Reminder: The Heroes Of The Storm Open Beta Starts Today

If you didn't get into the closed beta, this is your time to shine!

The open beta for Blizzard’s League of Legends competitor is open for business. You can sign up on the game's website. The official global release date is June 3, 2015. It will launch with 30 playable Heroes and seven Battlegrounds.


    And now is a good time to avoid the quick match queue unless you have a 5 man pre-made or just stick with hero league

    I frankly don't have the spoons to deal with new players who could potentially be dicks when I try to suggest how they can improve or help the team out.

      It's not like the game is hard....besides people not knowing the importance of objectives everything else about the game is literal facerolll

    36 playable heroes***

    Good work Yannick, exactly the level of quality i've come to expect from Kotaku US articles.

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