The Greatest Video Game Hamburger I've Ever Seen

The Greatest Video Game Hamburger I've Ever Seen

These days, video games look better than ever. And if you need further proof of that, look at this highly detailed digital hamburger.

This burger was spotted in the PC version of Battlefield Hardline by Redditor zlitter (via NeoGAF), and it might be the best thing about Battlefield Hardline. A burger this realistic is the best thing about anything.

Oh, and the condom? It's there because someone was so f**ing hungry.


    Why are we not asking about all the condoms around the burger? What was this person about to do to that poor burger?

      Remember to practice safe mastication.

    yes look at the burger and ignore the painted on cigarette butts on the table

      also the paper stack with painted on holes. oh god ive turned into a graphical nazi someone help me!

    What does the note to the right say?!

      Does it matter? The image is totally ruined by the painted cigarettes, painted holed in the paper pad, the paper that gives me the impression it's actually a plank of wood painted to look like a notepad, or how come the condom packets are completely flat on the bottom. That's not how condom packets look when left lying around

      Last edited 21/03/15 8:34 pm

        I hear you. They do have therapy for that though. In the meantime,
        I still don't know what it says on the note to the right.

          I can read it, but because it goes off frame, it makes no sense

    It looks like one of those McDonalds burgers that don't decompose.

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