This Commodore 65 Just Sold For Almost $30,000 Australian

The Commodore 64 was one of the most popular computers ever built, particularly in Australia. But the Commodore 65? You might not have even heard of that one. But it existed, as a prototype, and now it has sold on eBay for almost $30,000 . Unreal.

The Commodore 65 — also known as the C64DX — is actually super rare. Because it was a prototype, and was never really released to the public, there are only so many out there in the wild. No-one actually knows how many — estimates range wildly between 50 and 2000. They were sold on the open market when Commodore went into liquidation in 1994.

Auctions for the Commodore 65 tend to do incredibly well. A fully-functioning unit was sold in 2009 for around $9000. One with missing parts was sold in 2013 for $26,000, which is, frankly, insane.

This current sale is for a fully functioning Commodore 65 that still works to this day. It has the serial number 22, which might be an indicator as to how few are out there, but also might not indicate anything. Either way, this is a super cool piece of video gaming history.

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