Watch The World's Greatest Street Fighter Play Street Fighter V

It's the same old stage with the same old characters, but if you wanted to see pro gaming legend Daigo Umehara and perennial top player Gamerbee play Street Fighter V, you just got your wish.

At the Taipei Game Show, both participated in an exhibition match and it's a great early insight into what the game might look like at a competitive level.

It's a little unfair on Gamerbee, since he's being forced to play as Chun Li — instead of Adon, his main — and Daigo's getting to play as Ryu, a player he excels with. But them's the breaks, Capcom is refusing to show any other characters at this point, so we'll just have to deal.

Still, it's worth a watch.


    Apparently there are differences between this and SF4 but to the layman, me, this looks the same. Was hoping for a bigger jump like from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. This looks like a 4.1

      More detail (in characters and backgrounds), and overall less cartoonish...but, yeah; incredibly similar to SFIV.

      The differences between the true Street Fighter sequels (I, II, III, and IV) have all be enormous.

      This is evolution rather then revolution, which is incredibly disappointing given Street Fighter IV is now almost 9 years old.

        I honestly don't think Capcom have the confidence, competence or funds to re invent any of their IP's anymore :/

        not much different?
        are we watching the same game?
        Chun Li basically turned into Morrigan in this!

        There simply isn't enough footage to determine what the game is like, however it definitely looks way less defensive focused than SFIV, the shit like Ryu's guard crushing hadoukens has the possibility to make this a lot more like 3rd strike than 4.

        also, these guys haven't had enough time playing it, so of course they'll play the game like IV because that's what they are used to.

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    I'm still really excited for this, however I understand everyone's disappointment that it looks too much like IV. It really does look too similar, but I'm sure there are going to be important changes in mechanics which will make for a very different experience compared to IV.

    My biggest disappointment is that it likely won't support PS3 fight sticks. Apparently there is a driver that's been developed which allows PS3 sticks to be used on PS4 and it will come with the PS4 version of Skull Girls. It's also been said that the driver is free for other companies to use, but I have little doubt that Capcom won't encourage it's use considering it's relationship with Madcatz for their PS4 specific fight sticks...

    I was hoping they would switch up the art style again, maybe try on the 2D/3D thing Guilty Gear or the later KOFs are doing where they use 3D models made to look like 2D sprites to capture some of what made the original 2D fighters so cool.

    Usually one of the Capcom artists would be the lead and their style would govern the look of the title, which is why SF1, 2, 3, Alphas, 4 MvsC1+2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, all have different styles overall. Personally I would LOVE to see i high res 3D take on the Alpha style, cleaner with more of that 2D fluidity/stylisation. SF4 was a really good step in trying to combine that feeling of 2D+3D but it lacked the fluid look and Japanese Anime style that made Alpha so unique looking.

    I'm still gonna play the shit outta SF5 though.

    Is it just me that thinks ryu looks stupid now.. He is way to big.

      He's been hitting the roids for 20 years.

    Looking like SFIV the most disappointing thing about this game?

    No I think that award goes to Capcom for making this PS4 exclusive.

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