This Is What You Can Expect To See In Life Is Strange Episode 2

Episode 2 of Life Is Strange hits tomorrow, and for those of you who played and enjoyed the first episode, this is some of what you can expect to see.

I actually passed on the first episode of Life Is Strange. Am I missing out? I love the concept, and love that a game like Life Is Strange exists. I love that it looks and feels like Dawson's Creek mixed with The X-Files. I love that it's a video game about subjects and characters that video games usually ignore, but I was a little turned of by what I'd seen of the writing and the tone. Seemed a little... under-cooked. That's not really the right phrase, I guess I just expected that I would play this game and cringe. A lot.

Was I wrong to make that assumption? I'm always keen to try out games that are trying something a little different. Convince me!


    Stupidly I bought the season pass to this without even knowing exactly what it was about, played the first episode, didn't really like it, now I'm stuck with it. Pretty much the only reason I have to play through the rest of the episodes is for easy trophies.

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      It must be nice to have enough time to even play games you don't like.

    Maybe I am cynical, but I passed on this game as well because it really did seem like it got praise and hype ONLY for it's concept. A lot of reviews I read pointed to serious flaws in the game I would consider game breaking (particularly for a telltale-like game), but their rating would be 9/10 because it tapped into a controversial topic...

      Controversial topic? Is this that lesbian thing again?
      Honestly, I didn't get any lesbian vibes from the first episode at all.

        Well that to an extent, but this came out as the Anita movement was in full swing and gaming websites were loving the free click bait. So it was a bit of a hustle to rave about a game that had a strong female lead (I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH FEMALE LEADS) but it would be naive to think they were not riding the wave a bit. It is a bit silly for me to have discounted it entirely based on this but it is a topic I have some pretty strong feelings over and I am stubborn :P

    I honestly really enjoyed this game the whole sorta time control aspect is pretty cool. And i am excited for ep 2.
    The story from what you get inep 1 is pretty good so far.
    Havent hit anything that is buggy, gameplay is pretty solid

    I actually enjoyed Life is Strange. It plays much nicer than a Telltale game. That said, it has terrible lip-syncing, and the first episode said "hella" a bit to often. Hopefully the writing improves as the episodes go on.

    I initially read the title as "This Is What You Can Expect To See In Half-Life Episode 2".

    Clearly Monday is at fault.



    HL3 confirmed?

    I really enjoyed it. I am the type of gamer that forgives some stuff (hella) if the concept and delivery are good. It's not earth shatteringly awesome but it was a really enjoyable experience, well worth the money and I am also glad games like this exist. There are so many stories I'd like to see explored through gaming and I really love this kind of experience. Looking forward to the next one.

    I thought it was an AMAZING game, very engrossing and I love the art style. I highly recommend it to people who like story based adventure games with light puzzles and interesting characters. The decisions you have to make in that game feel like they will have real consequences, although it's too early to tell how well they pull off that potential. It's also got a bit of Gone Home about it, with lots of environmental world building to draw you into the characters and their backgrounds, it makes me feel really invested. I can imagine if you didn't like that game then you might not get as much out of this.

    It's probably the best game I've played recently, but I can definitely see that it's not for everyone.

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    It's "OK". I grabbed the season pass purely because I'm a trophy whore. The Dawsons Creek + X-Files analogy is spot-on.

    I never liked teen dramas even when I was a teen. As a 33 year old I have no interest whatsoever.

    and that concludes my informative insight.

    I really dug the first ep. Really fun thought out characters and world.

    The lipsync is the only drawback from it being perfect

    Life Is Strange is awesome. It's a remedy to all the games that already exist so you can shoot people. It's so chill and has the rare quality of including great female characters.

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