Bondi Beach Looks Like Something Out Of Journey Right Now

Bondi Beach Looks Like Something Out Of Journey Right Now

If you live in Sydney you’ll be well aware that we’re suffering through some pretty horrendous weather right now. Bondi Beach has been hit hard and the wind has been blowing the sand in some incredibly strange directions. Honestly, I might just bust out a ludicrously large scarf and go for a job Journey style.

Because Bondi Beach, perhaps the most famous beach in the world, sort of looks like something out of Journey right now.

Well, kinda. Journey didn’t have that many signs of civilisation, but damn — the wind is billowing this stuff into some weird dunes. It looks insane.


  • Bondi is one hell of an overrated beach. But I’m still surprised that there aren’t some pasty white British backpackers determinedly lying on towels and shouting over the wind about how much better it is than Brighton.

    • People have been killed because of this storm, are you sure this is the right time to be waving your dick around?

          • If you can’t make a joke just because someone died from something as unpredictable as the weather, your life must be bleakly joyless.

            So I guess we’ll just sit here, then.

          • You commenting about much more hardcore you are than ‘southerners’ during a weather emergency in which people have been killed isn’t humour by any standards. Your ‘joke’ isn’t funny and the timing isn’t appropriate. Show some empathy.

          • Probably time to calm down, they just made a joke.

            Edit: Jesus Christ, relax. It isn’t that serious. People die from all sorts of shit, you can’t let it stop you dead. Not to mention trying to shame other people just because they don’t share your inertia when the slightest bit of trouble shows off. Not to mention the fact that the only joke in this thread you take issue with is the one implying you have a lesser tolerance for storms. You aren’t being righteous you’re being proud and insecure. Get some thicker skin. Rant over.

          • There was no joke there, captain, and even if there was, this isn’t the time to be making light of something serious like this.

          • Keep making jokes. I apologise on behalf of the southerners, we aren’t all insecure douchebags.

          • He made a joke implying that ‘southerners’ are soft because of a ‘bit of weather,’ clearly ignorant to the fact that this storm is the worst Sydney’s experienced in almost a decade, and that it’s already claimed lives and caused immense damage. Would you make a joke like this at the expense of Americans because of a ‘bit of weather’ called Hurricane Katrina? No. It’ll be tasteless and insensitive.

            No one is disputing that people die all the time from unavoidable tragedies, but making a crass joke like that while the storm is ongoing and projected to continue for several more days (no doubt, causing more damage and maybe even killing more people) is a dick move.

          • It was a silly joke comment comparing the fuss about this storm to the full blown cyclones they get up north. It was jocular. Get over it.

            Edit: ITT “I don’t like this, you can’t say that”. Not every joke involving serious things is bad, he made a really insignificant joke that was really inconsequential and a bunch of you decide to take offense. I guess nobody will ever make a joke about death, slavery, disease, obesity or anything ever again because it’s bad. Enjoy being sheltered.

          • @captain Again, no one made a joke about cyclones up north because that would also be crass and insensitive. That wasn’t a comment on regional rivalries, he’s joking about an ongoing disaster that’s actually killing people and wrecking havoc, and your attitude is ‘get over it.’ Shut up.

          • @captain Nobody said he can’t say what he did, he can say what he likes as long as it doesn’t break the site rules. Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequence, and one consequence of making a stupid insensitive comment is being called out for it.

            And stop making strawmen about how your right to joke about “anything ever again” is under attack, you’re being melodramatic. You’ve been told several times now that the issue is joking about a fatal disaster while it’s still happening. He made a stupid comment at an inappropriate time and people called him out for it, it’s as simple as that and nothing more.

    • I guess it would be funny if that family didn’t just get swept away in their house.
      You who ever you are probably don’t know genuinely bad whether where it floods and destroys your life.

    • The article was a nice way to try and find a bit of light in what has been a very dark week for New South Wales.

      Your comment is rude, unhelpful and insensitive.

      I’ll remind you that the population of Newcastle alone is the same as Townsville, Cairns and Mackay put together. Sydney is the biggest city in the country with the highest population density and it’s just had a storm cell 300km in diameter with winds gusts up to the strength of a category 3 cyclone smash it for 3 days. People have died, homes have been lost and there isn’t a single suburb that hasn’t been affected in some way. It’s been declared a disaster zone. Even now that it’s passed, there are still homes and lives at risk from flooding, and suburbs that have been without power for days. SES crews from interstate have arrived to help with the cleanup – there’s one all the way from Albury in my street right now.

      A little bit of empathy never hurts.

    • What’s COS? My brain now forever associates that with ‘Church of Scientology’

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