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    I like figures in a textbook... images, graphs, diagrams that are often helpful, informative and help supplement the text component assisting you to get a grasp on the content.

    Sometimes, it's plain ridiculous... "... crowdsourcing, which refers to the wisdom of the crowd (see Figure 2.5)."

    Figure 2.5 is an image - of a collection of basic, miniature, mulitcoloured clay representations of people waving their arms.

    Yes, it looks like a crowd... of people... but I'm failing to see how it somehow helps me better understand the definition of crowdsourcing.

    In related study news, I've just figured out that the lecturer has essentially lifted the learning objectives for each week of the course straight out of the text book... often unedited and if not a direct quote barely paraphrased.

      Did the lecturer also write the textbook? That was one of the things which always bugged me, studying business. Required course materials were usually the latest edition of whatever textbook the lecturer had published this year, with sections rearranged so that none of the page numbers would align to what was being discussed if you were a 'cheap little bitch' who had the nerve to buy a 2nd-hand previous-edition textbook instead of playing into the lecturer's plan for supplementing their meager teaching income by buying the latest, cripplingly-expensive text. Sometimes it was so awful that the 'textbook' was just the fucking lecture slides.

        Not this time around... But the lecture slides are full to the brim with verbatim quotes.

        Cause it's all online I read text book sections first, take notes, then listen to lecture to embed learning and add annotations to my notes. Only now it feels like I'm having the text read back to me.

        Yeah after my first year at uni I stopped buying textbooks (except for my law units) and just taught myself off the presentation slides and assignments. Believe it or not I did pass with a distinction average using that method =P Lecturers are over-rated!

    Venue shortlist

    Price: $745 (venue hire only, I think, finding out more)
    Capacity: 78 (cinema only)
    Proximity to Pax: Several streets away.

    Belgian beer cafe
    Price: $2500 (including food and drink)
    Capacity: 70
    Proximity to Pax: Across the road and past crown.

    Golden Monkey
    Price: $2000 (including food and drink)
    Capacity: 65
    Proximity to pax: In hardware lane, close to Collins street.

    All serve food and drink and have seats.

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      Belgian Beer cafe

      Golden Monkey

      The Backlot looks really interesting but possibly somewhat limited.

      Golden Monkey just looks plain rad.

        Backlot has a separate room and bar where people can hang out

      I'm not a Melbournian, but I am hoping to come to PAX this year. All those places look really good, I'd probably lean towards the Belgian Beer Cafe, but that last place does have a pretty cool name if I do say so :P

      My vote would go to getting a space somewhere where we can all just get some food/drink, relax and yak it up.

      Bowling was fun last year but the main reason to go is to hang out with the TAYbies so I don't think we really need to "do" something, you know? That's just my thoughts though!

      I don't mind having to walk a bit to get to the venue either.

        A lot of people did that last year on Friday and Sunday. They just went to a pub. They told me that they enjoyed the difference of doing something with others.
        I'm doing my best to accommodate for everyone, but it's very stressful and tiring.

      Belgian Beer Cafe is pretty good but if it's the bar itself that you're renting out you'd want to get onto it pretty quick as it's very popular. Also I've found that when there's a fair number of people there it gets very echoey. However the function room they have might be different - when I've gone there it's been with people from work (it's a stone's throw from my office) and we're not big enough to book anything, we've just sat at tables in the main bar.

      They have very good food & drinks though.

        It's just the function room I think

      Been a few years since I've been to Golden Monkey but from memory I liked that place. BBC is also pretty great.
      Good shortlist there, I'll see if I can add something more constructive once I've been awake for a bit longer.

      With the prices, were they giving you an amount per person and what's included in food and drink or is it a minimum booking fee?

        It's food and drink spend. So if as a group we spend $3000, that's what we pay.

          What does that mean? Like, is the $2500 a booking fee only or does it include food and drink?
          What kind of pricing is food and drink? Is the capacity an absolute number?

      All 3 venues work for me, just looking forward to spending time with all the wonderful TAYfolk.

      Backlot and I'll supply Season 1 of Pregeist for screening.

        If you want? I'm guessing you'll help with hire costs then =P

          I'm supplying the entertainment*, that's better than any monetary contribution.

          *This is not a guarantee of audience being entertained., time to start planning...

      Although I'm getting married the weekend before. :) We were planning honeymoon recently and fortunately I remembered PAX so we're going to Vietnam 2 days after PAX. :D

      Anyway, all those venues are cool. I'm a fan of the back room at the Mitre Tavern as there are big tables and it's quiet, friendly and doesn't need booking - can easily reserve a few tables.

      All of those look good.
      Count me in for whatever the consensus is.
      Looking forward to it - didn't have enough time to talk to all the TAYbies last year.

    Trying to cut down on my junk food intake as of today and start losing some weight, but I really want a beer.

      Coke and other fizzy drinks is a good place to start if you drink them

      Are you on Insta? You should follow my gyms page for motivation and inspiration! :P @acuinstagym

      Agree with @cufcfan616, removing things from your diet like soft drinks is a great place to start because they really are empty calories and contribute more than what you consume. They are actually shown to reduce your satiety levels even after eating large meals, eating something with a glass of water is usually a sure fire way to make you feel full and reduce caloric intake (icy cold water has been shown to increase your metabolism, so freeze yo' water!).

      If you want a beer though, have one. Unless it's an enabler and you eat lots of junk food after a beer, then no beer!

    Negativezero'sTransientmind's new season anime reviews! I watch them so you Neg doesn't have to! (Yeah, I know, unlikely.) Srsly though, I still want to see this, Neg.

    OK, so far!

    Arslan Senki ('The Heroic Legend of Arslan')
    Shaping up as your typical 'young naive royal gets exiled and has to fight to reclaim their throne' type thing. First ep doesn't actually get that far, but you know that's where it's going. A plucky young prince protected by a company of loyal badasses after things go wrong for the kingdom. The animation's very solid and the aesthetic is pretty neat... Medieval verging on Middle East. Not a hint of any moe or harems anywhere! Looks like it may flirt with being a bit dark, but not go too far the whole way. I'm pretty comfortable with picking this series up.

    DanMachi ('Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?')
    Video game dungeoneering is a way of life in this world, and the gods descended from the heavens to lend their blessings to adventurers, awarding them measurable stat-increases when they return home with all their freshly-acquired exp. This story seems to follow the rise of a young adventurer who is the sole follower of a reject goddess, and his hopeless quest to win the favour of the elite and aloof adventurer lady who rescued his hapless ass. To the point of ignoring all the fine-ass tail falling over themselves for his attention. Yeah, there'll be harem tropes... but it doesn't seem like it's going to get too samey cutesy as the other culprits in this genre. The animation is really exceptional, I'm very impressed. This one's going to be one I'll be following pretty keenly.

    Denpa Kyoushi ('Ultimate Otaku Teacher')
    Stylized cartoonish animation depicts a Gary Stu otaku who gets berated by his sister into accepting a teaching position instead of pursuing his dream job of updating his anime blog. While there, he uses his background as a nobel-prize-winning boy genius (and any other skill the plot demands) to solve the problem of the week as pertains to each new high school student harem cast member. Or so I'm guessing, if it continues as per the first episode. Goofy otaku-worshipping wish-fulfilment that looks like it could get pretty tacky with the deus ex machina problem solutions. Relatively harmless so far, though, so I'll give it a shot.

    Gunslinger Stratos
    One that looks like taking itself seriously. Pretty good animation, sci-fi high school'ish violence. Curiously martially-capable main character high school student in a factionalized mega-corp future Japan that grades its citizens by genetics (ie: wealth), has visions relating to his traumatic past that accidentally draw him (and an unwitting classmate romantic interest) into what looks like an alternate-reality 2014-2015 Japan with a secret underworld of future-gun-battling superhumans, in direct conflict with his alternate-reality self. Looks like it might get grim and violent while trying to have its high school life cake and eat it too. Interesting. We'll see how it goes. Technically, the animation's pretty great, and I'm liking their worldbuilding.

    Plastic Memories
    Oh man, this looks fucking depressing. Follow the story of a young man who has family connections swing him a job in a company that makes personal androids which are virtually indistinguishable from humans, but who have a 9yr shelf-life before their memories and personalities dissolve. His new job is to recall these droids by getting owners to sign the retrieval paperwork before the droids implode. Sign the paperwork... and delete their memories and personalities on the spot. If that wasn't bad enough, the teams that do this are pairs of human/android partners. The one he's paired with seems to be the love interest who he met in passing and fell for at first sight, who is a 'veteran' in the profession, though experiencing some personal conflict. Who wants to bet that they discover love together right before she has to be 'retired'? Ugggggghhh. This looks to be a pretty well done series of high quality, but I'm also guessing it's going to join the list of Air, Angel Beats, Clannad, and others designed to make me feel things. So I probably won't be following it.

    Seraph of the End
    Earth is invaded by Space Vampire Elves! They have the good sense to introduce a species-destroying virus that kills all humans over the age of 13, then round up the survivors into underground cities where they serve as blood donors/food supply. Or in the case of one 'noble', as personal playthings to enjoy the look of human suffering and despair. This one's too hard to judge from the first episode, because it seems like it's spent the entire episode actually showing the heroe's tragic backstory. The actual show will likely be pretty different (like Muv Luv, which started out with Blue Gender levels of fucked-upedness then turned into a mecha harem anime), but from the few seconds post-episode preview, it looks like high-stakes high-school anime with sci-fi/supernatural battling. Going to give the next couple eps a go, but there's something about the art style that bothers me. The aesthetic they were going for is obvious, but unfulfilled. They pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to the quality of any animation other than characters, and it's jarring. Even if the so-far-interesting story turns out well-developed, it'll be frustrating if the continue with the same slap-dash art.

    Shokugeki no Soma ('Food Wars')
    Watch this. No, fucking seriously, watch this. It's a ludicrous, absolutely absurd anime about a high-school for cooking, following the exploits of a young cooking prodigy ('Soma') who refines his art under this certified badass chef dad in the family restaurant, until being forced to move on. We're talking about some really top-notch (if over-the-top) animation with bombastic style and loving detail, slavishly applied to food-porn. And, uh... regular porn. As in, the dramatization of taster reactions involves their clothes being blown off (men AND women) and them having orgasms. But that aside, it's so hyper-ridiculous in its over-dramatic cooking battles that it's hilarious. I'm very impressed by the amount of care taken in every throw-away shot. This is a really good-looking anime, even if it is utterly absurd.

    Show By Rock!!
    Uhhh. Hm. Well, it starts out as an anime about a girl who wants nothing more than to join the high school rock band/club but is too shy to submit the application... Which is why I thought it was kind of strange that the art style bears a LOT of similarities to the art in Kill la Kill. But then the girl gets sucked into another world of animal-people and lightshows and the madness begins and the art style choice starts making sense. Apparently shygirl has ended up as a guitar hero in a world where music battles against dark forces occur - rhythm game style - in a battle-arena 3D animation world, where all the anthropomorphic characters look more animal and chibi to engage in music combat. But as a polite newbie, instead of shopping around for options, she gets signed to the first poverty-stricken talent agency to ask her to sign, where she will undoubtedly form strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie with fellow rag-tag musicians, who will band together in 3D animated forms to fight evil and serve as excellent models for real-world figurines. The art style is... bombastic, to say the least, so I'm interested in how this pans out.

      Will you please review High School DxD BorN?

        Hm. I haven't watched it, but approximately thirty seconds browsing on the Internet will make me an expert, right? Let's go!

        3rd season of wish-fulfilment high school anime about supernatural demonic battling with tonnes of fan service, a harem member in every flavour of archetype you can think of (who the protagonist character STILL doesn't manage to ever score with, even though it's been YEARS), and the most actually interesting characters are the older, non-central foils.

        ...How'd I do?

          There is some serious fan service going on there.

          *NSFW Spoiler Tag*

        Easy. It's a show about boobies, boobies, Yoko Hikasa talking slutty and more boobies.

        Also the main character's right arm is a dragon.

          Soooo, Midori Days with a dragon instead of a girl?

      DanMachi was one of the manga I grabbed that I couldn't read :(

      I tried to watch the premiere but it was the first day we were in Tokyo and on at 2am and I was completely shattered after that night in Hakone and the amount of walking we did around Tokyo when we got in, so I fell asleep about 5 mins in.

      On Seraph of the End, I've read about 1/3 of the manga published so far.
      Yes, it's quite different. The first episode is basically Yuu's backstory - the survivor guilt he has about having the other members of his 'family' slaughtered is the main driver behind what he does. The actual show will skip forward 4 years from the point the first episode left off, and the initial bit is basically setting him up with a squad of vampire hunters.

      The bulk of the manga takes place in the ruins of Tokyo, so there's lots of post-apocalyptic urban decay for @dc. It was actually pretty cool reading it when staying in Tokyo - the main headquarters for the resistance group is in Shibuya, and at one point they were in Omotesando station, which was pretty rad since I read that bit right after we'd been in that area on the tour.

      Also, since you brought Muv-Luv up in comparison, you should know that Total Eclipse was a weird spinoff of the actual Muv-Luv Alternative visual novel, which is excellent and maintains that dark and violent tone the whole time, rather than the haremy shit. Seraph hasn't gone anywhere near that sort of stuff. It's a bit darker but it's got some very anime bits to it. Like, the leader of the vampires, Krul Tepes? If you guessed she's a petite girl with twintails, you'd be right. They haven't gotten to the point that it's turned into a shounen battle manga yet, but I can see it coming.

      Spoilers for a very predictable twist: Mikaela, the main character's friend that sacrificed himself etc? Not dead. So not dead you might say he's undead if you follow.

        Yeah, couldn't have guessed that was coming... >.< And I figured the queen you were talking about was the one who goes for a bit of a walk in the first minute of the opening. The backgrounds are so bothering me, though. They just clash so hard with the character animation.

        What I've seen of this season, my absolute must-haves every week will be DanMachi and Food Wars, with some Arslan Senki, Seraph of the End or Show by Rock when bored. I'll probably wait til Stratos is done so I can binge it in one go. Might do the same for Seraph, and if I'm feeling especially like punishing myself, Plastic Memories. That one can only end in tears for sure.

    Screw it.
    TAY, AMA!

      Do you have any phobias?
      Edit: Or strongly dislike anything unreasonably?
      (to elaborate on the edit)Like I'm petrified of needles when it's on my arms or something but have had a lot of dental work and have no fear of needles in my mouth. I know that it should be the other way around or i should just be scared of all needles.

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      1. What food do you have a craving for right now?
      2. Which character would you cosplay as if you could do it perfectly?
      3. Which character would you be best-suited to cosplay as, without changing much?\
      4. Crunchy or smooth? (This is actually a pass/fail question.)
      5. What IS the CrazyGuy up to these days, anyway? How's the 5yr plan going? Is there one?

        Yuuto Kiba from Highschool DxD.
        Link from Legend of Zelda.
        Nutella. Peanut Butter sucks.
        Not much.

        If I could do any cosplay perfectly I'd go with Sephiroth or Guts from Berserk, unfortunately I'm too skinny for either, almost got long enough hair for Sephiroth though.

      Crazy guy- Crazy or just misunderstood?
      Which Taybie would you beat in a fight? You can't say Red because everyone here could do that
      If you could eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?
      What's your dream team-up in anything?

      Last edited 07/04/15 11:08 pm

        Crazily misunderstood.
        I could only beat myself.
        Jordan and Pippen.

      - Why "Crazyguy"?
      - What are your dreams for the future?
      - Do you believe in aliens?
      - Shoot, shag, marry:
      3 TAYbies of your choice
      - If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would it be, and why?
      - What was your favourite childhood TV show?
      - Most painful memory?
      - If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

        - Because I can knee myself in the head.
        - Not yet known.
        - No.
        - Shoot myself, shag you, marry @scree
        - Couldn't think of anyone.
        - Robot Wars.
        - Getting hit in the nuts by a dried cow pat.
        - Floppy, because that's what it does.

      Victory or Heart
      Who do you ship?
      If you had to sit down a play one game for 24 hours straight what would it be

      1. What role model, if any, did you have growing up?
      2. When did you start supporting Geelong?
      3. What game genres that you initially dismissed did you end up liking?
      4. Favourite game? (If unable to choose, provide shortlist)
      5. Best waifu?

        - A tie between Gary Ablett and George Carlin.
        - Since birth.
        - City builders.
        - Used to be Burnout 3: Takedown, now it's GTR2.
        - Rias Gremory/Xenovia Quarta from High School DxD.

    Time for the second MCU movie.

    The Incredible Hulk

    Good god. How many enemies do you have to kill at a time in Bloodborne? Was not expecting that many.

      It's definitely a big change. Much faster paced action and timing your attacks almost perfect. However, Unlike Dark Souls 2, it never really feels cheap.

      EDIT: Also, we need to have a Brisbane Meat so you and me can just spend all night discussing Bloodborne and how it changed our lives for the better.

      Last edited 07/04/15 11:29 pm

      Where are you finding it hectic?

      One of the tips I read was that you can lure away one at a time. A pebble is the most effective if you hit someone with it to draw them out. A gunshot works, but it often draws the attention of others nearby. Early one before becoming too overpowered, I was definitely farming and using the hell out of pebbles and sneaking around for backstabs. (Which bizarrely, work differently - no straight backstab, you've gotta have enough time to land a charge attack, THEN get into position for a backstab within the brief window it allows and hope it doesn't glitch out thanks to the gradient on the terrain.)

      It's not too bad with the little were-people who cluster around because they're generally pretty weak, and their aggression can be held in check by having the torch equipped.

        I literally just started.
        Just came up to a bunch of villager types around a burning effigy and too used to Souls games and didn't expect that many at once. Scraped through, killed the big thing banging on the door and continued around to two big werewolf/dog things which quickly broke me in half. Thinking I may have dived in too deep to early with Waste of Skin and the weaker weapons.

        Last edited 07/04/15 11:51 pm

          Yeah that place was annoying. Worst guys were the ranged enemies. What starter weapon did you grab? I also went waste of skin and took the cane weapon. Got up to the first boss but got way too frustrated with how little damage it did. Made a new character, went a class with decent STR and VIT and took the axe weapon. Made the start much, much easier

            yeah, waste of Skin and cane here too. Operating under the assumption it would be very similar to Souls games but the game quickly disabused me of that notion.

            The saw is pretty great until you can farm enough souls to buy the kirkhammer. Not actually that many, either, at 3k. Next time that'll be my first purchase instead of wasting all those souls on a starter set of gear which gets replaced way too quickly.

          Waste of skin here because it's now a tradition for me to pick the most useless starting class. I also chose switch blade and blunderbuss because that's what is on the front cover. They're still my main weapons because I'm used to them now.

      I'm quite a bit further on, and have completed a Chalice dungeon as well. There hasn't been another mob anything even close to the one in the opening area yet.

        I just hit one that is bananas big.

        Like I'm talking John Holmes large.

      Lots of pebbles.
      Great for pulling single mobs away from groups.

    NegativeZero's anime impressions Part 1: Watching the new season so that @transientmind has someone to talk to :P

    Gunslinger Stratos
    I thought this was awful, personally. Granted, I saw it right after watching the first episode of Unlimited Blade Works' second season, but the animation seemed really shoddy to me. Didn't like the main character and wasn't really interested in the plot either. It's an adaption of a crappy mobile game so wasn't expecting much of it anyway. Probably will drop.

    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
    I am a long-term Nanoha fan. Long-suffering too. It was such an amazing franchise, starting out as a dumb magical girl spinoff of a really average dating sim, but by halfway in it had morphed into an amazing action show, and the second season was one of the best single cours ever. Then it got away from them. And now we've come full circle, as they make a magical girl spinoff of the franchise, starring Vivio, who might actually be the only magical girl to come from a progressive household with two mothers. I liked the first episode, but have to keep in mind that it's a spinoff that happens after the StrikerS season, and not a proper sequel. Always liked Kaori Mizuhashi too, so that's a bonus. Probably will be a regular watch for me.

    Unlimited BudgetBlade Works
    More of the same. And the same happens to be fucking amazing. This will be the best show this season, I think. Picks up directly where the first half left off. Expect the bodies to start hitting the floor pretty soon, the back half of the Unlimited Blade Works arc has a lot of people dying.

    Plastic Memories
    I was pretty ambivalent about this. I don't really see there being much of a plot here. Seems like it'll probably be pretty episodic. Didn't really enjoy the episode much, but it wasn't bad. Main chick's pretty cute too. So I dunno, might give it another ep or two to try and hook me. I'm not really sure how to describe it either. So people have android companions that are indistinguishable from real people, but they were designed with forced obsolescence and have to be collected after nine years or they'll break down or worse? And the main chick is one? It's only going to end in tears.

    Seraph of the End
    This was one of the manga I picked up in Japan which I'm actually able to read (has complete Furigana). I'm actually four volumes into the manga now, I really enjoyed it. The setup is that a vampire empire lead by queen... Krul I think her name is? Infected the world with a virus that killed everyone over the age of thirteen, then rounded up all the remaining humans and basically farm them for blood like they're cattle. The first episode is basically backstory - the main character, an orphan before the virus outbreak, tries to escape from the underground vampire capital but it turns out it was a trap laid by one of the main villains, who proceeds to slaughter the main character's family (the other kids from his orphanage), but he manages to escape when his best friend ends up sacrificing himself so the main character can run. The manga's really solid and this was a really good adaption too. Studio Wit are animating - their previous major credits are The Rolling Girls and Attack on Titan and animation looked on par with those. Music is Hiroyuki Sawano who is excellent too.

    Kyoukai no Rinne
    I also grabbed the manga for this and read a bit. Was looking forward it since this is as mainstream as it gets anime-wise: it ran in a Saturday 5:30pm timeslot! Most anime is on at like 2am. More importantly, it's an adaption of a manga by Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Inuyasha etc.) so I had high hopes going in. Problem is, it's kind of missing a good hook. The main characters aren't particularly memorable or interesting. The main character, Sakura, can see ghosts, and her companion slash love interest slash foil is a dude that works as something like a part-time Shinigami, sending ghosts on to the next world. But the items he uses to do so require monetary donations to get, so he's dirt poor. I'm going to give this a bit to develop, because most of Takahashi's stuff takes a while to get established and build a solid core cast. But I think I went in hoping for another Inuyasha and this didn't have anything remotely as compelling as the setup for that.

      I'm watching Unlimited Blade Works. I didn't even know it was only partway through, so I was surprised when a new episode appeared (haven't watched it yet). But now I'm having trouble resisting the temptation to use the internet find out what's going to happen and if my theory about something is correct.

        Feel free to speculate (in spoiler tags).

        If it's the thing that I think you might be thinking then the first episode of the second half might give you some more ammunition.

          I've just watched it. I just have one question.
          If the Grail can pull heroes from the past, can it not also pull people from the future?

          Also, about to check out the first episode of Food Wars, on @transientmind's recommendation. I hope my son doesn't get bored of his movie and come over to check out what I'm watching, though! :P

            My recommendation may backfire, but this is one of those things I'm going to have to be proud and embarrassed in liking a lot. It's... it's very over-dramatic and... er. Do not let the children see the octopus tentacle scene.

              Oh don't worry, I enjoyed it too! I very much liked the voice of Soma, as well. I'll definitely keep watching when I remember. I'm not used to watching anime one episode at a time.
              And I've watched enough anime to know never to watch it where/when the kids are in danger of seeing it. :P

    Exploration trip over! Made it safely to Tsu, signed up for the community mission, apparently had like 132 systems scanned. And got my discovered systems before someone snaked them out from under me :P Jumped exploration rank to Trailblazer, not that I know how far that is from whatever I was before.

    Took a whole load of screenshots while selling the data, gotta go through them and check out what got me lots of money and what got my name on it.

    Goddamn I love Hulk, he'd easily be my favourite Marvel character, he's such a fucking rage-machine.

    Would be very interested to see them do a new solo movie with Mark Ruffalo, but I think it's a pretty low priority for them at the moment.

      They need to do a solo Hulk movie starring Hulk Hogan as the Hulk.

        You know, as a kid, I could never tell if he was the bad guy or not. I thought he was awesome and supposed to be the good guy, but so much was off.

    Aw crap, it's time.

    Had to dig into the back of the wardrobe and retrieve the dressing gown :(

      I know that feel. Seriously wish it was warmish all year round. :(

      I miss Japan. Got home and started sweating immediately. Australia is too damn hot.

        Move to Sydney. I've been wearing a jumper all week. :P

    A bunch of us tried (unsuccessfully) to play some games on Tabletop Sim last night. While we were sorting out 7 Wonders, I played some Spelunky. I accidentally completed a Hell run in 12:17.

    Now, that's a really bad speed run time. To be honest, I stopped doing speed run strats once I hit the City of Gold because I haven't practiced them at all. Still, it's pretty damned fast. If I really went for it I could have managed to kill Yama in under 8 minutes. Then I'd have been rather happy.

      If we'd gotten a stable connection I think we could have got there on 7 wonders

    I'm sure the nights are getting shorter and shorter. If only I were a student and could go back to sleep for another 4-6 hours

    Huh, that's weird. Gizmodo is blocked by our corporate nanny-monitor today as a "Bot Network" - Kotaku and Lifehacker both fine. Very odd.

    Hey guys and girls,

    Does anyone have Battlefield Hardline. Multiplayer looks great, looking for a FPS multiplayer hit on the Xbox One. I have Advanced Warfare but don't rate it at all. From the videos I have seen it looks good, but still unsure on wether to purchase. Any help would be great.

    In other news, terrible sports weekend, carlton lost and liverpool got destroyed. Glad I went away camping so I didn't have to witness the latter.

      The multiplayer in Hardline is probably the most fun I've had with Battlefield multiplayer. The Hotwire mode alone is worth it.

        Thanks @bdkiaf I think I may go out and buy it today. Hopefully Target still have some for cheap.

    New Deus Ex! NEW DEUS EX! *flails arms, runs off*

        Wow, just debunk how you chose to end HR why don't you guys... I'm excited the game's happening a ton but that is disappointing

        Last edited 08/04/15 9:35 am

          Yeah, that's an odd choice, but there were a couple of threads they left for Jensen in the previous game

            The last time I saw this kind of thing was done was Dawn of War 2's series, really kicks the immersion right out of the door for me.

            Regardless I'm just happy it's not a mobile game this time around

              As much as I loved Human Revolution, it's not like Jensen was up there with the most iconic characters as well. I wouldn't mind a new person this time around, but I don't mind this guy either. :) (Ending issues aside.)

                I've often considered going as Jensen to a con

                Might be time to think intently about that again.

                  I need to bulk up a bit and go as Joel from The Last of Us. *decisive nod*

                As a character I agree, but he just had this amazing look to him that you'll always remember in a sort of futuristic mech-protagonist sort of character. I just loved how visually designed he was

                  Oh yeah, agreed, that iconic look was the best thing he had going for him! :D

                I definitely want to see a 'mountain man'-bearded DC doing Joel cosplay.
                It's one of the ones I'd like to do too, but you'd do it so much better. (For starters, you have hair.) I should stick with Max Payne 3's shaved-head Max. (After bulking up significantly, of course.)

                  On my way with the beard, buddy. Haven't shaved since I hung out with you guys last. XD

                  You'd make an excellent Max Payne!

                Also, re: the quality of the character, I actually found myself much more sympathetic to him on subsequent playthroughs, knowing exactly who he was, and just how far off he was in his motivations. For someone playing it gruff and aloof, he's just so damn naive.

        You know, there is only one thing that bugs me about that article and it's that the tone it takes is that HR wasn't as good as the original.
        Eidos-Montreal knew its game wasn’t perfect, and has worked to improve the series' combat systems and boss encounters for the latest entry in the series – Mankind Divided.

        There is no 'redemption' required here, and I really hope this is editorial comment seeping in and not some impression left with the developers over at Montreal thanks to harsh Internet commenters nitpicking at literally the only thing wrong with the game.

        Ahem. Fanboy in me needs to be reined in a bit. I am... so hype for this. I'm buying this. Day one.

          I'm hoping it's just a realization that the boss fights needed to be more versatile, which the director's cut already went a long way to improving. They nailed the aesthetics of the game, though. The whole Renaissance angle.

          The Director's Cut stuff was outsourced to an external studio, so I think it's the core team realizing what they have to do as well.

          Last edited 08/04/15 11:09 am


        Yeah, I remember the first time I played Human Revolution I was just captivated. Captivated by the hub world. Captivated by the atmosphere. Captivated by the aesthetics. (The architecture! The colours!) So. Damn. Excited.

          Best stealth mechanics I've ever played, bar none.

            Have you played Splinter Cell Chaos Theory though.

              No, but I played Conviction!
              I haven't played Mark of the Ninja instead. I'm basically comparing it with Metal Gear Solid, and forced stealth sections in other games :P

                Chaos Theory is near perfect as a stealth game.

                Blacklist was pretty good too, but Chaos Theory oh man.

                Also, Dishonored is quite good if you liked HR

                  That reminds me, Dishonoured is one of the PS Plus games this month!

                  @dc If you haven't played it, you should.

                  I've been playing the latest SSX a bit on my PS3, picked it up when it was $7 the other week. It's pretty good, shame it didn't sell super well.

            It's the little things too. Like taking too long at Sarif industries at the start and seeing consequences. Really made the world feel alive and made priorities matter.

              That one feature had me second-guessing everything I did for the rest of the game.

              I don't even know if there WERE any other 'actions matter' bits like that apart from saving Malik but the fact that the game had done it to me once made me feel like it could do it again at any given moment.

                It's not quite the same, but I loved when the augmentations were recalled and you had to decide if you were to get it fixed or live with the glitch. Such a cool moment when that came into play during a boss fight.

                  Yeah, though I don't know how anyone could've consciously gone with getting them fixed if they'd been hacking anything they could see and reading all the emails.

            The AI was a little more static and hard coded than the Arkham series, but I was still quite satisfied in playing DE:HR essentially as Batman.

              I loved how the skill set could be tweaked to different playing styles. (Until an inevitable boss encounter that ignored you were trying to be a stealth dude. Luckily the DC fixed that, good and proper!)

                That's the version I played, and it was so excellent. Thanks @dc for fixing it.

                Last edited 08/04/15 9:53 am

                  Except for the terrible ship DLC. :P

                  @dc, I didn't mind that bit actually. It was kind of cool to be totally depowered temporarily.

                  @dc yeah that damn ship DLC got everything wrong
                  Everyone knows that Faridah Malik and David Sarif are the otp

                  Blergh. Shippers are the worst. THE WORST. :P

            I hated the whole "first-person, third-person" aspect of taking cover.
            Like, I had to stop playing the game because I hated it so much.

            Either all third person, or all first person.

              You're bananas.

              Third person cover in an FPS is great. Makes it so much easier to plan. Sure it breaks "immersion" -barf- but it just plays better.

              The only FPS that I reckon nailed a cover system was the new Wolfenstein. That leaning mechanic was perfect.

                I found it too jarring, constantly switching perspective.
                I would have loved either full third, or full first, but the mix was so disorienting for me, personally.
                Shame too, cause I really wanted to like it.

                  Destiny doesn't give you the same probs?

                  I suppose you're mostly playing multi so you wouldn't be jumping on your Sparrow all that often, hey?

                  Destiny is fine. Only really does it for sparrows (I prefer driving in third person anyway), and when using supers.
                  And yeah, I mostly PvP anyway.

                  In Deus Ex, I go in and out of cover frequently.
                  I could deal with it if cover was a sometimes thing, but I use every piece of cover I see.
                  Made it incredibly jarring constantly zooming in and out.

                  I would have preferred complete third person (with maybe first person only used for tight spots, like vents).

                  Just couldn't make it work for me.

      I consider it a tragedy that I couldn't get into the original Deus Ex. I really appreciated everything about it, from the level design to the music to the world-building, but it's simply not my type of game. But the fact that I got to Hong Kong, and played until 21 hours in is impressive. I don't know if that's terribly efficient.

    Damn only page 3. CMON GUYS. Let's work harder!!

      We used to get the pages to 30 something.

      Mostly because of Blaghspam™©®.

        Ah, those were the days...
        Also Loops was still around.

    Whinge time.

    Since I've started at this organisation, I've been working on a project from the government that they were very insistent needed to be delivered RIGHT AWAY. Their timeline is tight, so we needed to turn the project around and get the proposal into them within something like 17 business days because they needed to start delivering RIGHT AWAY

    It's now April. They haven't contracted it. They have futzed around with our delivery model. Annoying, but we've been persevering. They insisted we come in for a meeting TODAY so we can get things moving so they can meet their timeline. We've been nothing but accommodating the entire time. We've met, several times, myself and the CEO. We've cut costs to the point where we're accepting a LOT of risk on thsi project

    They delayed today's URGENT meeting until Friday with 90 minutes warning.


      @shane IS the worst. Agreed.

        Don't forget me! And I could of sworn there was another no-good public sector worker on TAY.

          *clears throat* Yeah, no more public sector workers other than that, though... newp.

    More Arrested Development coming to Netflix

      I'd take a smaller episode order with all cast members in every ep over another season four dealy. (Which wasn't bad or any thing.)

        Hmm, even in classic Arrested Development the entire cast wasn't in every episode (or at least featured).

        I'm still working my way through S4

          Oh yeah, I should say I don't want cast availability to dictate story decisions like in season four. If an episode is lighter on some of the characters, I'd prefer that was a creative decision like the earlier seasons over contractual stuff. (Season four was still excellent, but it got very obvious it was very compartmentalized.)

          Last edited 08/04/15 10:49 am

            That's the same for any TV series though, it's just that Arrested Development is complex.

            Worst example I've seen recently was actually the end of the first season of Agents of SHIELD. It was SO obvious that Bill Paxton and Samuel L Jackson were never on the set at the same time, even though they were ostensibly fighting.

      When I saw this I thought it was just them announcing the release date of the chronological cut of S4.

      This is much more exciting.


    Following Bazza hugging a sark into submission, John Teleporting around and Captain Brilliant choosing Death, the party head deeper into the tunnels beneath Shalmarn


    cc @trjn @beeawwb @gingerchris86 @blaghman @quiz_b @FREEZESPRESTON

      I am still very angry about this whole recursion. Your mother is helping me work through this.

        I don't even know what you're talking about and I love this comment as a stand-alone thing.

          Viktor is very likeable fellow. All the mothers say this.

          Bob's character found that he was a tad lacking when he arrived in a new dimension.

      Bazza is going to have to sleep this one off - wife got me up this morning with a surprise.

      (tsk tsk you naughty people, especially looking at you @liondrive)

      We're off to a resort on the peninsula for two days with my mother-in-law and her awesome boyfriend. Who will babysit. Yay for walks along the beach, eating in a restaurant like adults and sneakily playing 3ds.

      Boo for her not telling me until this morning and missing out on the final chapter of this awesome thing. :(

        Send Mother-in-Law in your place. She will be more fun than Bazza. Viktor take care of her.

        They're going to baby sit so wife can wake you tomorrow with another surprise?

    For all those who watched the SMT x Fire Emblem trailer and thought "So... where's the Fire Emblem?" (like me), you should watch this analysis video! (warning, it's half an hour long :P)

    There might be a lot of Fire Emblem stuff in this game that I completely missed. Looks like there could be some sort of alternate-worlds thing going on. SMT characters having Fire Emblem counterparts and can summon their abilities to fight. It's cool seeing Fire Emblem stuff reimagined for a modern setting too (Pegasus wings turning into a massive rocket-boosters? Cool!)

    High chance of having established characters cross over into each world as well thanks to the appearance of Tiki. Hopefully we see some more familiar faces.

    Anyway, it looks cool and I'm really looking forward to it now.

      I was wondering where the SMT was, but maybe we'll have to wait for the next trailer.
      I like what I saw in the trailer regardless though :)

    You're going to be seeing a fair bit more of me for the next few weeks as I've been told not to bother to coming in for the next few weeks as I look for a new job :(

      Aw man, what happened?

        Windows group doesn't like having remote development teams even if we're doing critical work. In retrospect should have seen it coming. They've axed our whole development team.

          No chance to be redeployed?

            Not in Melbourne. I'd have no issues getting a job in the US though.

              Do it!



                Seattle :(

                  Coffee Shops!

                  Amazon just opened almost every kind of studio under the sun and are desperate for people!

                  SKY NEEDLE!

                  @dkzeitgeist: Yeah, Amazon has their fingers in a lot of pies that no one realizes they're in. They'd be cool to work for. So would google. And Microsoft in Redmond wouldn't be awful either.

                  Hard to get back to AU once you're working in the US though.

      Oh man, damn, sorry to hear that. :(

      Good luck with the hunting. Seattle isn't bad and with you being footloose and fancy free it bears some consideration.

        I know for sure that I can get a job in Redmond. My old team that I worked for want me back, and the team picking up responsibility for the stuff I currently handle has open headcount and would take me if I was interested in moving. The other benefit is that once I've moved, there's tons of internal teams that I might be able to jump to. I'd love to work on HoloLens for example.

        The question is just whether it's in my interest to move with MS or to take a redundancy payout and go to a competitor in the US, assuming nothing comes up in Australia. The big issue is that having worked for Microsoft, there's not much that I could do that is a good career move in Australia short of making an abrupt left turn into another field entirely. I've been ten years in AV now and the downside is that I have no idea about the usual bog-standard programming stuff like web (I did some web stuff back in the PHP3 days and a bit of Ruby tinkering once...) or UIs (I know the basic bits and pieces but I couldn't make GUI-driven product without a fair bit of learning).

        Also I think while I could probably find work in Melbourne, a lot of the usual programming jobs would be pretty dull. I'd probably go insane writing banking software etc. I'm not discounting anything in Australia though. Just shot off a mail to a former colleague who for the Australian Signals Directorate. That'd be pretty interesting for for sure.

    Wow, what a night of nightfalls last night. I think that's the most exotics I've seen drop in one night. Not to mention the most Destiny's ever screwed with my head.

    Don't recall the exact order, but it went something like this. First nightfall, it drops the exotic gauntlets I was wearing at the time, and a mate got 4th Horseman. Second nightfall gave me Hard Light, something that had been sitting in my vault for months, and a mate got the Last Word. Third nightfall landed me my third Suros Regime - a gun I've never particularly liked. With thoroughly mixed emotions about the drops, we all went to grab the Gorgon chest from a friend - wasn't really expecting much, seeing as in the last month it had given me a lot of class items, energy and broken dreams. First character - sparkly warlock class item and energy, as expected. Second character - see-through titan half-skirt and energy (and one person got a Hawkmoon). Third character, accepting my fate of another cape for my hunter, but not really annoyed (how could I be annoyed at three exotic drops, even if I already had them?) - Thunderlord! *snoopy dance*

    Just when I think "I could happily take a break from Destiny until the next expansion" it grabs me by the coat-tails and drags me back in. Now I'm down to three droppable exotics I want from nightfalls or Xur - the rest require either PvP or killing Crota on hard mode, both of which require more luck than nightfall RNG, in my case.

      Dammit, almost wish I'd jumped in now.

      As it happened, I was playing GTA Online with unbalanced7 (the other Destiny traitor... ;) ) and we were having a laugh just doing races and chasing each other round the map.

      "Stop taking me out" "I'm holding my line" "You're doing that on purpose" "I'm driving in a STRAIGHT LINE!" :D :D :D

        Hahaha :) Sounds like you guys had a blast. :D
        Tbh, the drops just about made up for the strike itself - we didn't really have any problems finishing it, but no-burn Valus Ta'aurc can be a little tedious. Upside is they'll drop his health by a third next patch...

          Yarp. Nice to just muck about! And I hadn't played GTA Online for over a year, and hadn't played GTAV at all on PS4. Loaded it, had to play the single player prologue. Jumped into Online, and it transferred my character, saving me doing the Online tutorials again.

          It's gorgeous. :)

          Although it's going to take me quite some time to unlearn L3 to sprint. I keep crouching. :(

          I'll be back in Destiny for HoW for sure.

            I have that same issue in Bloodborne - I keep pressing L3 trying to run. Thankfully, as far as I can tell, it doesn't do anything. And it hasn't gotten me killed... yet. :P

              If you're in a nightfalling mood I might be on later in the week. Really need to keep trying for gjallarhorn (and the gorgon drop more often).

                Sure - if I'm on Destiny (and it's not after midnight), I'll happily jump into a nightfall, or share the Gorgon CP if you want it.

      Great stuff. I've noticed a few more exotic drops in the last few weeks for me. The best one though was a couple of weeks ago, I had 3 Gjallarhorns already but my gf had none since playing from day 1, she broke her ankle and then got one the next day so she's thinking the Destiny gods (the Nine?) required a sacrifice before she got one. Anyway, fast forward to last week, we're doing bounties before jumping on the nightfall on multiple characters, I get a heavy weapon engram during a random mission, Gjallarhorn (my 4th :D) our mate then proceeded to get one in a nightfall drop as well :D hahaha 2 Gjallarhorns in the space of about an hour

      The worst (most unfair anyway) drop I've seen though was in a crucible match, someone joined a match we were heavily losing in in the last 20 seconds or so. He got a Hawkmoon for his efforts...

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