Good Assassin’s Creed Joke, Watch Dogs

OK, I’m about nine months late to this, but I just finished Watch Dogs on Saturday. And I liked the little Assassin’s Creed joke I found in the game.

The joke appears to involve a specific scene from Assassin’s Creed Revelations, according to this video from the Access the Animus YouTube channel. Neat!

Late last year, I highlighted a Child of Light joke in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Now I’m wondering if every Ubisoft game has a light-hearted joke at the expense of another Ubisoft series. That would be fun, right?

Maybe it should even be official Ubisoft policy. Which Ubi game should make fun of which other Ubi game? You decide!


  • There should be more jokes like this in gaming in general, everything seems to be being taken so seriously now days, because its become “Big business”. Games actually used to be about having fun.
    That being said, Assassins Creed needs to return fire at The Witcher, for the assassins creed joke in The Witcher 2.

    • how can they be set in the same universe if they are playing Assassins Creed in Watch_Dodge? wouldn’t that mean in the W_D universe that AC is just a game?

      unless Abstergo is a company in that universe and they aren’t playing Assassins Creed but are actually using some kind on at home animus or something? idk.

  • Isn’t that the point of “out of Animus” portion in AC. Abstergo have designed a game console “Animus” and are using memories to make games, as well as use the memories to find the pieces of Eden.

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