Community Review: OlliOlli 2

I think I missed this one on the old Community Review but now it's time. Let's talk about this fantastic video game that I sort of skipped over, returned to and am now obsessed by. Let's talk about OlliOlli 2.

I've had a weird journey with OlliOlli 2. I came to it loving the concept: a version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, with elements of Skate, in what was essentially a 2D platformer on rails. My issue in the beginning was a weird one: it felt too shallow to me.

Boy was I wrong about that.

Turns out I just hadn't learned to play the game properly. As soon as I learned to link manuals into grinds it was all over. As soon as I learned that it was possible to one-trick an entire level I became obsessed. Once I learned you could revert into manuals and do 360 tricks?

Well, that was the moment when I started finding it difficult to think about any other game.

I love OlliOlli 2. Right now I love it so much that I find it almost competing with Bloodborne for my time. At the very least it's functioning perfectly as a 'the kids are still awake' video game. It's almost perfect.

What are your thoughts on the game?


    Loved it up until I was asked to do the more complicated tricks - which are seriously impossible to pull off IMHO e.g. 720 spins etc.

    Does anyone know if this game will ever come to the 360/ Xbone?

    We only just got the first game and I can’t find any news or statements one way or the other.
    It looks like a lot of fun.

    I got it with PS+ last month, threw it on the Vita, played maybe half an hour, and moved onto something else.
    It's safe to say I don't "get it".

      I think Serrels hit it on the head with this one, you need to stick with it for a while before it clicks.

      I had a similar experience with Super Stardust, my first few playthroughs I couldn't understand what the hype was all about, not until I put some time into it and realised there was a much deeper game hiding below the surface.

        Late, likely irrelevant update - I gave it another go (I'd completely misinterpreted the control scheme) and I'm really enjoying it.
        Cheers for the nudge!

    It's great fun on the Vita, but later on it becomes a victim of the Vita's incredibly mushy shoulder buttons. I cannot pull of reverts consistently because of how much wiggle the shoulders have. There is no issue on PS4 with the nice clicky shoulder R1.

    I played through the normal missions and dipped my toe into Pro mode. It's beyond me but still fun. I couldn't do most of the normal missions at the end either.

    A game for the serious perfectionists. Or the amateur who wants to just muck around without completing the whole thing.

      I couldn't do most of the normal missions at the end either.
      Basically this. I finished amateur mode, 5-starred the first 4 worlds, then gave up after repeated attempts on the first of world 5. It was fun while it lasted, but rapidly stopped being fun beyond that point.

        I second this. The last world is basically one-chance levels, didn't get perfect? try again.

    I wanted to like this so much, but Tony Hawk controls are hard wired into me now, X is for jump! I just can't seem to unlearn this!

    I love the original olli olli, haven't played the sequel but the problem I have with the first one is that there's no freeskate where you can attempt certain tricks like you can in skate and tony hawk.
    because of the fast paced level design and rhythmic gameplay you are forced to flick the thumbstick without really thinking about what trick you're pulling off instead youre influenced to focus more or timing. Still a great game I love and it's very addictive once you realise how to play.

    It took me a fair few goes before I instinctively clicked that it is all about the landings. I was told it, I understood it, but I was still instinctively playing like it was Tony Hawk. Became really enjoyable once I was able to leave the x button alone except for when it was needed.

    Seems like a missed opportunity not to call this Olli Olli: Oxenfreed.

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