Here's The Official Batman V. Superman Teaser Trailer

Video: Let's forget about that crappy leaked version, OK? Less than a day after a shaky, barely-focused cam-vid of the next big DC superhero movie leaked everywhere, Warner Bros. has put out the real thing for everyone to see, three days ahead of its originally scheduled release on Monday.

In it, you can see Superman's presence on Earth being framed as controversial, Ben Affleck's brooding, retired Batman and a set-up that's invoking the tones and scenes from The Dark Knight Returns.


    I really liked it!

    I haven't really liked many of the DC movies as of late, but I'm pretty keen to check this one out.

      yeah i gotta say, i thought man of steel sucked incredible amounts of ass but this was a good trailer!

    Should be a good movie as always, but don't think I like two 'good guys' fighting each other.

    I reckon Ben Affleck will be an awesome Batman. The guy is a great actor whterh or not you like him outside of the cinema.

    This trailer looks great.

    Retired Batman? Ben? The guy's in his early 40's last time I checked.

    If you want a retired Batman, go for Peter Weller. The guy did an awesome batman voice in The Dark Knight Returns.

    I didn't like this at all. the voice over sounded like a spoiled brat who couldn't understand why some one got something they didn't and was making excuses to ruin their life because there is no way they could appreciate as much as the spoiled brat could.

    and the digital bat voice was even worse than the normal bat voice

    I really hope Batman doesn't just skip right to his relationship with Superman in Dark Knight Returns. In DKR they have this huge history so it all makes sense, but the way they appear to be setting this up is that Batman is just another dumbass swept up in the moment. Everyone else may be justified in fearing Superman but even crazy paranoid Batman does his homework enough to see that Superman isn't just some alien menace. He needs a reason to be out for blood like that and he's smart enough to see Zod's invasion for what it was.

      It is based off, Frank Millers comics. Also, Batman has a contingency plan to kill every Justice League member if they go rogue and that includes, Superman, Wonder Woman, and himself.

        There isn't even a Justice League yet.

        I don't see why Batman and Superman would fight.

        In Dark Knight Returns there is a very good reason for it to happen, but in what is essentially Superman 2 they seem to just be dropping in a Batman who we know nothing about, and expecting it to have an impact.

        With Marvel it is all linked together, Stark is always there in the background, SHIELD is there. The licenses they've lost like Spiderman and the Fantastic Four are left out for obvious reasons. But even the TV shows like Agents of Shield and the new Daredevil all link back in to story that started with the first Iron Man movie. I think DC need to do that with their movies and have it all feel like Batman is in Gotham doing what he does but knows about all the others even if there isn't a Justice League yet.

        Marvel created a production company to make their movies, they are now backed by Disney. One of the other Studios should look at signing a deal with DC not for one movie or Franchise but to copy Marvel and bring out movies in a cohesive and believable universe.

          Why they would fight? That can be set up fairly easily. Remember superman killed Zodd in his movie. That could be his dark secret that Batman knows about. And since batman has a no kill policy, they are at odds. I mean see how that escalated with Batman and the second robin...and later on with his own son Damien.

          Could definitely work.

            Dark Secret? He snapped his neck in front of a ton of civilians because Zod was going to fry them with Heat Vision.

            I'd like a good reason for this to happen, I'd like something well thought out. I don't want the concept to be why not it was cool in Dark Knight Returns.

              Umm I don't know where you got "a ton of civilians". At most 5 people saw it, including Lois. So yes it is a dark secret.

              And if you think about it, this wouldn't be the first time this story arc is explored. Even in the video game world. DC vs Mortal Kombat had a similar story arc albeit much more dramatically since they wanted Superman to go Full bad guy unlike this upcoming movie.

              The Justice League have fought each other over much less, it can definitely be set up this way I reckon.

                It's been awhile since I saw the movie, but I thought he did infront of a train station full of people not 5. But hey there are still witnesses.

          Well, we've got over a year for them to come up with the reason for fighting, it could be something as simple as Batman (an already unhinged individual) wants revenge because Carrie Kelly was in one of the buildings Superman flattened in Man of Steel.
          Also this trailer didn't show Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Lex Luthor, unless the jet that was shooting stuff belonged to Wonder Woman... so maybe one of them is part of the reason the're fighting..

          We don't need another Batman origin story.
          His origin is possibly the best known origin story of any comic hero... and every film or tv show he has been in (and there have been lots of them in the past 30 years) has referenced it.
          The audience know Batman already.
          Justice League: War included origin stories for it's cast in the film... without needing extra films to explain to the audience who each person was.

            I don't need an Origin story I want an to know what variation of Batman they are using. I want an establishing story for Batman, it doesn't need to be long five minutes of exposition, with security footage and case files could do it. I'd also like a reason for the fight.

              I'm sure you'll get all of that... but the film isn't releasing for at least another year.

          DC is owned by Warner Bros, so they already have a large movie production company behind them and never needed to sell off the rights piecemeal.

          Perhaps it was actually Marvel's misfortune in having sold off character rights that motivated them to do their shared cinematic universe right.

    I liked it until Batman spoke. How hard is it to slightly raise and lower your voice. But I guess Voice modulator is better that whatever Christian Bale was trying to do.

    Wowzers so many Frank Miller callbacks (Voice overs that sound like the TV panels on the comicbook, Massive Batman, Batman's Armor, Batman with grappling gun rifle), it's sure has influenced it a lot.

    Kinda curious as to what causes the fight, though we all know that in the end, they'll be best buddies and Justice League will form

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    But why are they fighting? Seems silly tbh.

      Yeah, I'm hoping there is some legitimate reason that is explained in the movie, and that actually makes sense.

    I'm finding is hard just keeping up with the Marvel universe movie. My brain is going to melt once all these DC movies start coming together.

    Hmm I just think it's silly because we all know what Superman is capable of, and Batman cannot stand up to that. No matter how many Raz Al Guls he defeated.

      Every time this sort of fight against Superman comes up, the answer is always kryptonite.

        Yes. This isotope.

        *edit: hah my phone must've known we were discussing elements and BAM! Circumstantial autocorrect :p

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      *batman walks into the room in a suit made of kryptonite*

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