Bungie Says It’s Punishing Destiny Trials Of Osiris Cheaters

Bungie Says It’s Punishing Destiny Trials Of Osiris Cheaters

Last week, a new Destiny event called Trials of Osiris went live. It was a big deal: heaps of players participated in the event, in the hopes of winning cool new gear, or to gain access to a special exclusive new social hub. Some people wanted these rewards so badly, however, that they resorted to cheating.

On social media, forums, and Reddit, there were widespread reports of people who claimed they were forced to disconnect by the enemy team, therefore forfeiting entire Trials of Osiris matches entirely. In doing so, these people claimed, they were freely giving out wins to the enemy team without meaning to. Since the mode rewards players based on number of wins, players were unhappy that others had learned how to game the system for their own benefit, therefore ruining everyone’s experience in the process. It was an ugly scene.

Today, however, Bungie has addressed these concerns head on in a blog post:

Not everyone became legend in Trials of Osiris. There were reports that some of you had your connections interrupted. We’re on the case!
*Stern tone of voice*

There were some among you who took nefarious action against your opponents. Our intrepid team of investigators has diagnosed the most egregious cheaters among us. If you earned your victories by sinister means, you may very well have also earned a temporary (or permanent) time-out.

Bungie is always watching. We enjoy a fair fight and we aim to protect the landscape of the game. Play nice!

*Reassuring tone of voice*

Some of you who encountered the #Olive error were not actually victims of shenanigans. You just ran afoul of a bug (it’s not your fault). As of this morning, that bug has been fixed. Your experience in the Crucible should greatly improve.

Hopefully, these efforts help with the dire situation in Trials of Osiris. It won’t be the cure-all, however. The cheating was but one part of the community’s sour response to the last Trials of Osiris event. Some players were unhappy that gear was locked behind such a hardcore mode — the thinking being that if someone pays for content, they should have free access to it. Some people disliked that more skilful players that had already gained access to the new hub continued to play the mode, therefore (by their logic) lowering everyone else’s chances of doing the same thing. I even saw some players offering to sell their services online by promising others that they could help them win the gold for a small fee. In short, Trials of Osiris has been somewhat of a shitshow, as far as some of the community is concerned. It’s worth noting that other members of the community banded together to give each other tips, as well as offered to help other players out, free of charge — so it wasn’t all bad.

We’ll have more coverage on Trials of Osiris in the coming week, after we get a chance to try it out some more.


  • Geez, it sounds like Halo stand-bying all over again.

    Don’t worry, they’ll let all players back in once they’ve uploaded a video to Youtube of themselves apologising.

  • Q: I purchased a used console and it shows that I’m banned. What does that mean?
    If you purchase a used console that has previously been banned, you will not be able to connect to Destiny.

    Found that on the help page for restricted and banned accounts. That’s gonna suck if you pick up a console and can’t play

      • You are talking about 2 separate things. On the Xbox 360, the console (i.e. physical machine) can be banned by XBL and won’t let you go online with any account, on any game. That’s what’s been mentioned in the Bungie help page.

        What Bungie is referring to in the article is the account banning, not console banning.

  • Has it really been such a shit show? I mean, yeah people complain but thats nothing new to Destiny. They complain about EVERYTHING. Also, the people I know playing it quite enjoyed it, including myself…. even though I didnt get to go to the Lighthouse or whatever.

    • Yeah I’ve never come across a community as vitriolic as Destiny. I’ve never played MOBA’s but I’ve heard they’re similar.

      The Bungie forum is so toxic i don’t even know why they bother. At-least reddit is a little more civilized.

      • Yeah I’ve never come across a community as vitriolic as Destiny.

        Head over to any post on the PlayStation blog when they post about the upcoming PS+ games for next month! 🙂

    • I played Trials of Osiris and I loved it!
      Granted, I’m one of the more PvP oriented people, so know my way around the maps, and have a play style for taking on other guardians, but it was very fun!
      Got my 9 victories (though had 2 losses also), and I’d be willing to help people out!

      Didn’t come across any cheaters.
      In fact, 2 of the teams we fought had 1 of their people drop out.
      I actually felt really bad for them.
      It wasn’t a fair fight :\

      The only gear that is locked is the armour I think.
      It’s not that big a deal, and unlocks after 5 wins (if I remember right). Pretty sure you can get the weapons from engram, though Maui be mistaken…

      • Dude, looking at the stats from last week you carried the team haha.
        I’ll up my performance this week.

        • Oh, where can I see the stats? :O
          Is it our fireteam stats, or individual?

          It’s probably expected that I did well since I’ve played so much PvP, hahaha!
          It’s good though, cause I didn’t feel like I was carrying the team.
          You and Eccentric were certainly carrying more than your fair share 🙂

    • I’ve been very much enjoying it and haven’t even got to the Prison of Elders yet, even playing through with a few different friends. Certainly seems more interesting and bigger than the last DLC to me. I’m sure I’ll give trials a try sometime soon although I expect to get mightily slaughtered. I am very far from a PVP master after all, but I would love some of that Osiris armour!

      • What system are you on?
        If you’re on PS4 and need some ToO buds, I’m happy to help out, for a fee* 😉

        *I’m joking about the fee, I’m just happy to help 🙂

        Add me! (if you’re on PS4)
        PSN = liondrive

        • LoL thanks but I’m actually on the Xbone. Really though I’m not too bothered if I don’t get the most besterest loot as long as it’s fun playing with friends 😛

  • I think there is something fundamentally wrong with any game which rewards players in adversarial multiplayer environment. By reward, I mean loot and achievements. This is just asking for trouble. That’s why I think CoD games on the Xbox 360 (should apply to other consoles as well I think) worked so well – CoD games never really had achievements for PvP and there weren’t any unlocks that required you to do well. PvP on peer-to-peer is just wrong.

    Also, why do developers like Bungie still continue to make PvP based on peer-to-peer in this day and age? Dedicated servers alleviates so many of the problems mentioned in the article. And I believe, at least on the Xbox, Microsoft even provides the developers with dedicated servers (http://www.polygon.com/2013/10/16/4846636/xbox-one-will-have-dedicated-servers-available-for-multiplayer-games) so they have no excuse.

    • Destiny also runs on X360 and PS3, and there are several limitations in the XBone and PS4 versions that are caused by Bungie (Activision maybe?) maintaining parity between the different generations. Perhaps those Xbox dedicated servers are only for the XBone, and so the X360/PS3 versions necessitate peer-to-peer netcode?

      • I don’t really know why Greenlego would downvote this. You’re absolutely right here.

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