with a "jump". If the Lance is anything like it is in previous games it's just a big slow pokey stick


                  This says they can jump!

                  Saw a vid a huh... I guess so :P

                  Apparently it's super annoying in online though cause it trips up everyone so uh... don't lance it up! :P

    I couldn't even last a week without a phone...
    I am weak...

      \o/ new phone. What phone did you get?

        I got an Xperia Z2! In purple!
        I used to have a Z1, but lost it, and a Z3 was a bit too expensive for me :3

    Holy s**t, you guys, Helix is fantastic!
    I haven't been this enthralled with a show since the Leftovers! :D

    Ah politically incorrect Sesame Street is the best.

    Got The Order 1886 yesterday, haven't had a chance to play it yet. But I have this feeling from what I have heard i'll probably take it back next week and not regret the decision like I did with Watch_Dogs at launch. Which I actually picked up the other day for 20 bucks from EB. I feel I wasn't ripped off this time.

      I would say give it a go and then decide if you should take it back. You never know. You may enjoy it*

      (* knows nothing about it and has only read it is a short game)

        I will i'm installing it now. Shall see what I think about it!

    Claims to have the most realistic combat shooter ever created.
    This is the screenshot


      If that's real why aren't there nipples flying about the place in that image?

    Current MH time: 56 hours.

    I didn't start til late last saturday night, so I'm pretty much on track to match my "60 hours in the first week" I did with Tri :P

    Last edited 21/02/15 4:43 pm

      Heh... I was doing like 8 hours a day of 3 Ultimate when that first came out :P. No idea why I never "caught the bug" with Tri though.

    Genius. I'm dying here.

    Played a little bit of The Order 1886 this afternoon. Okay so it's not bad, but the over the shoulder 3rd person play style is not something I like, and it's letter boxed, I don't like this. So there is two great big bars top & bottom.

    Centered third person would be so much easier, there's already been a bunch of times that the characters head or shoulder has obstructed the camera view and got me hurt D=

    It is a very pretty game though I will grant it that.

      Also i've encountered more cut scene than actual game play I reckon, bleh.

        I love the source video of this being used for gaming stuff all the time now...

        note - I am not making any judgement calls on the game itself as I haven't played it. I just love these videos.

        Last edited 21/02/15 10:54 pm

          Haha. Like I want to like it, but cut scenes every few minutes are god damn annoying. At one point it was every 30 seconds, ugh. I think i'll return it Monday for a refund. It's not a $90 game that's for sure.

            Yeah, everyone seems to be saying it's a bargain bin game. Shame, I had high hopes given the theme.

              Yeah. Such a shame, oh well maybe their next game will improve on all the downsides to this?

            A lot of people are saying it's a rental only. Might want to do that and save a lot of money.

              Yeah basically. Just wait for a pre-owned copy to be 20 bucks in the next EB sale haha.

    Just did my first phone backup in six months.

    Number of messages have roughly doubled in that time, the previous having built up since March 2013. Interesting.

      Last time I checked I had over 20,000 texts between myself and one friend over about an 8 month period. That was sometime in 2013. I hate to think what it would be at now, especially since for most of 2013 we texted most days and continuously too.

        Geez. I only had about 6.5k in total.

        Just got the thing to move all messages older than six months over to the computer. Apparently that came to 5281, totaling 3.44MB. Took the better part of an hour to get through :P

          I know right? Haha.. iMessage is awesome :P

            I'll have to take your word for it :P
            I'm working with Nokia Suite. Only ever used it for full backups, never had to do any data manipulation with it before. Kinda just winging it and hoping I don't break anything.

    Went shopping today.
    Picked up a Legend of Zelda T-Shirt for $15 instead of $25, and got a white Gamecube controller for Smash.
    Also bought FIFA Street on Xbox. \o/

      I'm going shopping tomorrow! I found this lovely sweater that is to die for!
      Going to buy a nice button up to go with it too! :)

        This is definitely the gay-est I've ever sounded...

        Don't forget underwear.
        You never know when you'll new new undies.

          Oooh, good idea!
          Perfect for if there is a little money left on my voucher actually!
          Well, that, or socks!
          I've been eyeing off this really pretty pair of pink socks! :3

    My eldest (just turned five) had her second ever try of a video game today. She's not a competitive Mario Kart racer yet, but she's picking up the basics much quicker than I could have ever expected her to. Certainly quicker than I picked up the basics of gaming back when I was her age (for example, I spent days on the "Enter Name" screen in Legend of Zelda, believing that to be the entire game).

    Some highlights from today's events:

    * "Oh, someone bumped into me. Who was it? I didn't see. Daddy, you said Donkey Kong was very rude. It was probably him, then, wasn't it?"

    * Every time she went off-road: "I'm taking a shortcut!"

    * "Do you want to get back on the road, sweet?"
    "No, I'm busy driving in these flowers."

    * We spent twenty minutes just sitting stationary next to each other, hitting the horn button and making each other's avatars jump.

    * "Oh, I got the bullet item AGAIN? When am I going to get a lightning bolt?!"

    * "Oh, I'm first! I'm FIRST!! Oh, now I'm second. Now eighth. Daddy, where are you? Oh, you're ninth. Okay."

    * This note after we packed it up.

      My cousin Thomas always calls the Bullet Bills "Pity Bullets", and he passed on that term to our five year old cousin Jack, so we get to hear him excitedly say "Oh, I got a Pity Bullet!"

      I like the bit about driving in the flowers. Ours spent a whole race bumping into cows :)

    Just watched Ender's Game. It was...not bad. I've never read the books though, because Orson Scott Card.

    Last edited 21/02/15 10:45 pm

      Also just watched the last episode of the documentary series 'Dead Famous DNA'. I love the gravitas in the narrator's voice.

      Definitely getting my money's worth out of this month's Foxtel subscription.

      Last edited 21/02/15 11:39 pm

      I watched Enders Game and thought it was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.
      Then I found out about this Orson Scott fellow, and felt a little bad that I didn't mind the movie... :S

        Ender's Game is a case where I'm happy to completely separate the author from the work. I love the books Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, they are really really good books.

        Orson Scott Card, however, is a fuckwit.

        I recommend everyone torrents those two books, so that they can experience them (don't buy them, he's a dickwad). Not any of his other books though. They get all religious and preachy and shit, which is understandable given they were written by a shitkicker.

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