An Embarrassing Way To Lose In League Of Legends

An Embarrassing Way To Lose In League Of Legends

Developing “map awareness” is crucial to playing at your best in League of Legends. Otherwise, you might suddenly find yourself wondering: “How the hell did we lose when I was kicking so much arse?” YouTuber SSF4MANIA recently showed how these worst-laid plans of League players can end up going seriously awry.

As one fellow League player put it on Reddit: “RIP his mouse and keyboard.”


  • No, it would have been embarrassing if LeBlanc actually managed to solo that nexus because the other four guys didn’t respect her pure destructive ability. This is simply heart wrenching for the LeBlanc player T_T

    • Yeah totally with you on that. I wouldn’t say that’s Le Blanc’s fault, in reality it was almost the other way around! That is just a damn good game 😀

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