Will There Be A Big Daddy At Bondi This Weekend?

Will There Be A Big Daddy At Bondi This Weekend?

Looks like Sydney’s Bondi Beach will get a taste of BioShock 2’s marketing this Saturday morning.

As we reported earlier today, we received a map of the world and a note seemingly written by Mark Meltzer, the guy from previous BioShock 2 creepy promo material who is looking for his missing daughter.

Meltzer’s note includes a list of times next to various locations around the world and suggests the tides may carry vital information. The first location on the list reads:

6:41am Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia)

I called the local 2K Games office this morning to ask about it. I received a very coy response and several hints that I should head down to Bondi on Saturday to see for myself.

Unfortunately I will be asleep can’t make it. But if there is anyone who is planning on heading down, do let us know what happens. Take your camera, too, we’d be happy to post any pics you take.


  • DO IT DAVID, DO IT. You won’t catch me anywhere near Bondi but surely you will sacrifice your time for us.

  • Do they really think anything resembling a large number of gamers will turn up on a beach before 7 on a Saturday morning? I mean I have nothing on at the time (who would?) so I could head down there if I wanted…. but do I want to?

  • You must go there! For us readers who aren’t in Sydney! I live in Perth, I’d go for you… or if someone wants to spring a plane ticket I’ll go 🙂

  • Some is smoking crack if they think gamers want to be anywhere near Bondi Beach at 6:41am in the morning on a Saturday.

    Perhaps we could arrange a community bender and just pub crawl down to Bondi, then crash on the beach and hope some marketing dude wakes us at 6:41. ;P

  • Or someone actually uses the latitude and longitude coordinates and ends up waiting in the Hawkesbury river

  • Typical. I live near the city so I would probably be making an effort but I’ve already planned to spend the Friday and Saturday night out an outer south western Sydney suburb instead.

  • I got my original artwork and my record sent from New York care of Mark Meltzer, the art work is cool, but i dont have a record, ill have to take it round to dads place to listen to it.

  • Well, not only do I live only 5 minutes down the road from Bondi Beach, but I need to go to work at 8AM on Campbell Parade, christ, I can’t believe I’m seriously considering doing this… The game better be worth getting up early.

  • Yeh, this could be the nerdiest day of my life. Wake up at 6, see Big Daddy, then head over to Cockatoo Island and see the Halo warthog. Ladies, look out!!

  • I could get there… but I don’t think any buses service the route from where I live to Bondi that early. Damn you Sydney Buses. Damn you.

  • Well if you actually put 53 in minutes/seconds its actually 33.883 and the other coordinate is 151.266 and if you put that in then it points directly at bondi golf course?!?! so people gonna b confused whether this thing is happening on the beach or inland. but seeing as its bioshock i suggest go to the beach?

  • Well, Marcus, Sydney does not equal buses. Sydney equals trains. If you used that excuse in Canberra, it would be more acceptable.

    I wouldnt mind going to Bondi to take a snappy of the Big Daddy for you all but unfortunately under my classification that is not called Early morning. It’s called Midnight Express. Furthermore, I do not live in Sydney.

    I might be a BioshockManiac but I’m a rational economist as well.

  • @nathan pitman; Actually I think the timing is deliberate and pretty awesome seeing as its the city to surf this sunday…

    • Yup. If theres a better way to cash-in on the City2Surf on Sunday than by a cryptic PR stunt at 6.41am on Saturday, I’ve yet to hear it.

  • It’s NOT going to be worth it. It’ll be a sand sculpture or something along those lines…you will be dissappointed no matter what it is because you had to drag yourself out of bed to see it.

  • It will likely be disappointing but at the same time think of the satisfaction you’ll get from having your photo / narrative / whatever posted here for the rest of us who can view it from the warmth and safety of our own beds!

    • Just got back from Bondi Beach. All we got were plastic wine bottles with a message. They were dug into the sand, about 50 bottles. there were maybe a 100+ people who made it by 6:41 AM.

      Pics soon.


  • @HD. You should have totally gotten their like 12 hours early, and interviewed whoever placed the bottles.

    lol, oh well.

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