Heroes Of The Storm Just Got An Australian Release Date

And there'll be an open beta kicking off on May 20 as well.

But first things first, the release date: June 3, 2015. It's a global release date, which is good news. The launches with 30 playable Heroes and seven Battlegrounds. Blizzard is planning a live-streamed event in London on June 1. More details will apparently be made available closer to the game's release.

"We’ve built Heroes of the Storm in a way that makes it accessible to new players, but also challenging enough for veterans who really want to put their skills to the test," Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment.

I can attest to that actually. As someone who completely skipped out on Dota and League of Legends, I found it relatively easy to get into Heroes of the Storm.


    So do our current heroes get reset?

      Nope, we get to keep everything we've earned and paid for

      Nope. after alpha it wont be reset again.

        badass :) finally got my thrall to lvl 10 so i dont want to have to do that again haha.

    Closed beta keys




    Just remember, correct responses to douches who take to ranting at their team for whatever reason can include the following (with the addition of the obligatory reference to their mothers):
    - “This game has not been released yet, take a chill pill” (won’t be valid much longer)
    - “If you’re so unhappy with public games, go join a premade”
    - “Calm down and just enjoy the game, otherwise go back to LoL or Dota”
    - “It’s just a game”

    What doesn’t seem to help:
    - “Maybe you’re the one who has made mistakes”
    - “Perhaps you could offer suggestions for the new players”
    - “Perhaps the other team just managed a better build”
    - “Perhaps there are other valid tactics than the one you firmly believe is the only one”
    - “I’m a very experienced player and teamwork has been top notch until you joined”

    I can’t wait till this is released and the player base grows. It’s a great game and lets you enjoy the MOBA style game without the crazy long play times, item builds and such. The only thing you need to remember coming to the game is that teamwork is essential and that map objectives trump just pushing the lanes (which leads to team fights a lot more, so teamwork :)

    See you all in game!

    I look forward to it going open due to the boosted player base and the opportunity to actually being able to do team league as the numbers will be there.

    I do not look forward to the first couple of weeks when everybody has no idea and I'm left facedesking at the LoL/DOTA players coming in getting angry at people because 'fuck you I'm diamond' and don't understand your notions of the strict MOBA meta do not apply to HoTS. That and new Nova players that bitch about being skillshot out of cloak and consequently being killed over and over.

    Last edited 21/04/15 12:41 pm

    Well, talking about heroes games, I thought Chaos by Joybit is the best.

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