Destiny Clan Takes Dancing To A Whole New Level

Video: Anyone can dance in Destiny — the emote is one simple button press away. But nobody can dance quite like these guys can.

That's because the Husky Raid guys straight up choreograph their dance parties. They even add a lighting show element to it — and it makes for a spectacular view, as you can see in this video by davidsondavidson99.


    Well you too can enjoy Destiny if you can get into it...


      Settle down mate.
      it is not like the maintenance today wasn't announced...

        Guess what it wasn't announced... Sony won't tell anyone anything as usual but Lizard Squad were claiming a ddos attack...

          I'm fine with the down time since it was announced before hand.. But, i'm more concerned with my PS4 randomly turning itself on and ejecting my fucking game in the middle of the night -_- Sony's fix isn't exactly 100%

            Just saying, I would shit bricks if that woke me up.

              I have, on more than one occasion :\ Apparently there's an eject screw under the cover that I need to tighten. But thats a last resort.

                It's really easy, you only need to pop off the main cover and the screw is visible. Did this a couple of weeks ago, no troubles since.

    That was better than watching some dancing show on TV that I don't know the name of, as it's been so long since I have watched a show on TV.

    so much content

    Many a times I will type "LOL" when I regard something online as funny, but many of those times I do not actually physically laugh out loud.
    THIS was one of the rare occasions I have. My God I am in stitches. That was amazing!

    Wow I didn't expect that. The use of the guns and the splosions. :O Hats off to them!

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