Final Fantasy XI Gets Smartphone Version And New Spin-Off

Final Fantasy XI Gets Smartphone Version And New Spin-Off

With the amount of money smartphone games make, this shouldn’t be that surprising. But Square Enix is bringing a version of Final Fantasy XI to smartphones. It’s called Final Fantasy XI Mobile. There’s also a new FFXI spin-off title called Final Fantasy Grandmasters.

Final Fantasy XI Mobile is, you guessed it, a mobile version of FFXI. Square Enix is co-developing the smartphone version with Nexon and calling the game a “MMMRPG” or “Massively Multiplayer Mobile RPG”.

“Through this partnership, Final Fantasy XI, which has enjoyed 13 years of noteworthy success on game consoles and PC, will make a significant step onto the mobile platform,” said Square Enix honcho Yosuke Matsuda in an official statement.

According to Nexon, Final Fantasy Mobile plans to offer things like improved party organising, solo-play improvements, better battle functionality, enriched community features as well as other tweaked in-game elements.

Final Fantasy XI Mobile is slated for a 2016 launch in Japan, North America, Europe, South Korea, among other regions in Asia.

The other FFXI themed smartphone title is called Final Fantasy Grandmasters in Japan. This is a new game that is set against FFXI‘s in-game world of Vana’diel.

Players can customise their cute characters before they set out for Final Fantasy adventures. You can see the game in action in the above trailer. A beta for Final Fantasy Grandmasters is slated to begin this April in Japan. No word yet on a Western release.


    • Well I hear they’re dropping PS2 and XBox360 support for the game next year, so SE could probably get around to improving the graphics for the PC. If they were ever going to remake FFXI, I’d prefer to see it as a single player game. There’s just not a lot of people around who prefer FFXI’s old gameplay ways (slow combat, super grinds, etc) to make it like FFXIV 1.0 was.

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