A Close-Up Look At The Brand New Batmobile

A closer look at the new Batmobile in Batman vs Superman

The reaction to the brand new Batman Vs Superman trailer was... mixed to say the least, but surely footage of a new Batmobile will have fans salivating. Surely.

Probably. It's the car. Chicks dig the car.

So this is a Batmobile. That's what it is. I don't think it necessarily has the shock value of the Batmobile in Batman Begins, and it isn't as sleek as the Batmobile in the Tim Burton film. It sort of sits inbetween those two extremes. Basically, it's a bit lukewarm.

I'm still keen for the movie though. I was one of the few people who totally didn't hate the Batman Vs Superman trailer. I'm also one of the few people who thought Man of Steel was pretty damn good.


    Affleck Mobile? Baffleck Mobile? Batfleck mobile? ok I'll stop.

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    I don't know, this is looking like the Batman & Robin movie to me. Don't like the designs at all.

    It looks very...lightweight to me. Those wheels look like they'd snap off going over a QLD road in need of maintenance (which is every single road)

      It looks more like a Sprint Car than anything else.

    What are the odds the sleekness is because it transforms in to or otherwise combines with / parks inside the Batwing or Bat-whatever?


    Looks a bit umm....vulnerable. Not sure why you'd want open wheels like that on the Batmobile.

    Are those indicators? Didn't imagine Batman would be one to stick to the road rules while on patrol.

      It's to confuse anyone chasing him, he turns on the left turn indicator but turns right, the badguys are confused and run into a wall

      It's got to be roadworthy otherwise he'll continually be pulled over and given tickets by the police. Spare tire in the trunk as well

    You weren't one of the "few" people who liked Man Of Steel, Mark. It was generally well received by the non-fanboy/girl populace. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

    Bring on Bat-fleck, voice modulator and all!

    Still looks like the 'Watcher in the Lake' beast from the Lord of the Rings FOTR...

    A travesty of a design.

    1989. We will remember you.

    The reaction to the brand new Batman Vs Superman trailer was… mixed to say the least

    I was one of the few people who totally didn’t hate the Batman Vs Superman trailer

    Er... did I miss something? I was generally quite happy with the trailer. And the Batmobile looks like... well... a Batmobile. What exactly were people expecting?

    Why does Batman have guns on his Batmobile? I thought killing people was against his mojo.

      Batman's Batmobiles have been known at times to have 'less-than-lethal' weaponry attached. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case here.

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