Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Is Coming To Steam — Too Bad It Sucks

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the direct sequel to FFIV, will come to Steam on May 12, Square Enix announced today. This’ll be a 3D remake in the style of the FFIV port that’s also on Steam (and on DS). Too bad it’s terrible.

I’ve already written a lot about why The After Years is one of the worst RPGs ever made, but here are some quick bullet-points:

  • The story is incoherent at best, straight-up fan fiction at worst.
  • The invisible random encounter rate is obscenely high.
  • Every single scenario forces you to rehash the things you saw and played in Final Fantasy IV. Often you’ll see flashbacks, too, which will drive you nuts if you’ve played FFIV more than once.
  • You have to re-fight just about every single boss from Final Fantasy IV.
  • You have to revisit just about every single dungeon from Final Fantasy IV. Some of them more than once. The Underground Waterway you have to play through five times to finish the game.
  • In case that wasn’t enough rehashing for you, the final dungeon brings back old bosses from other Final Fantasy games too.
  • The main character’s name is Ceodore.

Hopefully I can save you from making the same mistake I did — playing this game. Stay far, far away.


  • Relax guys! Jason’s kidding. FFIVay is actually a decent game. Pick it up if you have played FFIV (and liked it).

  • I actually liked the After Years. I’m more concerned with the Steam version being an awful port like what SE did with the DS version of FF IV.

  • I find this kind of amusing since Jason Schreier said that FF: Record Keeper was a fun game. A game which:
    – Is a mobile game. (After years was originally a mobile game)
    – Sees you going through dungeons you’ve been through before in the numbered series games.
    – Sees you fighting bosses from Final Fantasy IV.
    – Sees you fighting bosses from other Final Fantasy games as well.

  • Seems a bit harsh, I thought the After Years was great, it was really cool to see where all the characters were after all that time. The moon cycle thing forced me to change up my battle tactics which made me really appreciate more of my extended party.

  • Yeah, I paid for the entire blessed thing on WiiWare all those years ago… Don’t really have any desire to play it again. Cool that they’re 3D-ing it though. I really liked the DS remake.

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