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EVE Online is under siege. The invasion isn't masterminded by one of EVE's infamous misanthropes or some grand armada worth hundreds of thousands of dollars -- it's an invasion of exploiters, botters and hackers. This time, instead of the players battling in space, CCP Games' Security Team is on the front line.


In the past 48 hours, Brian "Kephrii" St Pierre has gone from making a smug video about how other Overwatch pros are "rude" and should try being "a better person", to becoming the centre of a truly bonkers scandal in which he admitted to cheating on his wife with multiple female fans. In a statement today, Kephrii said, "Being blunt, I used my position to hit on women online because I was horny and lacked self control & respect for myself and more importantly my wife… I was a horny 23 year old guy & I was willing to say and do anything to make it happen."


Last July, esports organisation ESL lifted the lifetime ban on tournament participation from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players who had been caught cheating or participating in match-fixing schemes. The new sanctions now call for a two-year ban on cheaters and a five-year ban on match fixers, with the potential for longer bans in extreme cases. This week, esports tournament organisation DreamHack joined ESL in implementing the same rule changes and lifting prior lifetime bans.


If you're one of the legions of Pokemon GO trainers who have been relying on cheats or third-party software to make your collecting more efficient, I have some bad news. Niantic is on to you, and they want you to stop.