Ex-Age Of Empires Devs Announce Servo, A New Robot-Powered RTS

Ex-Age Of Empires Devs Announce Servo, A New Robot-Powered RTS

The popularity of Homeworld Remastered goes to show that you can never get enough sci-fi real-time strategy games. Many genre stalwarts have fallen over the years, so it’s refreshing when veteran developers get a second chance — in this case BonusXP, made up of ex-Ensemble people and its new mech-flavoured title, Servo.

At first glance, comparisons will be made to Beamdog’s Total Annihilation, but then, any RTS with robots has to face that matching. Servo, which is planning an Early Access debut “in the coming months” and currently available for pre-order for $US20, mixes with the formula by having the robots — or “Servos” — controlled by human pilots.

The idea is you unlock slot-based upgrades for your mechs as you progress, with a “dozen-plus” compartments providing a great deal of customisation opportunities.

The main campaign, which consists of 25 missions, tells the tale of the human race, having abandoned Earth many years ago, returning to their home in search of “Bloom”. This valuable resource is also a plague of sorts and the description is reminiscent of C&C‘s tiberium.

Multiplayer will be in the form of player-versus-player, or cooperative combat against waves of baddies. More details about the game can be found in the clip above, with the game set to launch sometime later this year.

Servo [Official site]


  • The co-op and RPG elements were a nice surprise. I know they tend to infect nearly every kind of game made these days, but this seems like it migh be a nice fit.
    Cautiously optimistic. 🙂

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