Up Close With Valve’s Newest Steam Controller

Up Close With Valve’s Newest Steam Controller

Today at GDC, Stephen got to mess around with Valve’s newest Steam Controller model.

Check it out:

Stephen also snapped this pic at Valve’s booth, which gives a couple of bullet-points about the controller:

Some people are bagging on the thumbstick, but I dunno… I haven’t used this thing, but it actually looks kind of great to me? I guess we’ll see when it finally comes out, which Valve says will be this November.


    • It’ll probably change design 3 more times and then the final release will have a built-in Steam Machine because they realised no-one’s actually going to buy one

      • I think you’ll find there’s actually a lot of people waiting for the controller.

        I haven’t really heard anything bad about it, quite the opposite, so I’m very keen to try it myself.

  • I’m really thinking about a Steam Machine as my next console, but I can’t say that controller impresses.

    • I’m the opposite – I couldn’t care less about Steam Machines, but I eagerly await the controller so I can play non-controller enabled games on my existing setup. 🙂

      • +1 I have been genuinely intrigued by the controller since it’s first teasers.
        The steam machines I couldn’t care less about.
        The only thing I forsee that may interest me with the Steam machines is a very nifty SFF case becoming available due to them.

      • Me too. I use a PC hooked up to a TV and having to get a keyboard out for 30 seconds each time something fiddly needs doing is a bit frustrating. Hoping this controller could solve that problem

  • I would love to buy a steam controller for my PC (At the moment I use Xbox 360 controller), but I only have one issue through out all of the designs so far. The buttons always look stiff to press. Is that just me?

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